Why Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles ended After Two seasons Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles followed Sarah and her son john to loss Skynet but their fight was stopped brief after nur 2 seasons.

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die very erste attempt to rewrite the timeline von the Terminator franchise occurred an the highly-underrated TV series, Terminator: The kauf es Connor Chronicles. The starred a pre-Game von Thrones Lena Headey as sarah Connor und Thomas Dekker together a teenaged john Connor as soon as again trying to save ns world. Die series takes place after Terminator 2: Judgement Day with the events des Terminator 3: Rise von the Machines developing in in alternate timeline. This was the zuerst of countless installments kommen sie ignore the widely hated third film.

Set four years after the events des the second film, the Connors and their new terminator guardian, a female terminator called Cameron played by Summer Glau, decide kommen sie jump ahead to the year 2007 and go on ns offensive against Skynet. In spite of a strong fans reaction, The kauf es Connor Chronicles was canceled after just two seasons. The collection officially getting the ax on may 19, 2009.

The show was cancelled was die usual reason -- poor ratings. When ns series zuerst premiered on january 13, 2008, people flocked to their TV screens thanks to the word "Terminator" in the title. That, and the NFL playoffs serving together a lead-in, likely had something kommen sie do with the incredible 18.3 million viewers that received for its pilot debut. Unfortunately, this popular didn"t last.

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After die premiere, the second episode received an average of 10.07 million viewers -- still a huge number but deshalb a large jump down. It only got worse indigenous there. The ratings to be on a steady decline, getting as low together 7.12 million in its Season 1 finale. Season 2 premiered in September des 2008 und wasn"t doing much better. That attracted just 6.33 million viewers, and thanks to its adjust to Monday nights, was forced zu air opposite Chuck indigenous NBC, bringing its numbers also lower. Von the time it was moved zu Fridays, also recognized as the "death slot," viewership had actually reached together low as 2.9 million.

People nur weren"t interested and t"s surprising that the collection even got a second season.

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As zu sein the case with every film or collection with a cult following, fans campaigned zu bring back The kauf es Connor Chronicles -- und they were practically successful. After it was canceled, there were discussions to move the series kommen sie Syfy or make direct-to-video movies kommen sie conclude the story, but nothing ever before came of it. Collection creator Josh Friedman has refused to share any type of details of what would have happened if castle were given a Season 3, preferring fans to make up their very own ending based upon what they"ve seen.

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"I think ns finale kann be looked hinweisen both as an end and deshalb as a springboard kommen sie a neu part von the story—that"s what i intended, punkt least. I wanted zu bring in end zu many von the concerns that I"d raised in the episodes previous however it"s dramatically unsound kommen sie try and create a rogue"s gallery von scenes just to check off every rigid box."

The collection ended on a cliffhanger with john finding self alone bei the future together his father Kyle Reese, but no one from ns Resistance establish his name, implying that by jumping ahead in time he"s erased himself from the war against the machines.

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