Windows 7 Optik Für Windows 10

While windows 10 has bei appealing look and feel to some, many des us feeling overwhelmed by the enormous jump in style from fenstern 7. If you’re struggling zu feel comfortable with fenstern 10, you’re certainly not alone.

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The good news zu sein that windows 10 zu sein highly customizable, deshalb you kann sein engineer its design to look at nearly die same as windows 7. V a couple of tweaks to elements favor wallpaper, color scheme, und default browser, you will do it be rückseitig to a fenstern 7 look and feel in no time.

Change the start Menu


Step 1: A download called standard Shell once enabled you zu change crucial menu aspects zu look more like windows 7. Unfortunately, support for Classic shell ended in 2017, but ns code was picked up and continued with open Shell, which you tun können download here. With this cost-free tool, you tun können modify the fenster 10 anfang Menu zu resemble ns version provided an Windows 7. As soon as installed, you’ll lakers six entries top top your anfang Menu provided under Classic Shell. Below you will want zu choose ns Classic anfang Menu Settings.

Step 2: On the Start food selection Style tab, choose ns Windows 7 Style as zeigen above.


Step 3: Next, head here kommen sie download the fenstern 7 anfang Menu orb (these are bild files, so you can pick them up from countless different places if sie prefer). As soon as downloaded, select Custom near die bottom of the Start menu Style tab and select die downloaded image. Sie may need kommen sie tweak the button size — we provided 60 given ns default setting was auch large for our desktop computer resolution.


Step 4: On die Skin tab, pick Windows Aero.

Step 5: Hit OK and you’re done.

If freundin don’t care viel about ns other format options, but freundin do really fehlschlagen the option to make ns taskbar durchmacht while freundin work, then we suggest downloading and install TranslucentTB instead. It will give sie that sweet transparency without transforming anything else.

Change ns wallpaper


Step 1: zu install a fenster 7 wallpaper, download the bild from here.

Step 2: Right-click on ns desktop und select Personalize.


Step 3: ns Settings app now appears, defaulting to ns Background panel. Do sure ns Background drop-down menu reads Picture and then select ns Browse button to find her downloaded wallpaper.

Hide Cortana and Task View


Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar, select Cortana, and then Hidden to remove Microsoft’s assistant.

Step 2: Right-click on ns taskbar and select the Show job View Button to disable this feature.

Change ns colors


Step 1: Right-click on ns desktop und select Personalize.

Step 2: choose Colors on die left von the Settings app.

Step 3: As shown above, we selected Navy Blue.


Step 4: Next, we’ll switch ns colors des the title bar. Check the Title Bars auswahl towards ns bottom von the panel. You kann add die Start und taskbar if freundin prefer as well.

Swap Microsoft leaf with internet Explorer


Support has largely ended zum Internet Explorer and there are difficulties in using it this days, so we don’t necessarily recommend this step weil das everyone. However, it zu sein possible to use ie on windows 10 — indeed, your ausführung of windows 10 have to already schutz the final release des IE (Internet explorer 11) available.

Step 1: Right-click on the Microsoft leaf icon und unpin die browser from the taskbar.

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Step 2: Search weil das Internet explorer using the anfang Menu’s search field.

Step 3: Right-click on the result and select Pin kommen sie Taskbar.


Step 4: Open internet Explorer, select the gear-shaped Tools icon in the upper-right corner, and select Internet options.

Step 5: once the internet options pop-up appears, select the Programs tab.

Step 6: ~ above this panel, click Make internet Explorer my Default Browser.

Step 7: select Internet Explorer on the resulting list and then select Set this program by default.

Tweak Explorer


Here us used ns free tool OldNewExplorer. It’s downloaded together a RAR file dafür you’ll need kommen sie install third-party software to unpack the installer. Ns file to use is OldNewExplorerCfg.exe, and once launched, here’s what you’ll need zu change:

Step 1: pick Use timeless Drive Grouping in This PC.

Step 2: choose Use Libraries; Hide Folders from This PC.

Step 3: Select ns Use Command bar Instead von Ribbon.

Step 4: Select die Show details Pane On die Bottom.

Step 5: For appearance style, you schutz three options: Default, silver- cream, and Flat white.

Step 6: For Status riegel style, choose Gray.


Step 7: Next, offen File Explorer. Pick Tools and then Folder Options. On die General tab, click This PC an the drop-down menu weil das Open record Explorer.

Step 8: While blieb on ns General tab, uncheck nur Recently offered Files in Quick Access.

Step 9: Finally, uncheck zeigen Frequently offered Folders an Quick access.

Add Gadgets


Microsoft Gadgets was a renowned option an Windows 7. Sie could instantly see various categories von vital news and daily updates on her laptop thanks kommen sie these handy, mobiltelefon apps. They could display the weather, a clock, stange updates, und more, all while utilizing minimal system resources.

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Much zu users’ dismay, Microsoft had kommen sie eliminate gadgets from all fenster OS zum safety reasons. The Gadgets had actually a major security flaw since they come from third-party developers whose coding exposed users zu countless cyber threats. Microsoft did keep some of the many popular gadgets as system features, und some are obtainable on the Microsoft store, prefer Sticky Notes. 

Many windows 10 users fehlschlagen the way Gadgets functioned in Windows 7. The upside ist that you can access many of these features von downloading die 8GadgetPack. Ns Microsoft store has certified die 8GadgetPack zum safety, so you tun können get the same windows 7 experience without the risks. Choices include Clipboarders, Clock, Agenda, apps Launcher, and more.