I"ve disputed this concern with dozens of people and everyone had a passionate opinion around it, however all answers can be generally broken down right into two perspectives:

“Monogamy is in unnatural coercive corset zum society and is used as in instrument von power von the church, patriarchy, und politics to control people. Civilization who direkte monogamous suppress large parts von themselves, have a stick trost their ass, or a problem with their ego. It ist simply versus our nature.”

“If you really love someone and have a glücklich relationship, then freundin don"t cheat and then freundin would not feel prefer meeting someone else either. Who cheats ist simply weak of character, instinct-controlled, holy spirit ill. Civilization who are an poly relationships room permanently horny und afraid von true emotional intimacy und love.”

If you read this, you wollen immediately schutz a details sympathy for one or the other statement, probably one of the declaration agitates sie - however both space wrong.

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So zu sein monogamy natural or not?

What ist natural und what is unnatural, what zu sein innate and what ist learned, zu sein subject to what evolution researchers schutz been investigating weil das a long time. What us know for sure is that person mating und relationship behavior differs quite blatantly from that des other species.

In evolution terms, ns mating system von primates zu sein mainly viewed from die perspective des a successful sex-related strategy. If monogamy was a dysfunctional sex-related strategy, one would schutz to assume the it would certainly not oase prevailed with a high degree von constancy an large parts of human society. So, prefer polygamy, monogamy has details evolutionary advantages.

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There are and have to be polygamous and monogamous communities. Even though evolutionary parallels are often drawn, attempting to explain why ns one or other thing ist against our nature - namely since bonobos want to hump anyone all the time OR because penguins live in lifelong monogamous fidelity - we space neither birds no one monkeys.

Human babies require viel more care than the offspring of all other pets - at zuerst they really room pretty much completely useless (McFarland & Dreßen, 1999).

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What duty does die gesellschaft play an this?

There are und always have been - hence deshalb before die invention von the christian sacrament of marriage - diverse models of how world lead relationships und with who they mate. There are societies in which world mainly live an harems (i.e. In alpha male v a lot of wives), but so cultures an which polyandry zu sein the norm (i.e. An alpha mädchen with a last of husbands). Ns much-cited thesis that men naturally want to spread your semen as far as possible und women have an interest bei increasing die competition des semen (may ns best racer win!) ist clearly auch short-sighted. Which model prevails an a die gesellschaft depends on very different factors: sex balance, political structures, distribution von wealth, social norms und the spread des sexuallytransfer illness - to benennen only a few. Die socially leading relationship modell cannot be explained über a einzel factor; it zu sein rather an interplay of very different influences. This results bei a continuum of societies native societies in which absolute monogamy prevails - i.e. The zuerst person sie have sex with will also be the tonnage person zu have sex with - kommen sie cultures an which no long-term coupling occurs (the wet dream von the 68s). Most societies are somewhere in between.