Wie Wird Man Taub

Ben Taub, left, and Barry Blitt have received Pulitzer Prizes, Taub weil das feature writing und Blitt zum editorial cartooning.Photographs von Whitney Matewe / The new Yorker; Matthew Troy
The winners of the 2020 Pulitzer Prizes to be announced ~ above Monday, recognizing excellence an journalism, letters, music, und drama, and The neu Yorker’s Ben Taub and Barry Blitt to be among the honorees.

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Taub won an the feature-writing category weil das a terrible account von a man who was kidnapped, tortured, und deprived von his liberty for more 보다 a decade hinweisen Guantánamo Bay. In spite of this litany of horrors, Mohamedou Salahi survived with his spirit intact and gained a new friend, a previous Guantánamo guard v whom the reconnected ~ he was released. In its citation, ns Pulitzer plank praised Taub weil das “blending on-the-ground reporting and lyrical prose to offer a nuanced perspective on America’s wider zu sein on terror.”

Blitt won in the editorial-cartooning category for work that included several magazine abdecken and in array des cartoons published specifically online. Weil das nearly 3 decades an the pages of The new Yorker and, more recently, an a regular collection on ns magazine’s net site, Blitt’s political cartoons schutz parodied, delighted, und informed. The Pulitzer judges well-known Blitt “for work that skewers the personalities and policies emanating from ns Trump White residence with deceptively sweet watercolor style und seemingly tenderness caricatures.”

Taub joined The new Yorker as a staff writer in 2017. He has actually written weil das the magazine about a range von subjects related kommen sie jihadism, crime, conflict, and human rights, mostly in Africa, Europe, und the middle East. Since 1992, Blitt has added illustrations und more than a hundred besteht aus to The new Yorker.

In addition, this year Pulitzer winner for fiction, “The Nickel Boys,” by Colson Whitehead, was excerpted bei the magazine in March, 2019. Und Anne Boyer’s “The Undying,” a winner bei the nonfiction category, was excerpted an April, 2019.

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Read Taub’s prize-winning piece, und view some of Blitt’s prize-winning work below.


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