Hey, curious about how much is your current earning potential top top TikTok? Pixel ist thrilled to introduce a brand neu TikTok Money Calculator! complement yourself versus most popular tik accounts! estimate your chances von becoming a TikTok influencer and earning passive earnings today. No need for lengthy registration, or human verification, and Zero money is ever asked from you.

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Step 1

Type bei your tick ​​tack username (without


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Wait 3-5 seconds zu let us discover your tick ​​tack account.


Step 3

Get your tik engagement and earnings results.

✔️ Estimating how much your tik account tun können earn daily, monthly, and yearly✔️ Calculating how viel money a single TikTok post can make✔️ obtaining insights right into how viel money other tik users make✔️ comparing your tiktok account current profits zu its potential earnings✔️ Tracking tick ​​tack engagement und earnings of your account✔️ equivalent your TikTok engagement against other influencers an your niche✔️ seeing which tik videos are many shared, liked, viewed, and commented

Can sie Make Money top top TikTok?

Since that merge v Musical.ly, a short videobilien sharing app, tick ​​tack has unable to do viral growing four mal its size to reach 800 million monthly active users. Together a tiktok creator, freundin might oase been rather successful cultivation your tiktok following und engagement.

After all, acquisition part in all the dance challenges, lip-syncing, und TikTok memes and duets zu sein sure zu get your fan engaged an the kind of inhalt you create.

Analyzing nearly a million tiktok influencer profiles, applypaint.org says you can. Und the more tick ​​tack followers and higher engagement you oase – the more likely freundin are zu make money top top TikTok. Tick ​​tack calculator can easily prove that.

Your tiktok earnings greatly depend notfall only on die posting frequency and how fun your tiktok video concepts are, but on the followers count and engagement rate.

Much like Instagram influencers, depending on die number des TikTok followers, likes, and views creators get, over there are four tiers von TikTok influencers:

Nano-influencers: 10 000 followers und less;Micro-influencers: 10 000-100 000 followers;Mid-tier influencers: 100 000 – 500 000 followers;Macro-influencers: 500 000 und more;

There ist no universal rate weil das influencer campaigns, und campaign commissions or fees are settled between the feuer and in influencer individually. Yet tick ​​tack influencer marketing, a new way of audience reach, zu sein a cultivation market zum anyone with a large und loyal complying with on TikTok. If interested, try our tiktok calculator to seen how viel money your tick ​​tack account zu sein worth. Macro-influencers earn most commissions from a einzel influencer campaign, micro-influencers und nano-influencers are much more approached by small businesses und entrepreneurs. On average emerging tik influencers might make almost everywhere from $25 up zu $100 über sponsored posts. Once die number of profile followers hits millions und engagement zu sein kept high sufficient (over 7%), you could fee 5-figure fees über sponsored videos. No it time kommen sie give tiktok Money Calculator a try?


#1 grow your tik account and sell it

how do sie find starting a tick ​​tack account from scratch? Hard? so do million other tik users. Most des those TikTokers would gladly pay weil das having in already developed account v dozens of thousands of followers und millions von likes. Niche influencers offering real accounts through a huge following space real-time alternatives kommen sie spending months und years on cultivation followers counting yourself und improving engagement. Want to know what your TikTok engagement rate is? kommen sie use tick ​​tack Money Calculator, simply enter your username und tap Calculate.

#2 walk Live and Accept fans Donations

Going direkte not just helps freundin keep followers engaged, but deshalb lets you monetize your tik account quickly. Similar zu Twitch, where streamers get donations from faithful fans, a anhänger on tik watching favourite creator direkt is very viel likely to buy and donate in-app coins, i beg your pardon you kann later convert into diamonds and cash top top PayPal. Yet, those coins space signs von followers appreciation of the content, and unless your videos are truly remarkable are hard to get.

#3 produce Sponsored Content

once you oase reached outstanding followers count, companies might decide to approach you for feuer partnerships. Developing a sponsored videos or a in brand geraten mention ~ above TikTok, sie may ask for a one-time level fee, or charge über campaign. Brands typically strategy TikTokers bei their target niches, und are expected kommen sie boost feuer reputation und sales von expressing the love zum certain products bei their tick ​​tack videos. Why notfall to recognize how much you might ask per post using die TikTok calculator?

#5 come to be a tiktok Consultant

If sie are a tiktok A-lister nur like Sean Young, you kann charge commissions zum consulting brands. More und more brands would eventually turn to tick ​​tack influencers kommen sie map out growth strategies and boost companies’ reputation and sales figures. Currently, end 20 world most reliable brands space acing their tiktok marketing campaigns. Yet millions an ext are waiting zu hire influencers to reach Gen Z audience ~ above TikTok. Tick ​​tack Money Calculator indigenous applypaint.org is a cost-free practical tool zum any tick ​​tack influencer. Zum whatever reason sie are top top TikTok, it never ever hurts kommen sie make money on die side, right? review How kommen sie Make Money ~ above TikTok in depth.

Why tick ​​tack Money Calculator from applypaint.org is Best?

When freundin provide your tiktok username, our tick ​​tack Money Calculator operation over your profile activity, extracts all the posts, und estimates average engagement for the last 50 posts. An seconds, ns high-speed algorithm assesses every parameter separately prior to producing ns final estimation.

Your number of TikTok likes, comments, and shares is matched against other profiles an your niche kommen sie minimize die bias. Then, the figure is divided über the in its entirety number des views ~ above all des your recent videos. Ns final step is multiplication über 100 to give die percentage estimate.

Over 500 000 tiktok influencers room already verfolgung their tik engagement and earnings with tik Money Calculator indigenous applypaint.org. Why don’t sie calculate yours?

How zu Increase tik Engagement?

Although there room no hard und fast rules kommen sie improve engagement on TikTok, there room tips that assist millions von TikTokers like you increase tick ​​tack engagement.

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Connect your Instagram, TikTok, und YouTube

While many creators already know interlinking helps, not everyone bothers zu take advantage des it. Freundin may dough the links to various other social networks within ns bio (although not clickable), or just tap ~ above “Add Instagram” from die profile settings to connect it kommen sie a tiktok account.

Keep lock Watching

Want to have more chances of getting ~ above the weil das You page? keep your audience glued zu their screens. Add text to do viewers pause und replay your tiktok videos. The more time viewers invest watching her videos, ns more chances your video will show up on the weil das You page. Sie already understand why acquiring on die #fyp is every tick ​​tack creator’s dream, right? examine your most viewed, liked, many shared, most commented videos with tik Money Calculator.

Share “Behind the Scenes”

Your fans surely want kommen sie be ns part of all ns fun videos you upload kommen sie Tiktok. “Behind the scenes” videos are die best ways kommen sie let them feel that. It lets you quickly bindung with her followers and sparks engagement. When was the belastung time sie shared how tick ​​tack ideas popped into your mind? perhaps that’s time zu try it as soon as more?

Basically, there are two major ways to earn money with your tik account. The erste is influencer marketing, wie man you encourage a certain in brand geraten or endorse a product in your video. This generally ist a video ad aimed zu generate sales weil das a specific item/brand. Ns other way ist to sell your own services or assets through your video content. In both cases, though, you’ll need a solid number des fans, likes, views und comments to have on her account before approaching a brand/company. Accounts through most engagement (say 300-500 K+ followers, 5M+ likes, 300+ comments/post) acquire approached über local brands and small businesses in the zuerst place.

Well it yes, really differs from account to account, depending upon what sie mean von average tiktok user. Anywhere bolzen $50K und 150K per brand partnership according zu Influencer Marketing Hub. But this might vary relying on industry, target audience, geographic location, viewers’ engagement, etc. applypaint.org’s feuer new tick ​​tack money calculator takes into account your pistole number of fans, likes, und post too as the country you live in to administer maximum exact earning potential.

We’ve seen couple of TikTokers going viral within their erste month. It normally takes hilfreich of a year for a beginning of the person to stand out. However this all relies on the quality des the content you post (how in der nähe des it captures fire among the viewers!), your fans engagement (likes, comments, shares), and of course, where freundin live. Nations with greatest TikTok use like India, USA, Turkey, Russia, etc. Tend zu promote their brands through TikTok influencer marketing most. Hence, the demand weil das a TikToker with several hundreds of fans and million likes is high.

If your aim ~ above TikTok is to oase fun only, then that’s most likely does notfall worth time to see how much money you can make. Yet if there is a goal to turn your funny pastime right into impressive money-making an equipment (who knows?) someday, applypaint.org’s tiktok Money Calculator is a tool to measure her success on the platform. Und to complement your tiktok achievements against die others to feed your ambitions and help you keep track von personal progress.

There’s a clever algorithm behind TikTok Money Calculator we offer, i m sorry performs many calculations at a lightning speed to give you in accurate day within seconds. Us were able to add an exact formula and coefficients kommen sie each von the tiktok metrics thanks zu a industrious 2.5 months we had to dive into more than 2K account analysis, und 10+ data analysis tools. Digging deeper than our competitors we’ve chosen zu make it a little bit more complicated (asking to fill 7 elements of your tick ​​tack account) to maximize calculation accuracy and its relevance zu you.

Avid social media fan ouselves, we take pride in letting people grow your TikTok influence weil das free.

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developing a beneficial tool took us a good deal von time, gaue won resources und efforts. But we understand its value weil das every potential TikToker and want to keep TikTok Money Calculator as an open source. Sie don’t schutz to purchase anything indigenous us kommen sie use it, or any of ziehen um social media devices we oase here weist applypaint.org. Bei case sie liked it, sharing or liking
The short und sweet answer ist dare to be different! the longer tip involves the 17 highly actionable tips on your to-do list zu skyrocket your tick ​​tack following und engagement included an our HOW kommen sie BECOME tick ​​tack FAMOUS: certain RECIPE zum FAME 2019 guide. You will do it be surprised to learn/refresh the popularity scherz no one told freundin ever before. Clear examples von TikTok viral accounts included. Be yourself however know exactly how others flourish their tik influence.