Warum will amazon kreditkarte

Clickable card art links to amazonas Prime Rewards Visa Signature map product seite Clickable card nett links to amazonas Prime Rewards Visa Signature map ratings und reviews page Clickable card art links to amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card refer a freundin page

new CARDMEMBER market amazonas Gift Card bonus möchte be instantly loaded right into your Amazon.com account upon ns approval of your credit transaction card application.* very same page verknüpfung to Offer details

punkt a glance gain rewarded top top every purapplypaint.org with no yearly fee† exact same page link to Pricing and Terms earn 5% rückseitig at Amazon.com und Whole foods items Market with an eligible element membership, 2% rückseitig at restaurants, gas stations und drugstores und 1% rückseitig on all other purapplypaint.orgs.* very same page verknüpfung to Offer details

APR 14.24(3.25 + 10.99)%–22.24(3.25 + 18.99)% variable APR.† very same page link to Pricing and Terms

annual FEE $0† exact same page verknüpfung to Pricing und Terms


Amazon schädlich Card Bonus

will be soon loaded right into your Amazon.com account upon the approval des your credit card application.* same page link to offer Details

5% Back

Earn 5% rückseitig at Amazon.com and Whole foodstuffs Market with in eligible prime membership.* same page verknüpfung to sell Details

2% Back

Earn 2% rückseitig at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores.* very same page link to market Details

Earn 1% zurück on all other purapplypaint.orgs.* very same page link to sell Details



You"ll lakers your rewards balance throughout checkout weist Amazon.com. Usage your rewards kommen sie pay weil das part or all von your purapplypaint.org. There"s no minimum rewards balance zu redeem.* exact same page verknüpfung to offer Details

You can deshalb redeem weil das cash back, gift cards, und travel weist applypaint.org.com.* very same page verknüpfung to sell Details

You möchte pay no international transaction fees wie man you usage your card zum purapplypaint.orgs made outside die United States.† exact same page verknüpfung to Pricing und Terms
extended Warranty protection

Extends die time period of the U.S. Manufacturer"s guarantee by in additional year, on eligible warranties des three years or less.** exact same page verknüpfung to disclaimer

Purapplypaint.org security

Covers your new purapplypaint.orgs weil das 120 days versus damage or theft up zu $500 per claim und $50,000 per account.** exact same page link to disclaimer

Baggage hold-up Insurance

Reimburses you for essential purapplypaint.orgs choose toiletries and clothing zum baggage delays over 6 hours von passenger carrier up kommen sie $100 a day weil das 3 days.** same page link to disclaimer

Zero Liability security

Zero legal responsibility means freundin won"t be hosted responsible for unauthorized fees made through your card or account information.* same page verknüpfung to sell Details

travel Accident insurance allowance

When sie pay for your air, bus, train or cruise transportation v your card, sie are eligible to receive accidental fatality or dismemberment coverage des up zu $500,000.** same page link to disclaimer

shed Luggage Reimbursement

If freundin or her immediate family members members" confirm or carry-on bags room damaged or lost by the carrier, you"re covered up kommen sie $3,000 von passenger** same page verknüpfung to disclaimer

Visa Signature Concierge dienstleistungen

Get totally free Visa Signature Concierge leistungen 24 hrs a day.* exact same page verknüpfung to Offer einzelheiten Find tickets to die top sports und entertainment events, do dinner reservations and even get assist sending the perfect gift. Kommen sie access this service, simply contact 1-800-953-7392.

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** this benefits room available wie man you usage your card. Restrictions, limitations und exclusions apply. Most benefits space underwritten von unaffiliated insurance suppliers who are specifically responsible zum the administration and claims. Over there are particular time limits and documentation requirements. As soon as your account is opened we wollen send you a Guide kommen sie Benefits, which includes a full explanation des coverages.

for fast, easy und secure checkout simply tap to pay where you lakers the Contactless symbol. Weil das more information, please seen www.applypaint.org.com/contactless Opens in a new window.

Amazon.com schädlich Cards: upon approval of your amazonas Prime Rewards Visa Signature map application, the gift Card wollen be loaded into your Amazon.com account. Ns Amazon.com gift Card ist only vested to neu cardmembers und at die time of card approval. The schädlich Card can not be used zum other giftig card purapplypaint.orgs. Amazon.com gift Cards are issued von ACI schädlich Cards, Inc., a washington Company. Lakers www.amazon.com/gc-legal for complete terms und conditions.

Earning point out Rewards regimen Agreement: zum more info about the amazon card rewards program, view the latest Rewards Program agreement Opens in a neu window. We will mail your Rewards Program covenant once your account is established. If freundin become a applypaint.org online customer, her Rewards Program covenant will also be easily accessible after logging an to applypaint.org.com Opens in a neu window. Ns terms of the Rewards routine Agreement use to ns 3% Back und 5% rückseitig earned at Amazon.com and Whole foods Market including physical whole Foods market store locations, 365 stores, und the webseite accessible punkt wholefoodsmarket.com.

% Back and Points: "% back rewards" are die rewards freundin earn under die program. % back rewards are tracked together points and each $1 in % zurück rewards earned ist equal kommen sie 100 points. Sie may simply lakers "% Back" an marketing materials when referring to ns rewards sie earn. Eligible früh memberships only apply kommen sie Amazon.com accounts (and not accounts on any type of other affiliated web page outside ns U.S.) und may include, bei Amazon"s sole discretion: annual and monthly amazonas Prime subscriptions and members des their amazonas Household (excluding amazonas Prime Video and invited guests des an amazonas Prime account), amazon Prime Fresh, amazonas Family, amazonas Prime Student and trial memberships of amazon Prime.

How you kann earn points: You"ll earn points when you, or an authorized user, usage an amazonas Prime Rewards Visa Signature or amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card zu make purapplypaint.orgs des products and services, minus returns or refunds. Buying products und services through your card, in most cases, wollen count as a purapplypaint.org; however, ns following types des transactions won"t count und won"t knife points: balance transfers, cash advances and other cash-like transactions, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, gyeongju track wagers or similar betting transactions, any kind of checks that accessibility your account, interest, not authorised or cheat charges, und fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.

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When you earn 5% rückseitig at Amazon.com and Whole foodstuffs Market: If die Amazon.com account through which sie apply for your card account has bei eligible früh membership und your card account zu sein loaded into that Amazon.com account, her card account möchte automatically earn 5% Back. However, if freundin switched Amazon.com accounts, usage multiple Amazon.com accounts, or her card account is loaded right into multiple Amazon.com accounts, then your card account may not automatically earn 5% Back and may rather earn 3% Back. Bei such cases, you wollen need kommen sie confirm her card account number and select your card account on that Amazon.com account v eligible ureigensten membership in order to earn 5% Back.

When freundin earn 3% back at Amazon.com und Whole foods Market: If die Amazon.com account with which freundin apply zum your card account does notfall have in eligible ureigensten membership, your card account möchte earn 3% back on Amazon.com und Whole foods Market purapplypaint.orgs. If her card account zu sein currently earning 3% Back and is invited into in Amazon.com account with in eligible element membership, you will need to confirm und select your card account kommen sie earn 5% back at Amazon.com. Kommen sie learn how, visit the "Manage Payment Options" page via "Your Account" page at Amazon.com.

Your map account will no longer earn 5% Back and will knife 3% zurück instead, if ns Amazon.com account from which you applied zum your card account or die Amazon.com account you confirmed und selected kommen sie earn 5% Back:

(i) no longer has in eligible prime membership; (ii) no longer has actually your card account loaded in that Amazon.com account; (iii) is closed; (iv) ist used zu select a different card account zu earn 5% zurück at Amazon.com; or (v) zu sein used zu apply zum another amazonas Prime Rewards Visa Signature map account that is approved und loaded in that Amazon.com account (that neu card account will earn 5% rückseitig at Amazon.com).

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Whether a purapplypaint.org earns 3% zurück or 5% zurück is identified at die time your eligible Amazon.com or totality Foods market purapplypaint.org zu sein made.

Earning % back Rewards: You"ll knife either 5% Back or 3% Back zum each $1 von eligible purapplypaint.org made using your map account punkt Amazon.com and Whole foods Market, as defined above. 3% back equates zu $0.03 in % rückseitig rewards, which zu sein equal zu 3 points, weil das each $1 spent. 5% rückseitig equates kommen sie $0.05 an % back rewards, which is equal to 5 points, for each $1 spent. 3% rückseitig or 5% back is earned just on purapplypaint.orgs made weist Amazon.com (including digital downloads, Amazon.com giftig Cards, amazonas Fresh orders, amazon Prime subscriptions, and items sold von third-party merchants through Amazon.com"s marketplace) and Whole foods items Market (including physical whole Foods Market and Whole foods Market 365 stores, und the webseite accessible at www.wholefoodsmarket.com). 3% back or 5% zurück is notfall earned ~ above (i) purapplypaint.org from sellers using amazon Pay, (ii) purapplypaint.org made hinweisen international amazonas retail sites (including but not limited to Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, or Amazon.co.jp), or any kind of other website operated von Amazon, (iii) purapplypaint.orgs make at international Whole foods items Market sites, (iv) purapplypaint.orgs von Whole foods items Market or entirety Foods market 365 assets or services through third-party web page such together Eventbrite, Instacart, google Express und Shipt, (v) online purapplypaint.orgs of Whole foods Market or totality Foods sector 365 schädlich cards (including with buyatab.com), event fahrkarte or classes, (vi) purapplypaint.orgs from certain third-party vendors operating punkt Whole foods Market sites, (vii) purapplypaint.orgs von massage service at any type of Whole foodstuffs Market site, or (viii) purapplypaint.orgs native Spa