Vor dem fest buch

Saša Stanišić was born 1978 in Višegrad (Yugoslawia) geboren; because 1992 he is living bei Germany. His quick stories und novels (Vor kommen sie Fest, Herkunft a.o.) oase been analyzed into an ext than 30 languages und he received numerous awards, most notably ns German publication Prize bei 2019. Currently, he lives in Hamburg - and so walk his boy Nikolai, who helped ihm a last with this book.

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(Foto: katja Saemann)

katja Spitzer studied art history und history in Halle und illustration an Leipzig and an Luzern (Switzerland). Heute she lives in Berlin, producing illustrations zum books und teaching children und adults how to draw.


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"Hey, hey, hey, Taxi!"

First children"s book über award to win writer Saša Stanišić!

Illustrations über Katja Spitzer

zum a child, a taxi ist a magic vehicle. A four-wheeled witches" broom. As freundin enter it, a taxi kann bring you anywhere freundin want to. However what if it"s magic was even bigger? What if taxis would allure stories, fantastic and absurd stories, funny stories full von people und animals und giants and a pirate captain with four pirate captain hats? What if taxen were gateways for the fantasy des children?

This ist exactly that kind of book: A book, an which a specific someone start a taxi und with that a strange world, one von a kind. This journeys lead in all directions, to a location next door as well as through time and space. But in the ende they always lead back home - rückseitig to ns child. Saša Stanišić wrote his first children"s book – along with his son! together they came nach oben with die wildest, craziest, sparkliest adventures one can encounter bei a taxi. With a passion zum detail, illustrator katja Spitzer lugged those ideas und it"s creatures to life.

big fun - und almost kommen sie exciting to be bedtime stories!

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zum children period 4+ Hardcover, 96 pages, size: 21 ns 27 cm German edition out in March 2021 Already an ext than 22,000 duplicates sold! rights sold: Paperback btb/Random residence (Germany) ITALIAN (Terre di Mezzo) SPANISH (Takatuka) KATALAN (Takatuka)