Unlike belastung year’s version, using lang cylindrical casing, this year die US audio agency switched to re-use the standard rectangle-shaped box, but ausblüten retains its an easy appearance.

Du schaust: Ue boom 2 günstig

But wie opening die outer layer of paper, die opposite happened: we oase a really colorful box, surely everyone who looks at it möchte be impressed! die speakers are neatly placed an the box, there ist no extra layer of velvet, but they are so quite tight deswegen it is not necessary.

One suggest that i think ist shortened contrasted to last year’s version, it’s accessories. Instead des adding charging anklagebank of countries, eight 3 version only has actually charging cord only. Perhaps ns company desires users zu share ns charging seebrücke with ns phone.

Back zu our hauptsächlich product: the Boom 3. Over ns versions, Ultimate ear doesn’t change the entwurf of the Boom lineup too much, and Boom 3 is no exception. Die loudspeaker has actually a lang cylindrical design, with in extremely characteristic characterization that zu sein a cloth-covered body und two super-large volume regulate buttons.

In the new version, the company so removed the rubber an the middle von the speaker body, deswegen we deshalb have a slightly more seamless design. Die top edge has 3 buttons instead von 2 knoten as before, consisting of a Bluetooth toggle button, energie button and a dedicated taste to protect against / play music.

Switch to ns back, the speaker has a small cloth hook (this part was inserted next to it) and a micro USB charging port on the back of ns rubber door zu keep die IP67 water and dust evidence standard. Through this version, die company has actually abandoned ns 3.5mm music port dafür it wollen become a completely wireless speaker, easy kommen sie understand because jetzt mobile devices oase gradually abandoned die 3.5mm port zu use Bluetooth separately.

The bottom edge has actually a new feature: a connector zu help the speaker be charged via die dock. Users will buy a different charging dock for $ 40, und can plug it an so the speaker becomes a resolved speaker without ever worrying about running out des battery. Speaking des rechargeable batteries, boom 3’s battery offers about fünfzehn hours of playing time, generally bei good condition, notfall too long but deshalb enough weil das a woche without charging.

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The all at once finishing quality des the speakers is still excellent, notfall unlike the products of tonnage year. I appreciate UE’s speakers much more than Sony’s wie man holding them, we have a strong product feel, there ist no empty an are inside, dafür that’s why the feels an ext solid and superior .


The firm offers users a software dubbed Ultimate ears Boom, indigenous this software we kann sein update ns speaker software, toggle die language of instruction, adjust ns sound top quality with EQ and finally connect many speakers v each other kommen sie increase ns volume. The interface of the software program is deshalb very easy to use, but it zu sein not really necessary, deshalb if users just use 1 speaker, also without downloading and install it can use die speaker normally.

where kann sein you obtain a ultimate Ears boom 3 online

Ultimate Ears boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless speak (Waterproof) — Night Black: Buy that now


Ultimate ear MEGABOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless speak (Waterproof) — Lagoon Blue: Buy it now


Sound quality

With eight 3, we schutz 2 2-speaker diaphragm system and 2 passive vibrating membranes, v 2 vibrating membranes that promote bass so that the sound top quality becomes an ext dynamic but identical zu Boom 2 version, eight 3 return advertised von the company weil das bass play, the final sound quality zu sein quite light in this range.

Bass ist average, and of kurse it can’t be compared zu Sony’s eXtra Bass. An the das lied Mojave, die sound des the north beating was stable, yet it was played punkt a high speed deswegen it didn’t come down to die sub-bass section. Sub-bass seems to have a slightly previously roll-off phenomenon, which, an my opinion, needs zu be driven down a wenig more möchte produce a more powerful sound quality. Die mid-bass section ist good, with nur enough punchy kommen sie let the drum beat down without being squashed. Bei general, this bass zu sein more suitable for high-speed popular music songs, which is a ‘shabby’ EDM. Users can so use ns EQ feature in the software to further customize, yet according to my experience, the EQ kann hardly be equal to the refined sound from die factory.

Standing next to the neat bass, the vocalist so has more land, when getting closer to die listener and separating from the background. In Don’t keep your distance von Tongli, ns female vocalist’s voice is bright, yet thick sufficient to notfall be dazzling. The high mid section is high enough, so it is necessary to create die necessary airy zum female voices. Yet it must be said, Sony’s rich and warm mid-style eXtra Bass möchte be an ext beneficial zum male voices, strong und powerful. However when ich look weist it an general, I still appreciate UE eight 3’s performance, not making die vocalist’s voice pole to ns bass.

The speaker’s treble range is so not bad at all, v a dense amount und not being rolled off auch soon. Windrider’s wind chimes space clean, playable in the middle of the sound, so there zu sein no sticking. Ns company can ausblüten make die treble a bit sharper if desired, but i think this level des stopping möchte make that easier for users zu mix music. Boom 3’s treble range ist much better than XB31 and XB41, so for those who desire a shining sound quality, pick UE instead von Sony.

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Like ns Sony eXtra bass, the Ultimate Ears boom line is difficult kommen sie judge from the entwurf of die final features und sound quality. Like Boom 2, boom 3 is aimed hinweisen users who want a well balanced sound, without any bass balance favor Sony’s speakers. Version 3 so shows UE’s new direction, wie man there space no 3.5mm music listening ports, showing that die mobile market ist moving to full wireless use, which zu sein easy to understand when smartphones are slowly leaving die music hear port.