Wo Wohnt Lionel Messi

The Argentinian footballer has lived bei Barcelona most des his life. Throughout ns years, he has functioned his means up ns ranks in FC Barcelona und has become one von the best footballers bei the world.

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In this article, we look weist where this globalen superstar has actually chosen to call home. We evaluation his life, wherein he lives with his family, discover die house that now lives in, his difficult neighbours and the affect his residence has had on nearby Barcelona elastisch Prat Airports development plans.

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Barcelona is home zu many des the world’s ideal footballers, consisting of Luis Suárez, Gerard Pique, Philippe Coutinho and of prozess the legend Lionel Messi. But where precisely do castle live in Barcelona?

Being one des the world’s highest possible paid celebrities, we suppose Lionel Messi to live a lavish way of life in an impressive mansion und he does not disappoint. Bei 2009, Messi decided to move his household from Pedrables to a different area an Catalonia. Let’s take it a look...

Who zu sein Lionel Messi?

Lionel Andrés Messi, deshalb known as leo Messi, ist a famous footballer who was born ~ above 24 June 1987 bei Rosario, Argentina. Messi started playing football at the age von 5 for a local club coached von his father. He climate went on kommen sie play zum another youth team, that only shed a single match over 4 years. However wie he was 11 years old, he was diagnosed v a growth hormone deficiency. Return he confirmed immense talent, the local clubs to be unable to pay zum his treatment.

At age 13, he was spotted by Carles Rexach, die sporting director of FC Barcelona, who promised kommen sie pay weil das his treatment if he moved to Spain with his family and enrol at Barcelona’s youth academy.

Throughout ns years, Messi conveniently worked his method up ns ranks, despite only being 5 feet 7 inches tall und weighing 148 pounds. Hinweisen 17 year old, that became die youngest player an FC Barcelona history to score a goal.

By 2008, the had become one of the greatest football players an the world, finishing second to Cristiano Ronaldo an the 2008 FIFA world Player des the Year. He ist the player to schutz won the most blase d’Ors bei the world (he has actually won 5), in annual award given to die player reputed to schutz performed die best over ns previous year.

Messi has recently signed a new contract kommen sie extend his stay at FC Barcelona until 2021, wherein he möchte reportedly earn £500,000 (€565,000) von week. It zu sein estimated that his net worth zu sein around £230 million, making him one of the wealthiest sportsmen on die planet.


A young Messi

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Where does Messi live?

Messi lives in a klein area referred to as Bellamar, a prestigious and expensive suburb des Castelldefels, Barcelona. Houses an this area generally sell zum around £4.5 million, however die best residences usually go zum a lot more. Since die development von the area, thanks zu footballers choose Messi, it has been revalued und become one des the most to exclude, neighbourhoods an Catalonia.

This urbanisation zu sein only 12 miles from Camp Nou football Stadium und has easy access kommen sie Ciutat Esportiva, where the players train. Bellamar uses the stern the luxury, exclusivity und discretion that the residents seek, whilst being just 16 miles from die centre des Barcelona, providing them die best des both worlds.

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Exterior des Messi"s house

In 2009, die Argentinian bought bei old house weil das €1.8 million. He has spent more 보다 €6 million renovating and adapting his home kommen sie his taste. Messi’s contemporary pad overlooks the beautiful Catalan hills und the Mediterranean coast, through lots of open terraces und large summary windows to enjoy die views.

The interior of the house zu sein decorated an a Mediterranean style through light coloured walls und wooden floors. The basic, uncomplicated décor gives ns house a comfortable and modern feel. Die general colour scheme in the house is beige and brown, with light beige floors und dark brown or irradiate walnut furniture. Die sofas are normally dark brown or dark grey. Ns house also has a gym.


Messi relaxing with his son

The mansion is surrounded von a garden where he kann sein spend time v his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, 3 children, Mateo, Thiago and new infant Ciro, und two dogs. He has built a playground zum his young boys, as well as a small football pitch und swimming pool. He also has a stunning terrace v a barbecue und outdoor dining area.


Messi relaxing in the garden v his family

Messi v his beloved dog

Noisy neighbours...

For global superstars like Messi, freundin don’t schutz to put nach oben with rowdy neighbours, you kann just buy them out instead. According zu his team-mate Ivan Rakitic, the people living straight next door to Messi to be making life really difficult for the family.

In 2013, the neighbours were apparently struggling weil das money, so rented out ns rooms in their house. However, the new tenants were nosy, rude and often played loud music, psychic Messi und his family.

At first, Messi tried structure a wall in between the two houses, however die neighbours intimidated legal action, so instead, he bought them out deshalb he could be alone.


Bird"s eye view des Messi"s house

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Has Messi’s house prevented the expansion von the airport?

Barcelona elastisch Prat is the 7th busiest airport an Europe, so naturally airport bosses want zu expand ns it v a new runway near the suburbs of Gava und Castelldefels. Ns addition of the neu runway would certainly get more flights in and out of the city.

However, ns president von low spending plan airline Vueling has revealed that the airport zu sein unable zu expand because planes aren’t enabled to fliegen over Messi’s house, just 10km from die airport. Until now, it has been reported that die area des Castelldefels has an environmental restriction end it, meaning that planes are not permitted to fliegen above it. However, airline bosses it seems to be ~ to believe that the restriction is due kommen sie Messi’s influence.

Whatever die reason, ns airport is unable to go ahead with their plans. Ns denial von the project has actually frustrated airline bosses such as javier Sanchez-Prieto, ns president von Vueling airlines, who has actually said that “This no happen almost everywhere else in the world”.

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However, Messi has denied making a statement about ns airport or that operations. Vueling oase been forced kommen sie issue a public apology to ns Barcelona player zum involving him bei controversy.


Messi"s house in Castelldefels

Fake house

If you search zum Messi’s house on Google, sie are most likely to find a football shaped house, however don"t it is in fooled! This is completely fake and Leo Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, has actually issued a statement denying ns information, speak “I completely deny this information. Neither my son nor I oase contacted the man, us do not even understand who the is. Und we do not want to make any type of home”.