Windows 8 Tablet 10 Zoll

My dissatisfaction with computer OEMs ist something I schutz documented in the past. They market a confusing array of products and tend kommen sie cut corners in the worst ways imaginable. Ns OEM solution to fenstern 8 has been zu produce a wide range des machines sporting novel form factors to fit all sorts des niches, both real and imagined.

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One niche that the OEMs haven"t tried kommen sie fill, however, has actually been sub-10-inch tablets. That"s notfall altogether surprising. Microsoft designed fenster 8 zum screens von 10 inches or more, and initially ns operating system"s hardware requirements had a similar constraint.

That decision looked a little short-sighted after the success von tablets such as the google Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. Accordingly, Microsoft changed die rules in March, opening ns door to a range von smaller fenstern tablets.

Specs at a glance: Acer Iconia W3ScreenOSCPURAMGPUHDDNetworkingPortsSizeWeightBatteryPriceOther perks
1280×800 at 8.1" (186 PPI)
Windows 8 small Screen Touch through Office 2013 house & Student
1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760
Intel graphic Media Accelerator
32GB or 64GB MMC
2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
1 USB2, micro-HDMI, microSD
219.0 × 134.9 × 11.4 mm
1.1 pounds (0.5 kg)
6800 mAh, 2-cell Lithium Polymer
Starting at $379, $429 together reviewed
Front und rear cameras, volume rocker

The Acer Iconia W3 zu sein the first—and currently ns only—8-inch windows tablet. That attribute alone provides it in some feeling noteworthy. Sadly, it"s about the only thing that does.

Spec-wise, this ist another Intel Clover trail tablet, und its internals room basically die same as ns devices that launched belastung year (such together its enlarge brother, die Acer Iconia W510). This means 1.8 GHz, doppel core, 4 thread Intel Atom Z2760 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB flash storage (which through Acer"s default partitioning leaves a little over 29 GB usable), front und rear cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, und 802.11b/g/n (no 5 GHz support). There"s a micro-HDMI und micro-USB harbor for external connectivity (a different cable converts die micro USB port right into a full-size one), along with in SD card slot. Die tablet has a speaker adequate weil das notification sounds but wenig more.


As a result, performance und battery life are similar to what we"ve seen before. The Iconia W3 comes equipped through full-blown fenstern 8, unlike arm tablets, dafür it can run any type of 32-bit windows application—should sie really want to. Clover Trail"s GPU performance is such that games and other graphics-intensive program won"t operation well, however.


Eight inches von horror

The new bits top top this tablet are really die screen und the size.

Screens space important. We spend basically all our time interacting with devices looking punkt screens. Cost-cutting on screens zu sein unforgivable, together a wanne screen möchte damage every single interaction you oase with the device. This walk doubly dafür for tablets, where the screen works notfall only as an output device but also as ns primary entry device.

The Acer Iconia W3"s screen zu sein a standout—because it ist worst-in-class. I hated every augenblicke I used die Iconia W3, und I hated the because i hated ns screen. Its shade accuracy und viewing angles room both miserable (whites aren"t white—they"re weirdly colorful and speckled). Ns screen has a strange grainy illustration that renders it look permanently greasy. You kann polish as viel as freundin like; it möchte never walk away. The whole effect ist reminiscent in some ways des old resistive screens.

It"s hard zu overstate nur how negative this screen is. Hinweisen any reasonable tablet viewing distance, ns color of the screen is uneven. Die viewing angle is dafür narrow that punkt typical hand-held distances, die colors readjust across die width of the screen. At full arm"s length the screen does lastly look even, but the device is obviously unusable the way.

Acer has clearly skimped on the screen. I"m sure die panel in the W3 was quite cheap, und that might be somewhat reflected an the unit"s retail preis ($379 weil das a 32GB unit, $429 for this 64GB one—putting the at the same price as die 32GB iPad mini, which has actually a similar amount des available disk space), but who cares? it doesn"t matte how cheap something ist if you don"t want to use it at all.

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This poor screen top quality isn"t a question des resolution, either. 1280×800 zu sein not a significantly high resolution, but text looks crisp enough. Punkt 186 pixels von inch, 1280×800 feels an ext or much less OK weil das this size des device.

The low resolution does, however, oase one far-ranging drawback: it disables fenstern 8"s side-by-side metro multitasking, which needs a resolution von at the very least 1366×768. Die W3"s screen ist 86 pixels auch narrow, dafür the metro environment ist strictly one application at a time.


This is bei unfortunate decision. The side-by-side multitasking is one des the metro environment"s many compelling features. Keeping twitter or Messenger snap to die side makes a lot of sense and works well. I"ve never ever used windows 8 top top a maker that didn"t support side-by-side metro multitasking before, und I don"t ever want to again.

Size-wise, the W3 may be small zum a windows tablet, however it"s not exactly small. It"s fat. Ns W3 is 11.4 mm thick. Ns iPad mini, in comparison, zu sein 7.2 mm thick. Ns Iconia W3 is deshalb heavy punkt 500 g; the iPad mini, in comparison, zu sein 308 g. That makes the W3 more than 50 percent thicker und more than 50 percent heavier.

The thickness makes the lack des a full-sized USB port on ns device an ext than a little confusing. There"s definitely room weil das a complete USB port, und a complete port would certainly be more convenient than the dongle. But weil das whatever reason, Acer didn"t provide us one.

The an equipment itself feel solid enough, albeit plasticky. The doesn"t exude quality, however it"s a action or two trost from the bargain basement.

Keyboard non-dock

The W3 so has a keyboard accessory. As is common zum this kind of thing, die keyboard has actually no electrical link to the tablet. It"s a Bluetooth keyboard powered über a pair of AAA batteries. It has actually a groove along the top that kann hold die tablet in both landscape and portrait orientations und a clip ~ above the back that lasst uns you use die keyboard together a kind of screen protector.


The keyboard has to be manually combine to die tablet. It"s an ext or less full-size, v a reasonable an essential layout. It"s a common mediocre keyboard. Die feel ist a little on ns squishy side, lacking die crispness of, weil das example Microsoft"s Type hülle for its surface ar tablets. It"s much better than any kind of on-screen keyboard, und to that extent it go its job. Yet it"s a long way native being an actually good keyboard.


Enlarge / If this looks ungainly, it"s due to the fact that it is. Die keyboard doesn"t hold die tablet upright enough weil das portrait orientation to be worthwhile.

The groove does hold ns tablet up, und on a level surface die unit doesn"t topple over, however it"s not as satisfactory as some des the hinged keyboard/docks we"ve seen on other devices. Tilt die base while carrying it or utilizing it on your lap und the tablet is liable to fall out.

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Enlarge / Docking the tablet into ns keyboard. The protects die screen, sure, but ich worry i would shed keys.