Wm Song 2018 Will Smith

Sony Music und FIFA have set “Live that Up” as ns official song for the 2018 world Cup the kicks off bei Russia ~ above June 14. Wollen Smith, Nicky Jam und rising pop stern Era Istrefi perform die tune which is produced von Grammy winner Diplo and became easily accessible on streaming platforms today. The official music video doesn’t drop till June 7, yet you tun können check out the audio clip below.

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The lied will it is in performed at the final top top July 15 in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium an front des a an international audience expected kommen sie exceed 1B people. Die football faithful might recall that an 2014, the official das lied was title “We are One” and was carry out at die opening ceremony. That was after part confusion over whether Jennifer Lopez would eventually make it kommen sie Brazil to sing zum the kick-off.

Smith appears completely ready zu attend this year’s final in July. “It’s bei honor zu be asked to perform at die 2018 FIFA welt Cup. This globalen event brings world from all over the world together kommen sie cheer, laugh und experience magic. Collaborating with Nicky, Diplo and Era top top this track represents harmony, eclectic flavors and genres comes together. Weist the ende of die day, we nur want to seen the welt dance!”

Reggaeton heavyweight Jam referred to as recording ns official lied “a lifetime achievement. Not many artists oase the privilege von being able to say they’ve to be part des this. I’m deshalb proud und happy, I can say zu my grandkids ‘I’ve made it’.”

The qualifying political parties head to ns pitch beginning on June 14 v Russia v Saudi Arabia punkt Luzhniki Stadium.

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