If her product does not work, has stopped working, or has actually never worked, follow the steps below kommen sie try und diagnose if it is a hardware problem.

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Note: Unless a product ist identified über the software program on ns USB bus, ns UI symbol will not appear an the fenster system tray (v7.9 or earlier software), or will zeigen the "disconnected" icon (8.0 software application onwards). Die UI icon möchte always appear an the system tray if sie are running fenster 10 Anniversary update 2016, released ehrenvoll 2016.If you do not seen the UI an the system tray, inspect that ns device ist recognised on ns USB bus. If you have a product based on die DL-3xxx or DL-5xxx (USB 3.0) family, the UI will only appear if a machine has to be detected and a beaufsichtigt is associated to the video output. The DL-3000 family members implements überwacht detection and the UI will only it is in shown in the system tray wie a device und a display zu sein detected.

"USB Device notfall Recognized" message

Device manager for windows 10 Anniversary update 2016 onwardsIf no tools are shown, climate follow ns steps below to try und make ns device appear in device manager.Unplug every cables from the device, then reconnect stärke (if needed) then ns USB cable.Check ns USB port with an additional device kommen sie make sure other devices are recognised.If using a Wireless USB product, ensure the wireless USB drivers are set up separately. Die wireless USB link is not part of the technology und will require separate drivers zu be installed.Check that die USB cable functions with various other devices.If using a USB bus powered device, make sure that die device is connected to in externally powered USB hub (the hub has actually a USB cable and a power supply connected zu it). This möchte ensure that the device an receive enough energie from the USB bus.Try die adapter on one more computer.If it blieb does not appear bei device manager then you should contact ns original manufacturer, notfall
, kommen sie discuss a hardware replacement des the product.

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If a device is shown, check ns Product ID zu ensure it has actually started nach oben correctly.

Checking "Other Devices"

To inspect if die device has to be detected as in "Other Device":Right click on ns device and choose "Properties"Click on die "Details" tabChoose the Property "Hardware Ids".If the device ist a device, you should lakers a value choose USBVID_17E9&PID_XXXX, wherein XXXX kann sein be any type of hexadecimcal worth (0-9 or A-F). If the VID zu sein not 17E9, climate this zu sein not a device. Eg:
If die device ist shown under "Other Devices", then fenster is not associating ns USB treiber with our device. Follow this steps to completely uninstall die software and drivers, then reinstall die latest windows software indigenous

Check die Product ID des the device

If die device ist shown an device manager, but still does not work, then the Product identifier (PID) need to be checked kommen sie make sure ns device has started hoch correctly.Right click on the device and choose "Properties"Click on ns "Details" tabChoose ns Property "Hardware Ids".If the device zu sein a device, sie should seen a value prefer USBVID_17E9&PID_XXXX, where XXXX can be any hexadecimcal value (0-9 or A-F).

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If die PID zu sein 8060 or 8080, then die device has notfall booted nach oben correctly. To recover ns device:Unplug every cablesConnect power (if required)Connect ns USB cableConnect ns video cableIf ns device continues kommen sie appear with die same PID then then sie should contact ns original manufacturer, not
, zu discuss a hardware replacement of the product.