The nose el capitan

One of the many emblematic rock faces bei the world, elastisch Capitan is famous not only zum its characteristic and striking appearance, but deshalb the history that surrounding it.

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Some of the most vital ascents in rock climb history oase taken place on elastisch Capitan, and various climbers oase risen zu fame thanks zu their memorable climbs on this impressive granite formation.

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History of elastisch Capitan Yosemite

It is believed that the zuerst humans zu lay eyes upon el Capitan were die Ahwahneechee Indians des the Miwok tribe, who called the Yosemite valley Ahwahnee, likening the area kommen sie a wide, gaping mouth. But before anyone ever uncovered the jetzt famous granite face, elastisch Capitan was formed from the magma created über the collision of tectonic plates and carved out von millions von years des flowing rivers und glacial action.


Muir Wall

Muir Wall is another beautiful, yet more accessible, huge wall climb on elastisch Capitan. Located just to ns left of the nose, it follows a line von crack and corner systems und requires quite a bit of technical aid climbing. It is a 33 key A2 5.9 aid route characterised von its sustained und demanding climbing.

Grape Race

One des the shorter big wall paths on el Capitan, Grape Race starts on the zuerst three pitches von The sleep then branches the end to the left. It ist a 12 pitch course graded punkt 5.9 A2 or C3, and can it is in a great way kommen sie get to die A4 5.5 Tribal Rite route, which is a great möglichkeit if freundin are looking to avoid crowds.


The Zodiac route ist perhaps die best route zum a climber’s first elastisch Cap suffer thanks to its basic approach and excellent location. The is also an available grade, weist A2 5.7, and at 16 pitches, it zu sein less than hilfreich the length of other routes prefer Freerider, gelb Gate, or Muir Wall.

Climbing niveau On elastisch Capitan

One von the finest parts about el Capitan ist the large variety of climbing tun that that offers. While it houses one von the hardest routes an the world, The Dawn Wall (5.14d/9a), it deshalb offers some superb center climbing, native 5.5-5.9. However, it zu sein important zu keep bei mind the no paths are suitable for beginners on elastisch Capitan, early to ns quantity des technical knowledge, physical and mental endurance that these long and complicated routes require.

Free-Soloing elastisch Capitan

Perhaps one of the most famous aspects of el Capitan is Alex Honnold’s legendary totally free solo ascent.

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~ above June 3rd, 2017, the climbed the Freerider line bei just under 4 hrs without any kind of safety equipment, making the one des the most famous rock climbing feats bei the history von the sport.

The route zu sein graded 5.12d VI, und is by no means an easy climb, even wie man using a rope and safety gear, which do Honnold’s climb that much more impressive und death defying.

Famous movies Made at elastisch Capitan

Free Solo

Perhaps ns most fine known elastisch Capitan film, Free Solo documents die record breaking complimentary solo ascent of Alex Honnold on the Freerider route. Ns movie notfall only mirrors Honnold sending ns famous climb, but deshalb the training, trials, und deliberation leading up zu his inspirational (and terrifying) feat, mirroring a glimpse into die mind des one des the world’s most impressive athletes.

The Dawn Wall

The Dawn Wall chronicles Tommy Caldwell’s epic journey kommen sie make the erste ascent of el Capitan’s hardest line: The Dawn Wall, graded punkt (5.14d/9a). Caldwell und his partner kevin Jorgeson spend 6 year planning und mapping the end a goal the they weren’t sure was even possible, und the film documents their struggles, perseverance, and legendary ascent.

Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising uses a glimpse back in time zu the erste climbers who dreamed des making their method up elastisch Capitan. The film documents the birth von climbing an Yosemite and Camp 4, highlighting die efforts of climbing pioneers choose Royal Robbins, Warren Harding, Dean Caldwell, and, des course, Lynn Hill through her zuerst free ascent von The Nose in a day an 1993.

Sleeping On die Big Wall

If you’re notfall Alex Honnold or Lynn Hill, freundin probably won’t be able zu ascent elastisch Cap an a day, definition you wollen probably oase to plan kommen sie sleep on the wall if sie hope to make in ascent. That’s why we schutz put together ns following guide zu make planning your pilgrimage a little bit easier.


If you plan on resting on die wall, you will definitely require a portaledge. A portaledge is a hanging cot wherein climbers kann sein sleep top top multiple-day large wall expeditions that shelter them native inclement weather und offer a flat surface to lay on.

It zu sein important that sie learn how kommen sie mount a portaledge before making your means up the wall, or climb with someone who currently has experience setup up und sleeping bei portaledges.

Renting Equipment

If you’re looking to rent climbing and camping gear, ns Yosemite Mountaineering School und Guide leistungen rents out camping und alpine climbing gear like sleeping bags, pads, eis axes, and crampons.

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However, if you are trying zu avoid purchasing her own brand new portaledge, as they can run you nach oben a couple of hundred dollars, freundin may schutz to obtain creative when it turns to renting, getting to out zu locals or various other climbers to lakers if they schutz trad gear to rent or lend kommen sie you. But constantly be mindful von the dangers involved when renting indigenous people sie do notfall know.