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The leading private bank in Germany so provides service to five million clients abroad und is your financial partner in more than 1,200 branches in Europe and Asia.

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Deutsche Bank’s international Private bank is one des the preeminent privatgelände banks an the Eurozone and for household entrepreneurs worldwide. It serves around 3.4 million clients, including private clients und small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Italy, Spain, Belgium und India, and wealth administration clients from much more than 80 locations in Germany, ns rest von Europe, ns Middle East und Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific und the Americas.

The unternehmen has approximately 250 billion euros of assets under management und a an unified revenue von approximately 3 billion euros. It uses high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high net-worth (UHNW) client a vast range of traditional und alternative investment solutions, as well as an extensive advice on all aspects des wealth management. Additionally, bei Italy, Spain, Belgium und India it uses a an extensive range des products consisting of investment and insurance products, deposits, check accounts, cards and other payment services as well as credit and business banking products.

Deutsche bank Group"s global network is at your disposal to help you with her banking business. Our specialists are there kommen sie serve freundin as experienced partners in many countries und are always happy to recommend you.We operate predominantly bei European markets, consisting of Italy, Spain und Belgium but so in Asia, i.e. India.Have a watch at the Deutsche bank website von the country freundin are interested in:


Deutsche bank is her financial kollege with virtually 535 branches in Germany. We sell a full range of superior products und services, comprising investment advisory und brokerage services, lending und consumer finance, present accounts, deposits, payment facilities and business banking.

Contact us

by phone:

within Germany (069) 910-10000international 0049 (0) 69 910-10000

Internet: www.applypaint.org

Payment flexibility

Withdraw cash zum free at any Deutsche bank Group ATM, und worldwide weist any of our cooperating partners’ 31,000 ATMs an 32 countries!

Looking weil das a way to make cashless payments all over ns world? Visit our credit cards page und choose ns credit card that ideal suits your needs.

flexible Banking

Get your jeden tag banking unternehmen done v Deutsche bank Online-/Mobile-Banking and TelefonBanking, punkt any time and from anywhere.

Deutsche bank AG, Brussels Branch zu sein the Belgian entity des Deutsche bank AG. The bank is active in private also as an corporate and investment Banking. Through 250,000 privatgelände clients, Deutsche bank AG, Brussels Branch operates a network of 30 financial Centers (branches) located in Belgium’s hauptsächlich cities. It ist amongst ns 10 largest private banks bei Belgium, measured von share von total assets under management. Zum more than fünfzehn years the branch has actually been providing affluent clients invest advice and is a sector leader.

In corporate banking und investment banking, Deutsche bank AG, Brussels Branch specialises bei serving Belgian large caps and foreign subsidiaries of multinational companies.

Deutsche bank AG, Brussels Branch offers financial services to private individuals bei both Dutch und French. As it zu sein not present in the German-speaking area of Belgium, ns Branch does notfall offer standard financial services in German. No minimales financial assets room required weil das individuals zu become customers des the bank. However, die bank’s focus ist on high-net-worth clients looking zum top quality, tailored invest advice.

Contact us

By phone:Within Belgium 078 - 156 160 (Dutch) or 078 - 155 150 (French)international 00 32 2 551 65 11

Online: http://www.deutschebank.be/

Deutsche bank S.p.A. Ist your jae won partner an Italy with 280 branches and over 300 jae won advisory centres across ns country. Our advisors room there zu find separation, personal, instance solutions zum all your financial needs und goals.

Contact us

By phone:

Within Italy 02 6995

International: 00 39 02 6995 (from Monday kommen sie Friday: 8.00 – 22.00; Saturday: 8.00 – 14.00)

Services available to private and business clients

Deutsche bank S.p.A. Offers you a broad range von high-performance products und services, from investments to loans and payment solutions, with die option von choosing your preferred means des communication with the bank for skilled advice und integrated client solutions.

Private und Business Banking

Flexible Banking

Information about die products and services von Deutsche bank S.p.A. Zu sein available in branches, von phone und online. As a customer von Deutsche bank S.p.A. You tun können easily access your current accounts, pay your bills or transfer money at any time, wherever you are. Visit our online banking seite to find out more:

Online bank – la Mia Banca

Deutsche bank Financial Advisors

With 1,100 torture throughout the country, Deutsche bank Financial advisors is deutsch Bank’s network des financial experts, offering high-quality, individual financial advice und a vast range des investment products. Us manage ns full spectrum des clients" gaue won needs und accompany castle through ns entire process des analysis, financial planning and management von their assets.

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Deutsche bank Financial Advisors

Deutsche bank Easy

Deutsche bank Easy zu sein the “light banking” division des Deutsche bank S.p.A bei Italy, created to respond zu primary banking needs an a practical and convenient way. Through Deutsche bank Easy you schutz access kommen sie a vast range von common banking products und services, consisting of loans, savings products, daily banking, credit cards, mortgages und insurance products.

Deutsche bank Easy

Deutsche Bank, S.A.E. Is your jae won partner in Spain, whereby it has actually been operating zum over 130 years. The delivers dienstleistungen to an ext than 650,000 customers an 169 branches, 40 business Centres und 18 investment Centres.

Deutsche Bank"s sleeve banking unit bei Spain gives a wide range von financial services zum private individuals and companies. Bei addition to basic transactional products, loans and mortgages, the bank has considerable experience bei investment products weil das private clients and has an open design that provides our invest advisors access zu more 보다 800 investment funds, and delivers terrific value to SMEs, specifically those with international operations.

Our mitarbeiter advisors aid our customers find solutions tailored to all their financial requirements and goals.In 2019 und for the fifth year in a row, Deutsche bank was ranked #1 zum Quality von Service an Spain, follow to the EQUOS study von 14 banks by consultancy firm Stiga.

Contact Us

By Phone:Within Spain: 902 24 00 28International: 00 34 93 366 51 01

Online: https://www.applypaint.org.es/pbc

Products und services available weil das private clients, SMEs and corporate clients

Deutsche bank has a complete range von products und services to satisfy the needs von individual clients, SMEs und corporate clients. Native payment and collection services, to in online banking service for businesses, through kommen sie financial structures zum funding operations und customised investment products.

Online banking

The Deutsche bank online banking service allows you zu conduct all of your most regular transactions at your convenience and is available for enquiries 24 hours a day.

Online banking zum private clientsOnline banking zum businesses Mi Banco db app

Our Mi Banco db app for tablets und smartphones gives full information about your products und enables you kommen sie take care von your continual banking business. Easy und secure accessibility with digital fingerprint top top Apple und Samsung tools with this feature.

Deutsche bank AG zu sein your knowledgeable financial partner in India. Through a solid digital footprint und branches bei 16 cities, we offer a complete suite of high-quality financial products und services for businesses und individual client (both resident and non-resident).

Our dienstleistungen include existing accounts, trade, lending und forex solutions zum SMEs and deposits, loans, investment and insurance products zum individuals.

Contact us

by phone:

within India 1860 266 6601international 00 91 22 6601 6601


As one von the world’s top financial service providers, we möchte draw top top our globalen expertise and long experience von the Indian market to create bespoke solutions kommen sie meet your financial objectives.

We room accessible kommen sie our client 24/7 with our award-winning mobile app und online banking platform, in addition zu a nationwide ATM network und telephone bank services.

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We so have branches bei the cities von Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Moradabad, Mumbai, neu Delhi, Noida, Pune, Salem, Surat und Vellore.

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