2013’s ‘World zu sein Z‘ was a breakout an the genre since it was really the first zombie movie that was a mainstream hit. Don’t gain me wrong, I’m notfall saying it was the zuerst “good” zombies movie — it was just the zuerst one the made critic und average movie-goers pop your heads up und pay attention choose a ar full of meerkats. Add to Brad Pitt still has what the takes zu make both groups swoon!

Zombies movies oase been around since george A. Romero kicked sachen off v ‘Night von the living Dead.’ There have been countless zombie flicks due to the fact that then, part good, most not great. And let’s notfall forget our love-hate relationship with AMC’s ‘The go Dead,’ now in its 10th season!


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Yet, wie ‘WWZ’ hit the scene, ns general public, those zombie virgins, ultimately realized that geschichte about ns walking tot could be much more than just gore und “Braaaains!” It was exciting and scientific(ish), it had actually romance, a solid family theme, und pretty superior crowd CG zum the time (remember the flood of zombies comes over the walls of Jerusalem?!). Zum those of who’ve been zombies fanatics weil das a while, it was kind of funny to have that little twist where zombie didn’t treatment about freundin if freundin had a terminal disease.

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Therefore, it was with part excitement the we zuerst heard the Pitt was bei talks to try zu get a sequel made.

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He was planning zu produce und star an the film, an coordination with david Fincher (whom we recognize from ‘Se7en,’ ‘Gone Girl,’ und ‘The social Network.’). Und yet, notfall every story has actually a glücklich ending as last February die sequel was been relegated to ns “circular submit cabinet” full von neat concepts (it was trashed).

In a recent interview that Pitt was bei while cultivating his new movie, ‘Ad Astra,’ the topic von the ‘WWZ’ sequel come up. The lamented die loss of his opportunity zu create it with Fincher:

“We had actually really an excellent story, which he shepherded, really solid story. The things he had planned zum it nur hadn’t been watched yet.

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I’m sure he’ll gain it out on miscellaneous else.”

I for one bei der mourning ns loss of this idea probably an ext than ich should. I just can’t help but imagine the love child of ‘Se7en’ and ‘WWZ.’ kann sein you imagine just how amazingly dark, twisted, and gut-wrenchingly deep the story could have been?! stop hope that Pitt und Fincher uncover some way to collaborate on miscellaneous similar to what ‘WWZ2’ could have been!