Welche länder sind entwicklungsländer

The DAC List von ODA Recipients mirrors all countries und territories eligible zu receive official development assistance (ODA).These consist von all low and middle earnings countries based on gross national income (GNI) von capita together published von theWorld Bank, with the exception ofG8 members, europäische union members, and countries v a firm date weil das entry into die EU.The list deshalb includes all von the Least emerged Countries (LDCs) as defined über theUnited Nations(UN).

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Updates to the list

The DAC revises die list every three years.Countries that oase exceeded the high-income threshold weil das three consecutive year at die time of the review are removed.*

The DAC perform presents countries und territories in groups. the Least occurred Countries (LDCs) together defined von the vereinigt Nations are in the first column; ns other columns show all various other ODA recipients according to their Gross national Income (GNI) über capita together reported von the World bank at die time des the triennial review.

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* During the 2020 triennial review of the List die DAC i agree to bei exceptional one-year delay kommen sie updating the List des countries that are eligible kommen sie receive ODA. Ns only update to the List weil das reporting ~ above aid an 2021 ist the move, within the List Vanuatu to the lower-middle earnings (LMIC) grouping to reflect that graduation from the UN List des LDCs. Ns following changes und timelines to be agreed:

1 january 2021: Vanuatu move from LDC to LMIC group on ns List. No various other changes kommen sie any des the classifications.1 january 2022: Antigua und Barbuda, Palau and Panama will graduate from ns DAC List des ODA Recipients. Countries remaining on the List möchte be classified follow to the World Bank’s 2020 revenue classifications (which möchte be published in July 2021), through LDCs provided separately.

The following review von the DAC List will take place an 2023.

The existing list von Heavily Indebted poor Countries (HIPCs) is available on ns IMF site.

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DAC List des ODA Recipients zum reporting on assist in 2022 und 2023 – will be available after July 2021

ODA Eligibility

Membership von the applypaint.org or the DAC does notfall affect eligibility to receive ODA.Several applypaint.org members have been on ns DAC List zum many years and continue to receive ODA.Currently no DAC members are on the list, but ns DAC has actually made clear the leaving die list zu sein not a requirement weil das DAC membership. Likewise ns provision des statistics to the DAC Secretariat has no bearing ~ above a country"s eligibility zu receive ODA. Heute there space a number von countries that room both far-reaching providers and recipients des ODA -e.g. Turkey und Thailand, both of which report your flows to die DAC.