Xbox One X Aktion

True 4K gaming start here

experience immersive 4K gaming, whereby action zu sein brought kommen sie life through 2160p frame buffers und 6 Teraflops des graphical handling power.

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All games look and play good on One X. But select titles are optimized to take advantage von the power of One x with greater resolutions, much faster framerates, enhanced textures, und more. These games are One ns Enhanced.>learn-applypaint.orgOne-enhanced>click" aria-label="Learn much more about X boxen one ns enhanced"> LEARN much more PLAY videos


 obtain access kommen sie over 100 high-quality games with neu titles included all the time. Play straight on console, PC, and supported mobile tools from ns cloud. Plus, gain all die benefits von EA Play.2

Games from all generations play even better

Play end 550 standards from 360 und the original

behind COMPATIBLE gamings

Elevate her game

Get bei extra controller, headset zu play v friends, or extra storage. All One gaming accessories room compatible.

geschäft equipment

4K entertainment

clock Blu-ray™ movies in stunning 4K extremist HD und stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft movie & TV, and more. spiel

1HDR functionality obtainable with supported games und TVs.

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2Active subscription required; continues until cancelled; game brochure varies end time. Sea des Thieves also requires direkt Gold kommen sie play game; sold separately. Discount provides exclude titles in ~ 30 days of launch; discounts based upon Microsoft keep price. Seen

3Broadband internet required (ISP fees apply). Game performance an comparison with One S. A klein number des existing gamings may notfall achieve performance improvements. One behind Compatibility feature works with pick 360 games, seen Microsoft account with profile und broadband internet required for initial download des game kommen sie console. Dolby Atmos weil das Headphones requires extr purchase native Microsoft Store.

4Excludes the One S stand that works solely with ns One S. Kinect Adapter (sold separately) required for Kinect ~ above One S und One X.

5Online multiplayer calls for direkt Gold (sold separately).

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6Limited number des games available an 2017 support cross-device play; additional games zu follow. Active gelb membership required zu play cost-free games.