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USB-A ports are ubiquitous bei electronic devices und computer equipment. However where walk USB Type c fit into the picture?

Let"s look weist what USB-A and USB-C varieties are first, then cover the differences bolzen them.

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usb type a connector
USB Type-A is the initial USB connector, quickly identified über its level rectangular shape. Non-reversible von design, USB-A ports are found bei almost every computer-like device, consisting of laptops, smart TVs, video game consoles, und DVD/Blu-ray players.

usb type c connector
Released in 2014, USB Type-C was designed to fix usual USB-A problems. Many slender, lightweight devices jetzt integrate slimline USB-C ports in their design. Manufacturers kann design thinner electronic commodities thanks kommen sie USB-C"s small port. USB-C harbor are gradually being added kommen sie more devices, with the goal von eventually replacing die traditional USB-A ports.

usb hub v usb a und usb c
jetzt that we have a elevator understanding des USB-A und USB-C, let"s discuss die key differences.

New Reversible Shape und Slimmer Design

USB-A"s clunky connection was updated with the space-saving USB-C design, permitting electronic devices kommen sie be design slimmer 보다 ever.

apart from ns obvious visual revision, USB-C ports jetzt accommodate USB-C connectors regardless des the orientation freundin insert die connector. This major convenience update is due kommen sie symmetrical pin placement ~ above both die bottom und top von the USB-C connector.

USB-A pins are dedicated to the bottom portion des the USB-A ports (making insertion non-reversible).

USB requirements Support

die newest USB 4.0 standard needs USB-C connectors, leave USB-A behind. USB 4.0 has actually a potential 40Gbps säule rate bei addition zu USB energie Delivery (USB PD) support, enabling bi-directional energie delivery up zu 100W (enough to stärke large electronic gadgets from laptops kommen sie some printers).

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This ist significantly much more powerful than die most current standard, USB 3.1, which has a maximum data transfer rate von 10Gbps.

Alternate settings Support

USB-C"s alternate Mode feature permits USB-C ports zu accommodate a more comprehensive range of dünn protocols. However, this support comes at ns discretion des the hardware manufacturer kommen sie integrate it into their digital device.

the Alternate settings that kann be centralized into a einzel USB-C port incorporate Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, HDMI, cell phone High-Definition Link, und VirtualLink.

über integrating all these connections right into a single USB-C port, alternate Modes allow electronic devices to be designed slimmer than before. All freundin need ist the right adapter kommen sie access ns Alternate mode feature you want from the USB-C port.

USB-A has no alternating Mode support.

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Backward Compatibility

USB-A und USB-C space both designed zu be backward compatible with the device they are linked to.

zum example, a USB-A 3.0 connector (identified von its traditional blue plastic insert) wollen run at the USB port"s speed, including both USB 2.0 und USB 1.1. Similarly, a USB-C 3.2 connector is so backward compatible with previously standards des USB-C ports.

While freundin can"t plug her tiny USB-C connector right into one des the larger USB-A ports, an adapter or hub with die corresponding connectors and ports will solve her problem.

spring Beyond the Horizon v USB-C

usb c close up
an ext than 700 an innovation companies, consisting of Apple, Google, Intel, and Microsoft, collaborated top top USB-C"s frühen zeitpunkt design and adoption. USB-C zu sein truly universal und will not fade into obscurity.

However, over there are ausblüten many older tools that call for a USB-A connection. Weil das now, USB-A wollen continue kommen sie appear alongside USB-C in electronic devices zu deal v compatibility issues.

As die use von these older tools declines, it kann be expected that USB-C will become die dominant type.


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