On the 20th des April, 2018, die entire world was put right into shock wie man renowned singer and songwriter Avicii, died. Avicii, who birth name is actually tim Bergling, was born on september 8, 1989, in Sweden"s beautiful stockholm City.

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Tim began writing his very own music und creating das lied remixes wie he was only 16 year old. That knew the he wanted to make music, but wasn"t fairly sure how. Yet then the met his manager, Ash, und started DJing each night. After ~ that, he started posting his music bei many different kinds des forums.

It didn"t take lang before he took on the stage name, Avicii. Due kommen sie his music being shared and spread online, he was able zu make his erste music record deal. Von 2011, he had actually his breakthrough after releasing his einzel called "levels".

A couple des years later in 2013, he debuted an additional studio album called "True". And like die album"s title, the neu release was a perfect blend von electronic music from various types des musical genres. "True" received a gewächs of hopeful praises, bringing er into the limelight and soon famedom. Ns album peaked an the oberteil ten lists an more than 15 countries, also making a dent in international charts v it being marked as one des the top tanzen numbers.

But his talent didn"t stop there. His einzel "Wake Me Up" was ranked number 4 in the US and topped music sectors worldwide. Avicii released his 2nd studio album back bei 2015, prior to releasing one more EP in 2017.

By about this time, Avicii has made a name for himself in the music industry, earning nominations bei the Grammy Awards zum his particularly work in "Sunshine" (2012) und "levels" (2013), along with david Guetta. Numerous music publication praised Avicii zum his work, deeming er the one who raised ns electronic genre into ns mainstream in the at an early stage 2010s.

One des his songs, "The Nights", released bei 2014, remains to be one von his above works to date, bringing civilization close to tears at any time it"s heard. Not only zu sein it a tribute to ns past, yet a remembrance von the so late singer.

Avicii"s Death


In 2016, Bergling retirement from touring due to the fact that he was facing health and wellness problems und stress, which resulted in his poor mental health. Avicii was shockingly found tot at only 28 in Muscat, Oman on die 20th of April, 2018.

A job after his death, ns Omani police revealed the there was no evidence of foul beat or any kind of sort of verbrecher suspicion.

It was said that die cause von death was suicide. Die injuries that brought about his death were later reported on might 1, and news outlets revealed the they were caused von a broken wine bottle. Resources say that Avicii broke the wine bottle kommen sie harm himself. It was never revealed just which part von the human body Avicii inflicted upon self that führen zu to his death. However, there are some insurance claims that the wound was either top top his neck or wrist. His cause of death zu sein said to be due zu blood loss.

On die 26th of April, Avicii"s household released a letter kommen sie his fans and the public, stating:

"Our beloved stunde was a seeker, a fragile imaginative soul searching for answers to existential questions. In over-achieving perfectionist that traveled und worked hard weist a pace that led to extreme stress.

When he stopped touring, that wanted zu find a balance bei life to be able kommen sie be happy and to carry out what that loved many - music. He really struggled v thoughts about Meaning, Life, und Happiness. He can now notfall go on any kind of longer. That wanted zu find peace.

Tim was notfall made weil das the business machine he found himself in; he was a sensitive guy who loved his fan but shunned the spotlight.

Tim, you will forever be loved and sadly missed. The person you were and your music will keep your memory alive. We liebe you. Ns Tim Bergling Family"

Avicii just wanted kommen sie create music, a passion he had to counter the dark feelings that he felt. Yet, this an extremely same passion became his undoing.

People that were dearest zu Avicii took part in the funeral, might 22, alongside his family. Avicii was buried ~ above June 8, 2018, von hometown and birthplace, Skogskyrko GÃ¥rden Crematory bei Stockholm, Sweden.

Avicii"s girlfriend was then revealed. Tereza Kacerova, a model, composed that Avicii was a caring dad to her son and that the artist deshalb had dreams des having a baby and starting a family. Tereza common a 19-page letter on instagram mourning end Avicii"s loss. Bei the letter, she deshalb explained why your relationship was kept a secret. She revealed that Avicii to plan on revealing their relationship once she got pregnant through their child. And as we know it, this never ever came to be.

Tereza yielded Avicii"s eulogy.

Avicii"s last Days


As von the report native the neu Rolling Stone, Avicii worked at his la home studio zum several weeks v producer/songwriter joe Janiak before he left zum Oman to meet his royal friends. "He seemed worried and pumped," stated Janiak. Avicii was said to be puzzled and spent a last of time alone making it noticeable that he was trying kommen sie take control von his life. The most shocking thing above all des this is that he never seemed favor a personen who was about to ende his life.

Sundin, head of Universal Music, Sweden, comment on the neu music the Avicii was working on. On hearing about what happened, Sudin claimed that the das lied were uplifting und happy, Avicii"s love und joy present bei his music creation.

Avicii"s guitarist, Mike Einziger, deshalb commented on ns young musician. He claimed that Avicii looked great after he retired from touring. He finally seemed healthy und enjoyed gift out bei the sun.

However, this wasn"t the case. Avicii was hospitalized weil das a week in New York in 2012, whereby he was diagnosed through acute pancreatitis. Proving speculation, Avicii revealed that it was a result von his constant heavy drinking kommen sie calm his nerves. Avicii climate had to get his gallbladder eliminated as per his doctor"s request in March von 2014. ~ that, he"s unable to do over surgery after surgery zu fix his health.

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The abrupt change bei his wellness caused his mental zustand to come to be worse. His food habits came to be bad, sleeping an public bus transports drunk and tired. He had a series of shows the were later canceled. However, he blieb was able to release a few lieder like 2014"s "The Nights".

A last of his love ones noticed him straining dafür much under the pressure. Die Dutch producer, DJ surname Luke, described ihm as a "walking corpse" wie he met Avicii in Ibiza in 2015. Luke was instrumental bei the beforehand days von Avicii"s career.

By 2016, Avicii decided that he would take a break from his tours.

Avicii freed self from the worldly pressures und returned zu making music native his house as that did in his early days. His new studio was installed in Tuscany top top a vineyard, und he also had his plans zum a comeback. His document labels to be changed to different styles und he so made some management changes. Einzel felt a sudden change in Avicii zum the zuerst time throughout his long journey zum almost 300 songs.

Avicii invited joe Janiak top top leaving zum Oman. Both Avicii and Janiak spent many weeks with each other creating new songs zu produce, Avicii was even watched writing lyrics and playing his piano. Janiak sensed the Avicii was into a new, refresh phase von his life.

It was revealed the Avicii even promised zu meet Janiak once he came rückseitig from Oman prior to he gott ready zum the reisen planned weil das the next day.

As more die info was exit after his death, it was clearly obvious that Avicii was in in extremely confused und broken state von mind. A leaked last phone call he had with his family hinted end his suicidal thoughts. His family members felt troubled when they realized that Avicii was an Oman, which zu sein very much away native them. They had bei instinct the Avicii was notfall okay und that his mental state was deteriorating.

Unfortunately, castle were too late. Avicii was already dead von the time lock arrived.

It"s rumored the one von Avicii"s siblings, David, instantly boarded a flight to ns Middle ost to console und check ~ above his brother"s condition. Yet Avicii had already ended his life 2 hours prior to the planen even landed bei Oman.

Avicii"s unfortunate fatality left ns music lovers in utter shock, putting ns world punkt a standstill. Many fans paid their tribute kommen sie Avicii on social media platforms, und artists from every over the world paid tribute kommen sie him by performing his lied at music festivals.

Questions ~ above Avicii"s Death


Avicii was belastung seen bei his finest spirits before his death happened. It wasn"t a surprise that his partner did notfall sense his fatality coming. Their testimony was so dramatic, i m sorry contrasted the image of Avicii"s documentary "Avicii: True Stories". It debuted directly on Netflix in Sweden quickly after his regrettably death. That was danach streamed in the united States the following December.

The film portrayed the musician"s enthusiasm und passion for music. The portrayed bei artist, who had a nervous break down because of the pressure die world inserted on er after his success. At one point in the film, ns DJ admitted that ns stress was killing him. Avicii"s battles with his drink habits and alcohol were so evident in the movie.

Later, Avicii admitted that die pills prescribed zu control his ache from the gallbladder surgery were grossly overprescribed.

His friends revealed the Avicii was in honest einer despite his lifelong shyness and social anxiety. Avicii himself also admitted that die fame he received was deshalb accompanied by discomfort and pain, even though he was a then-rising stern at the peak von his music career.Although the did experience joy in performing weist concerts and gigs, earning $250,000 a night, the couldn"t keep going. Ns pressure indigenous success and his nervousness fed top top his hard-partying habits, which just made his terrible habits come to be worse.

A last of people ausblüten remain confused over Avicii"s death. Yet we do understand that after a lang career, Avicii was left emotion psychologically fragile- und that sort von pain ist difficult zu recover from. It"s been confirmed in one des his Swedish forums (GilDerroz) that alongside his anxiety, Avicii was dealing through feelings des detachment und psychosis.

If you"re ever feeling lost, confused, and an need des immediate care, don"t hesitate to contact a love one or to call weil das help.

Tributes zu Avicii


Avicii"s sudden and unfortunate death left the family grieving und heartbroken. ~ a finish year von silence, they released 2 announcements: lock proposed kommen sie release a neu Avicii music album, und to construct a bildete of a charity organization in the nennen of "Tim Bergling Foundation". Ns organization is set zu support groups that take it care des mental health und suicide prevention.

DJ Kygo gathered thousands des Avicii"s fans und paid tribute zu Avicii on ns adjacent weekend of that year"s Coachella. ATV / Sony, Avicii"s music publishers, confessed that they are mourning the unfortunate loss of bei incredibly creative talent. They take it pride an Avicii"s songwriting talent.

Many celebrities of the music world like Liam Payne, Marshmello, charlie Puth, craig David, Calvin Harris, Madonna, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Diplo, david Guetta, Dua Lipa, steve Aoki, and others oase paid their love und tribute zu Avicii. Their prayers und concerns room with Avicii"s family.

Avicii"s family thanked his fans und the various other musicians for their love und support. His music möchte continue zu be loved von many, constantly being played in public gatherings.

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Avicii möchte be remembered weil das his wonderful music, with his adoring fan all around ns world continuing zu love and share the lied he left behind. Through his work, he would certainly forever it is in immortalized.