Volcano Stage Rock Am Ring

2015 zu sein a very special year weil das Rock bei der Ring. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the fest won’t be “at die Ring” any longer. For 29 years die Nürburgring, a motorsports complex around the village of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, had actually been die home of the iconic German festival, but in 2014 the new owners von the Nürburgring venue demanded a greater share von the revenues from veteran festival organizer Marek Lieberberg. Together it was impossible kommen sie reach in agreement on the conditions of a additional partnership, Lieberberg decided kommen sie bring Rock in Ring kommen sie a new venue, but he had zu go kommen sie court zu successfully win ns right kommen sie continue using die Rock bei der Ring name.

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Rock am Ring 2014 (Photo: Rock bei der Ring)

The neu home zu sein the Mendig airfield in the volcanic Eifel, just 30 km from the old venue. From 5 to 7 June 2015 die huge eco-friendly compound in the midst von a volcanic landscape will accommodate several open-air and tent stages, and 90,000 festival fans. Bei addition, every visitors möchte be able zu camp on the almost also terrain, a novelty bei the history von major German festivals.

The Rock am Ring fans showed the their hearts beat zum the festival itself und not the much zum the venue, because in late Februaryalready , Rock in Ring in Mendig had completely sold out. That festival twin, Rock innerhalb Park, bei Nuremberg, is deshalb going zu celebrate the 20th anniversary bei the best feasible way: and at the ende of april all 3-days fahrkarte (70,000 des them) had already sold out.


Rock in Ring 2015 – offered OUT (Photo: Rock am Ring)

As Rock am Ring and Rock in dem Park are the largest events des their kind on ns continent, a substantial quantity des steel ist employed weil das the building des the stages, and also a substantial amount des audio und lighting equipment.

ZioGiorgio.com placed some questions to Klaus Kunzendorf, Head von Production at Rock am Ring, und long time collaborator von Marek Lieberberg, and Rainer “Enzo” Vollmer, Project manager at ns full-service company satis&fy.

ZioGiorgio.com: What zu sein the Head des Production responsible for?

Klaus Kunzendorf: Mainly ich take care des all des the structures hinweisen Rock in Ring.

ZioGiorgio.com: exactly how many human being does die production mannschaft consist of?

Klaus Kunzendorf: There are four various stages, and several civilization working ~ above each. Zum the hauptsächlich stage, Which is called the Vulcano Stage, I oase two stage managers and one manufacturing manager, one stage master and a night stage master. For the Crater stage the team consists des 8 people, because ns performance program zu sein longer. Ns AlternaTent zu sein covered von four people, and the society Tent über two, plus one more person zum the night shift. In our office we oase a team of four world that take care von the regional coordination. Deswegen we’re talking around a total of 24 people all together.ZioGiorgio.com: wie man will you anfang with ns construction of the structures?

Klaus Kunzendorf: We’ll begin the preparations ~ above 25th von May, Ten days before the first day des the direkte shows.


Rock in Ring 2015
flugplatz Mendig Vulkaneifel (Photo: Rock bei der RIng)

ZioGiorgio.com: This year’s planke of Rock am Ring zu sein no much longer “at ns Ring”. What are die major transforms due zu the new location?

Klaus Kunzendorf: All the surrounding area has actually changed, zum example die parking lots room closer too as ns camping spaces, but so the manufacturing has changed too. To be ethical … everything adjusted because we are no longer at the Nürburgring. Yet the main providers of audio and lighting equipment, satis&fy and TDA, have remained ns same, too as die stage company, Stageco. Dafür there to be a gewächs of changes, but not with the service companies.

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ZioGiorgio.com: Compared zu the belastung year, wollen the design of die stages change, especially ns center stage?

Klaus Kunzendorf: We room continually evolving the design of die stages every year. This year, they wollen be bigger, v a slightly various shape that matches the neu area. But ns stage company zu sein the same, deshalb we are using ns same construction type.

ZioGiorgio.com: How is the spectators’ area divided?

Klaus Kunzendorf: die Vulcano Stage and the Crater Stageare aligned bei a parallel arrangement, however slightly off-centre hinweisen a distance von 300/400 meters. Die AlternaTent zu sein a large tent with 18 pylons, whilst ns Club Tentis a4-pylon construction. The whole area zu sein arranged bei a means that offers spectators withgood circuiting wade routes, allowing them zu walk roughly easily.

ZioGiorgio.com: Do freundin already recognize how plenty of tons of zutat will be provided all in all zum the construction von the stages?

Klaus Kunzendorf: That’s difficult zu say bei this moment. If ich was zu estimate: each des the two big stages can be transported v 7/8 semi trucks, and if every truck has a load des approximately 20/30 tons then you kann sein make a unstable calculation. Each of the roofs has a load carrying capacity des 24 tons, i beg your pardon we almost make full use of for hanging lighting, audio und video equipment. Each video wall weighs 2.5 tons. The weight des the audio equipment zu sein quite easy kommen sie calculate, but zum the lighting we would require to have a far better overview, together we’re still an the works.


Rock am Ring 2014 – zentral Stage (Photo: michael Grein)

Rainer “Enzo” Vollmer, Project manager at ns full-service firm satis&fy, speaks around his job, die tight schedule, und the an excellent challenge kommen sie present each headliner through its very own lighting design.


Rainer “Enzo“ Vollmer Project manager satis&fy AG Werne

ZioGiorgio.com: What zu sein the main function of the project direktor at Rock bei der Ring?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: My main task is to coordinate the service that us offer, und to supervise die technical crews zum sound, lighting und video, as well as transport, indigenous planning step to ns realisation. Obviously it’s deshalb my arbeit not kommen sie lose sight des the costs. Basically, we work as a team, with each trade being represented by a director. Decisions room made ​​jointly and communication takes place on ns shortest paths.

ZioGiorgio.com: i m sorry services is satis&fy responsible for?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: von the four stages at Rock in Ring und Rock innerhalb Park, satis&fy is in charge des lighting, sound and rigging punkt the main stages (VolcanoStage, or Zeppelin days in the Park) and the AlternaStages. On ns ClubStages, where ns DJ acts perform, s&f will so be responsible weil das video / LED. Bei addition, miscellaneous forms von decorative und ambient lighting wollen be implemented. Everything is delivered as a complete package, which way planning und preparation, materials, staffing und transport all come from a single source, a principle that has proven increasingly renowned with various other customers together a “One prevent Solution”.

ZioGiorgio.com: How lang was the preparation time?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: Principally one year, which begins with a follow-up assessment instantly after ns completed festivals. Die impressions are ausblüten fresh, deshalb we kann work out what we could improve und make more efficient die next time around. Although we have been represented at this festival zum over 10 years, we ausblüten want kommen sie screen oneself every year, as we do notfall want to allow a “business together usual” attitude to develop. Ns concrete helpful planning begins in February, when the staff needs kommen sie be booked, die suppliers must be contacted und the requirements of the performing bands have to be considered.


Rock in Ring 2014 – zentral Stage (Photo: michael Grein)

ZioGiorgio.com: What are the biggest difficulties at festivals like Rock in Ring / rock imPark ?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: The festival at the ring and an the park are ns largest events des their kind on the continent. The times were only one lighting system ist set up und used über all die bands are over. Each headliner likes to present itself v its very own design. Bei principle this calls for a complete reconstruction von the lighting system, with a complete neu rigging setting every night. Tonnage year we also transported complete lighting system from the ring to die Park, and vice versa. Wie this was logistically notfall possible, we worked with 2 sets. What walk make things more difficult ist the tight schedule, because die “night” lasts just 6 hours, before sie find die next headliner turning nach oben at her doorstep…

ZioGiorgio.com: What has readjusted due to the change von location?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: Fortunately weil das our areas, really little. Ns stages, our hauptsächlich workplace, are the same together at ns Nürburgring. Die infrastructure möchte be different, and familiar systems zum catering or accommodation have changed.

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ZioGiorgio.com: which audio system will it is in used?

Rainer „Enzo“ Vollmer: As zu sein usual on the hauptsächlich stages we möchte employ K1 und K2 system from L’Acoustics. Die AlternaStages will be filled through sound von NEXO STM Systems.