We are continually improving features und fixing bugs that oase been reported zu us. You re welcome make sure that sie are using die latest version of Franz - 5.7.0 - i beg your pardon you kann download from our website.

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You kann access instagram messages in Franz via the "Facebook Pages" service.

For initial setup go to your browser and connect instagram with her FB Pages account. Then, simply add auf facebook Pages together a dienstleistungen to Franz, reload, and you’re every set.

Welcome zu Franz!

To get started click the 'Add neu service' button in your sidebar


which wollen lead sie to the available services:


Add the dienstleistungen you want to use - you'll seen the number of services freundin added under 'Your services' - und close this window.

Reload Franz

Clicking top top the service icon in your sidebar gets you kommen sie the service login page:


Log in to your account & anfang chatting ideal away

We had to renew our code Signing Certificate, i beg your pardon is in additional protection layer verifying that the apps is yes, really published von us.

If the apps is being clogged upon opening, please go to your system Preferences -> defense & Privacy and permit Franz to "open anyway".


We had to renew our code Signing Certificate, i beg your pardon is an additional protection layer verifying that the app is really published by us.

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When freundin click ~ above 'More Info', you möchte get the option to 'Run anyway'.



You're maybe located bei a nation like Russia that has blocked access kommen sie particular services, such as Telegram.

In order to use Telegram you wollen need zu access it via an IPv4 & amp HTTPS Proxy Server. You kann simply add your proxy configuration in your service settings zum Telegram.

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If freundin don't have a proxy dienstleistungen at hand, we tun können recommend a service like,,, or

Some users oase reported the they were not able kommen sie launch the app with this or a similar error:


If freundin are affected von this, please restart your computer, download und install the app from