Was Ist Eine Dropzone

Before you jump right into this objective mode, check out on zu get a refresher on ns rules and tips kommen sie master it:


Rules von Engagement

Drop Zone zu sein a team objective mode where football player battle zu hold objectives zu win. Players knife points über being inside ns drop zone. The first team zu reach die required point pistole or hold ns most point out when die time expires ist the winner. Killstreaks tun können only be earned über care packages the continually deploy while die drop zone ist held.

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You earn points zum EACH team member in the drop zone. Meaning the more players inside die zone, the more points von second that you earn. Die zone moves around die map und is designated by a care Package marker and red smoke.

Strategies on autumn Zone

Drop Zone has actually some distinctive twists that different it from the objective mode pack and adds bei new gameplay strategies. Ns most important one securing care Packages that space dropped to your team. The enemy team tun können steal care packages, so you it’s even more important zu hold ns drop zone after ~ you’ve been rewarded through a package.

A care Package can contain any kind of Killstreak offering each one ns potential to be game changing. However, you schutz to catch a care Package i beg your pardon takes a little bit von time. Ideally much more than one player ist inside ns zone, dafür one person can get die Care parcel while the other person defends. If not consider using the Care package or Smoke tools as startseite while freundin collect die goods.

If freundin do fall to enemies prior to a care Package is opened, try kommen sie notify her teammates and be conscious that ns other mannschaft will have a Killstreak zu use versus you.

The other vital point ist to note is that while having an ext people on die objective nets more points; it isn’t always ns best strategy. If your team is crowded in one space, you will do it be easier kommen sie eliminate through lethal equipment and aerial Killstreaks. While it’s great to oase more than one personen on the point, putting everyone there can put your team at risk.

Drop Zone and Map Zones

While die strategies zum Drop zone stay ns same, below are a couple of map specific tips to master die locale:


The helicopter will always be a hotbed weil das activity bei this map and bei Drop Zone jene are no different. If trying to hold this objective, remember only one person needs kommen sie be inside the point. Although in Drop Zone, die more people in the objective die more points sie gain. Consider situating die rest von your team bei overwatch positions and near various entry points zu eliminate foes prior to they reach the center helicopter.

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Arklov Peak

The next flanks in this map are fairly exposed. With that said, chose your course carefully wie rotating to the next objective. Be on the lookout zum enemy players lying in wait or travel with a teammate and tactically rush die flank—taking out any opponents along die way.

Grazna Raid

The construction zone that connects to Apartments overlooks parts of the hauptsächlich Street, Playground, Laundromat, Hotel, and exit clues from the Backyard and Tire Shop. A power lage with that viel visibility might be crucial zu command when the objective falls to that side von the map. Think about locking under Construction und giving your teammates callouts on enemy locations zu hold ns objective longer.


Key Tactics and Tips for Drop Zone

Still spring for ausgezeichnet ways to get ns drop on her enemies and get a win weil das your team? here’s a couple of tips ‘n tricks:

1. Target Play: More than most objective modes playing die objective zu sein crucial to success. Even if sie manage zu rack hoch a lot of kills, sie won’t it is in rewarded through Killstreaks. If you like play on the move, think about using the agility around lanes und chokepoints that lead to die objectives.

2. Sharing 101: Congratulations your mannschaft has to be awarded a care Package weil das holding bei objective! Consider not all rushing to die Care Package at once, doing deshalb will leave your mannschaft exposed kommen sie enemy forces. Instead, connect with her teammates and have one personen collect ns Care Package and utilize that effectively weil das your team.

3. Rotation: The objective moves in Drop Zone, deshalb you should too. Watch ns clock and consider having some von your squad turn out des the fall zone before it moves. This might assist your mannschaft secure die next fall zone or possibly stop a wave des enemy attackers.

4. Capture It: Like many objective modes, ns more human being that are on the objective, die faster it wollen be captured. While walking solo might work, it isn’t the best strategy. Take into consideration attacking die point v a squad with all players in the objective and actively working kommen sie clear out any kind of surrounding foes.

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5. A complete Loadout: because Killstreaks space turned off an this mode, tailoring her perks, equipment, und Field Upgrades ist the best way kommen sie customize your loadout weil das Drop Zone. Think about using Smoke to capture under cover, rapid Fix kommen sie increase health regen while playing ns objective, und Trophy system to safeguard your mannschaft from enemy equipment und projectiles.