From one more Mind, the techno party und label from southerly Germany, ist putting out a pair von remix EPs bei February. Ausführung 004.1 and Version 004.2 space made des reworks of inhaltsstoff that From one more Mind bosses SHDW and Obscure Shape have released across three EPs since launching the label bei 2015. Ns lineup von remixers includes some von the greatest names in the business.

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Rødhåd leads off the first set, which also features james Ruskin, dax J und Shlømo.

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Meanwhile, die second EP opens up with a share rework from Tale of Us und Mind Against, with Inland, Ryan james Ford und Konstantin Sibold contributing together well. Both EPs will kommen sie on vinyl and digital formats, through separate cover artwork that's designed kommen sie sit next zu each other.https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=37785

Genre Techno

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