Riders pictured on the 20th stage des the 2015 Tour außerdem France. Photograph: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters
Riders pictured on the 20th stage of the 2015 Tour juni France. Photograph: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

AG2R kelle Mondiale (France; UCI mannschaft ranking 11)

The home nation’s oldest zum team, not quite a relic like johnny Hallyday however in in age when sponsors come und go there’s a particular charm to this squad. Once they to be destined kommen sie chase phase wins und days out bei the attacks but for the past couple von years they’ve got involved in the GC battles too. Castle hide until ns mountains come und then we’ll see the 80s graphics und brown shorts to the fore.

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Founded 1992 Bicycles Focus Manager Vincent Lavenu

Tours dach France 22 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 16

Green jerseys 0 Kings of the hills 0 Days in yellow 16

Name method An amalgamation of two different financial firms: AG2R and La Mondiale.

Tour heritage The earliest French team, whose refusal to ditch their hideous shorts in the face of relentless publicly scorn zu sein heroic.

Team leader: Romain Bardet (Fr): likes to animate the race und no doubt that’s what we’ll get: a phase win or perhaps die climbers’ jersey zu sein a minimales requirement, if not weil das personal reasons but deshalb to store rival Thibaut Pinot’s ego an check.


AG2R leader Romain Bardet likes to animate the race. Photograph: Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty Images

Astana pro Team (Kazakhstan; UCI mannschaft ranking 5)

The azure blue assassins the everyone loves kommen sie hate thanks kommen sie the manager Alexander Vinokourov’s tactics and past. They’ve confirmed they understand how zu win grand Tours however outside Italy they space as renowned as mould on your favourite cheese und they hardly care either: yes a whiff von foreign legion meets every little thing it take away about the whole setup. Being kinder, they carry out stick kommen sie their setup A und their favored leader kommen sie what may, which shows some compassion, und when castle take regulate it’s impressive. They still eat steeds though.

Founded 2007 Bicycles Specialised Team direktors Alexander Vinokourov

Tours juni France 15 Tour wins 2 (Contador 2009; Nibali 2014) Stage win 9

Green jerseys 0 Kings des the mountains 0 Days bei yellow 32

Name method The capital von the country, Kazakhstan, native which the team hails, return it zu sein named after ~ a coalition von state-owned companies.

Tour heritage Successful but constantly shrouded by accusations des skulduggery. They’ve had doping scandals and won 2 Tours and been stripped of another.

Team leader: Fabio Aru (It): May oase won die 2015 Vuelta but still lacks a bit of strength zu take it to die level von Chris Froome und Nairo Quintana. One thing ist certain – he möchte go down attacking.


Fabio Aru: ausblüten lacks a bit von strength. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

BMC (United States; UCI team ranking 6)

Promises, promises und proof that money no everything. They schutz some des the ideal riders, bikes and kit yet one element ist missing: winning. Together with ns big four bei the premier League, you expect more und when they fall apart punkt crunch times you’re left wondering why. Ns arrival von Richie Porte indigenous lieutenant duties hinweisen Sky bolsters options zum the mountains, in addition to Tejay van Garderen.

Founded 2007 Bicycles BMC Team direktors Jim Ochowicz

Tours juni France 6 Tour wins 1 Stage to win 4

Green jerseys 0 Kings of the mountains 0 Days bei yellow 4

Name way An acronym des Bicycle manufacturing Company, a Swiss firm.

Tour heritage Nicknamed “Big Money Company” von others envious von their wealth, BMC’s best hour was Cadel Evans’ victory in 2011.

Team leader: Tejay van Garderen (US): the likable American shows up likely to anfang team leader yet Porte is captain und can take over if he falters, und with both originally being sustained equally von the team, who really zu sein No1?


Tejay van Garderen: the true leader? Photograph: Gian Ehrenzeller/EPA

Bora–Argon 18 (Germany; UCI mannschaft ranking N/A – wildcard)

The well presented pro-continental German team start only their fifth cool Tour dafür there’s notfall masses of experience however they compensate through enthusiasm. Their goal ist the development des young talent over time. There space some riders you may vaguely have heard von such as sam Bennett und Paul Voss however everyone is relatively unknown, such as Emanuel Buchmann who was dritter on tonnage year’s außerhalb des spiels queen stage kommen sie Cauterets.

Founded 2010 Bicycles Argon 18 Team manager Ralph Denk

Tours juni France 1 Tour wins 0 Stage win 0

Green jerseys 0 Kings of the hills 0 Days bei yellow 0

Name way Bora are die go-to guys for all your kitchen cooking surface and extractor needs, while Argon 18 make bikes bei Canada.

Tour heritage Finished 20th des 22 teams in their only Tour dafür far, with januar Barta finishing 25th on general classification.

Team leader: Sam Bennett (Ire). Emanuel Buchmann kann sein climb yet Bennett will be the taste hope zum results wie it’s a confusing sprint.


Sam Bennett: die big hope in a confusing sprint. Photograph: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Cannondale (United States; UCI team ranking 16)

Have they shed their way? once among the most innovative, friendly und fashionable teams, castle seem zu be absent their mojo und won’t be lamenting die absence von what used zu be their raison d’etre, the team time trial, since nowadays they’re awful hinweisen it. Huge sprinter? Nope. Good climber? Nope. Male who kann spring from the break? Nope. Dan martin has relocated on deshalb your guess is as great as mine as to what wake up next. Maybe jonathan Vaughters will bring zurück argyle colours and all möchte be great again.

Founded 2003 Bicycles Cannondale Team manager Jonathan Vaughters

Tours de France 11 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 3

Green jerseys 3 (Sagan 2012, 2013, 2014) Kings von the hills 0 Days bei yellow 0

Name method From a manufacturer the claims kommen sie make cycling’s “most kick-ass, cutting-edge frames”.

Tour heritage They’ve won 4 successive eco-friendly jerseys due to the fact that 2012 courtesy von Peter Sagan, that has jetzt left for pastures new.

Pierre Rolland en route kommen sie winning stage 11 von the 2012 Tour, wie riding for Europcar. Photograph: Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPATeam leader: Pierre Rolland (Fr): Boasts three top-10 finishes in the tonnage five years and his diesel-like attributes should mean he services from ns back-loaded route.

Cofidis options Crédits (France; UCI mannschaft ranking N/A – wildcard)

Once ~ above a time ns boys bei red to be at the top level however that was oh so long ago. Years von consistent inconsistency native management und riders lakers them jetzt operating hinweisen a an ext modest pace. That’s notfall to say they’ll walk unnoticed because in their middle sits one Nacer Bouhanni, who brings bei aggression and controversy zu the nett of sprinting rarely seen an these days des PR und media control.

Founded 1997 Bicycles Orbea Team manager Yvon Sanquer

Tours de France 19 Tour wins 0 Stage win 10

Green jerseys 0 Kings des the hills 1 (Rinero 1998) Days bei yellow 4

Name method Does precisely what it says on ns tin: loaning money zu help carry out solutions zu credit issues.

Tour heritage Considering this ist their 19th consecutive Tour juni France, they have to probably have achieved bei awful lot more.

Team leader: It was due kommen sie be the sprinter Nacer Bouhanni (Fr) until he injured his hand bei a late-night altercation with a fellow hotel guest last weekend und was ultimately ruled out. “A catastrophe,” said the team direktor Yvon Sanquer.

Nacer Bouhanni: a late withdrawal. Photograph: Quique Garcia/EPA

Dimension charme (South Africa; UCI mannschaft ranking N/A – wildcard)

A large step up zum the Qhubeka organisation. Belastung year they enjoyed success with daniel Teklehaimanot and Steve Cummings but with ns arrival of World reise status und the unterschrift Cavendish show, die budget ist bigger and the expectations und pressures are viel higher. This time around die African climbers will schutz to endure on your own, as ns emphasis möchte be on ensuring die Manxman has ns best chance of adding kommen sie his 26 phase wins. High standards have been set und if he wins just once die speculators wollen be informing us it’s every over and all he cares about is getting in Olympic medal before he’s auch old. That won’t end up this tour but nothing think he is on holiday.

Founded 2007 Bicycles Trek Bicycle copy, group Team direktor Brian Smith

Tours de France 1 Tour wins 0 Stage to win 1

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the mountains 0 Days an yellow 0

Name means A global company specialising in Information an innovation services. Die word “solutions” attributes prominently on your website.

Tour legacy The zuerst African registered team to contest ns Tour won their zuerst ever phase on Mandela Day last summer.

Team leader: Mark Cavendish (GB): Dismiss er at your peril: the 31-year-old didn’t get to be die greatest tour sprinter über listening zu your opinions or everyone else’s.

Mark Cavendish: dismiss ihm at her peril. Photograph: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Direct Énergie (France; UCI team ranking N/A –wildcard)

The Tommy Voeckler club changes colours yet otherwise it’s ns same charmant face-making and gurning. Winning die Tour de Yorkshire shows the old timer blieb knows how kommen sie race but any cool Tour pretensions oase faded away. Hell lose bei hour then schutz a single do or die escape and if ns others aren’t mindful he möchte mug them; whatever happens the home public will liebe him. The other riders room guaranteed kommen sie be an every rest on every terrain and go down fighting dafür there’s a bit of bei energetic theme here.

Founded 2000 Bicycles BH Team direktor Jean-René Bernaudeau

Tours außerdem France 16 Tour wins 0 Stage to win 9

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the hills 2 (Charteau 2010, Voeckler 2012) Days in yellow 23

Name means Best known zum their vault incarnation together Europcar, direct Énergie space French providers von electricity und natural gas.

Tour heritage Have enjoyed much more than three weeks an yellow combined and is ns long-time home of cult hero und former könig of die mountains schneidbrett Voeckler.

Team leader: Thomas Voeckler (Fr): Voeckler is blieb top but in the young sprinter Bryan Coquard die replacement weil das Tommy’s face‑pulling has currently been found. Enjoy ns show.

Thomas Voeckler climbs in the French Alps throughout the first stage of the 2016 Dauphine Criterium. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Etixx-Quick-Step (Belgium; UCI team ranking No4)

The ideal lead-out train in the unternehmen bar none promises to put Marcel Kittel an the hot seat for the first yellow jersey of the Tour. No pressure, then, yet they space used to it, specifically after a winless Classics campaign that will schutz had patrick Lefevere spitting feather like never ever before. Swearing bei Flemish has a poetry all von its own and it’ll it is in extra blue if they nothing top und tail ns race. Noþeles else betwee Utah Beach and the Champs Élysées möchte be a bonus.

Founded 2003 Bicycles Specialised Team direktors Patrick Lefevere

Tours de France 13 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 27

Green jerseys 1 (Boonen 2007) Kings von the mountains 2 (Virenque 2003, 2004) Days an yellow 10

Name means The artists formerly known as Omega Pharma-Quick step are jetzt sponsored von a sports nutrition company and a laminate flooring manufacturer.

Tour legacy Have won polka dot and green, and more newly worn yellow while unterschrift Cavendish aided add to their tally des stage wins.

Team leader: Marcel Kittel (Ger): the sprinter des the moment. Big, strong, chiselled, und that’s nur his hair. He may struggle zu get over a railway bridge however what goes up must come down and he does that impressively fast.

Marcel Kittel: the sprinter von the moment. Photograph: Bas Czerwinski/AFP/Getty Images

FDJ (France; UCI team ranking 15)

Place her bets as to which step of the podium zu sein team leader Thibaut Pinot’s last position. Any one des them will have the manager, marc Madiot, apopletically glücklich and in adoring publicly posting offers of marriage and much much more. There could even be a YouTube video or two von grown males crying on zu strings des onions. Unashamedly French und proud des it, FDJ were an the doldrums zum far too long but it’s your time weil das some limelight und although there’ll be hiccups und tantrums they’ll enjoy every moment.

Founded 1997 Bicycles Lapierre Team direktors Marc Madiot

Tours dach France 19 Tour wins 0 Stage win 10

Green jerseys 1 (Cooke 2003) Kings des the mountains 0 Days in yellow 3

Name means Française von Jeux translates as “French Games”; one von several reise teams sponsored by a national lottery.

Tour legacy Almost absolutely a source des home disappointment, with only one stage win in their previous three Tours.

Team leader: Thibaut Pinot (Fr): Pinot has modelled himself on die Bradley Wiggins formula: difficult work, secure progression und a swarthy beard. D’Artagnan in lycra.

Thibaut Pinot: hard work and a swarthy beard. Photograph: Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty Images

Fortuneo–Vital concept (France; UCI mannschaft ranking N/A – wildcard)

The reisen might not be going right into Brittany but zoll demands some kind of French cycling heartland participation, hence ns inclusion of Fortuneo-Vital Concept. Ich was going to be cruel but there isn’t much point: we understand they are in the gyeongju because reisen organiser ASO aussehen after the home scene nur as die men who run die Giro and Vuelta do. Yes no shame involved. Ns team zu sein there kommen sie animate ns less difficult days, no much more no less. If they win enough prize money kommen sie pay zum the after-Tour splitterpartei they’ll be happy.

Founded 2005 Bicycles Look Team direktors Emmanuel Hubert

Tours dach France 2 Tour wins 0 Stage win 0

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the hills 0 Days in yellow 0

Name method A mannschaft famously proud des their Brittany roots room sponsored von a bank und a local agricultural goods firm.

Tour heritage Received wildcard entries to ns past 2 Tours under the Bretagne-Séché banner and have been invited kommen sie participate again this year.

Team leader: Pierrick Fédrigo (Fr): Well, it might be Fédrigo or anthony Delaplace or it might just be excellent alphabetically. Kommen sie on, offer them a break. They’ve gott three weeks of suffering ahead.

Pierrick Fedrigo, and a fan, during die 2015 Tour. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Giant-Alpecin (Germany; UCI team ranking 10)

It’s been a torrid year zum the German team, v several des them wiped out by in errant treiber pre-season und since then they’ve been play catch-up. It’s notfall easy coming back from serious injury but one thing it go do ist give renewed emphasis and in appreciation weil das what freundin are doing. Holy ghost fresh, physical rehabilitated, they might well be the surprise that no one expected. Warren Barguil is typical of the neu generation of hopeful Frenchmen: constantly willing zu upset the apple cart bei the mountains, the rode through tonnage year’s reisen with a damaged bone an his leg. If tom Dumoulin starts then they wollen definitely influence the race.

Founded 2005 Bicycles Giant Team direktor Iwan Spekenbrink

Tours de France 5 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 9

Green jerseys 0 Kings of the mountains 0 Days an yellow 2

Name method Giant manufactures bicycles bei Taiwan, if Alpecin deals bei shampoo and hair care.

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Tour heritage Their nine stage wins und two days an yellow are mainly down to die efforts of the thunder-thighed sprinter Marcel Kittel.

Team leader: John Degenkolb (Ger): unable to verteidigung his Paris-Roubaix title, ns German team sprinter Degenkolb and his moustache möchte be back. Jawohl Arnie ist Austrian, yet it’s nearby enough.

John Degenkolb (complete with moustache und straggly beard) looks forward zu the anfang of phase one des the 2016 Amgen Tour of California. Photograph: doug Pensinger/Getty Images

IAM (Switzerland; UCI team ranking 17)

Think Switzerland, reliability, watches, trains on time and a solid currency. None von that is exciting unless you’re in accountant und so it’s no surprise the IAM cycling task – now bei its tonnage few months – hasn’t exactly been spectacular. Sie can’t fault die presentation und they have some hard riders but it’s every a little boring und bland.

Founded 2013 Bicycles Scott sports Team manager Michel Thétaz

Tours dach France 2 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 0

Green jerseys 0 Kings des the mountains 0 Days an yellow 0

Name method From IAM elevation Asset monitoring SA, a Swiss investment company, hence ns slightly much more catchy mannschaft name.

Tour heritage Cynics could say your founder membership des the Mouvement to water un Cyclisme Crédible accounts for their lack des success in the race.

Team leader: Jérôme Coppel (Fr): He could once have been touted together a possible next large thing zum French to ride bicycle but freundin get die feeling he no get the memo himself.

Jérôme Coppel: used kommen sie be the next large thing. Photograph: Sylvain Thomas/AFP/Getty Images

Katusha (Russia; UCI team ranking 2)

No workers’ rebellion here, the all an extremely traditional and ordered. The sprinters do the sprinting, the climbers do die climbing and everyone else does as they room told. When the designated oberteil men don’t quite fulfill expectations, that means getting in the breaks and grinding under their compatriots du jour. It all aussehen solid und worthy till Purito Rodríguez fails to scale the highest mountains and Kittel und Cavendish look rückseitig to see where Alexander Kristoff finished up bei the sprint. After which ns morning team meeting becomes an ext colourful und unknown Russians save ns day.

Founded 2009 Bicycles Canyon Team manager Viatcheslav Ekimov

Tours außerdem France 7 Tour wins 0 Stage to win 6

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the hills 0 Days in yellow 0

Name way Diminutive des the Russian nennen Ekatarina, the English identical would be Team katie or Kathy.

Tour heritage Two phase wins an their zuerst four Tours was a negative return, however they’ve trebled the since.

Team leader: Alexander Kristoff (Nor): Big, strong und fast but not always as continuously big, solid or fast as his peers. Choose a steven Seagal film, not quite the full spiel package.

Alexander Kristoff: big, strong und fast. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Lampre-Merida (Italy; UCI mannschaft ranking 12)

Every year i wonder why this Italian squad rotate up for the reisen with no clean ambitions. They hardly ever bother zu bring their ideal riders so the acceleration stages happen by and the GC has actually registered wenig but disappointment. However, they constantly win a stage and go away glücklich leaving ns pundits through egg top top faces. Ich see no factor why that won’t continue, return with ns arrival of louis Meintjes your focus will change to realistically gift involved in the fight zum the white jersey des best young rider.

Founded 1991 Bicycles Merida Team direktor Giuseppe Saronni

Tours de France 18 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 13

Green jerseys 2 (Abdoujaparov 1993; Petacchi 2010) Kings des the hills 0 Days in yellow 2

Name method Lampre is an Italian manufacturer des prefinished steel sheet materials, no less, if Merida provides bicycles an Taiwan.

Tour heritage They tend to focus on ns Giro, yet they’re good for a phase win über Tour far more often 보다 not.

Team leader: Louis Meintjes (SA): he has die talent but needs care and attention otherwise finds himself out von position; he can’t afford to do that here dafür his Italian minders might oase more arbeiten than usual.

Louis Meintjes, an action during ns Paris-Nice race an March. Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images

Lotto NL - Jumbo (Netherlands; UCI mannschaft ranking 14)

No it’s not sausages, the a supermarket chain, despite if it was meat fill sub-mucosa I’m certain that die jersey would be hilarious. The Dutch enjoy their racing und though the team budget isn’t trost there with sky or Movistar they execute what they tun können with mainly homegrown young talent, as they showed so well in the Giro with steven Kruiswijk. Sep Vanmarcke tun können be expected zu shine on ns flatter, windier stages and the burly Moreno Hofland zu sein their option zum the sprints.

Founded 1984 Bicycles Bianchi Team manager Richard Plugge

Tours außerdem France 32 Tour wins 0 Stage win 22

Green jerseys 1 (Freire 2008) Kings of the mountains 2 (Rasmussen 2005, 2006) Days in yellow 10

Name method The latest incarnation des the old Dutch Rabobank team, now sponsored von the national lottery and a supermarket chain.

Tour heritage Far from ns only team in the race zu be blighted von a murky past, your successes oase largely dried up.

Team leader: Wilco Kelderman (Neth): Most von the really hopes lie with the 25-year‑old: a decent climber und a decent time‑triallist, he’s not the kind of rider zu give any kind of leeway an the GC battle.

Wilco Kelderman: decent climber und time-triallist. Photograph: Gian Ehrenzeller/EPA

Lotto Soudal (Belgium; UCI team ranking 9)

The other best lead‑out team bei the business, a squad the somehow manage kommen sie be less intimidating und less controversial than their big Belgian rivals Etixx. Belgian cycling fans in cafes everywhere the land couldn’t it is in happier with this situation as they kann choose your side, also though the guys doing the winning no Belgian punkt all. Ns difference weist Lotto ist that they deshalb have part say in how die overall fight shapes up, with Tony Gallopin seeing und participating an a few of the fights. He’s not Belgian either by the way, he’s French.

Founded 1985 Bicycles Ridley Team manager Cees Pille

Tours juni France 29 Tour wins 0 Stage win 31

Green jerseys 3 (McEwen 2002, 2004, 2006) Kings des the mountains 0 Days in yellow 8

Name means The Belgian national lottery backs this team, while Soudal is in adhesives manufacturer.

Tour legacy Impressive. Lock average an ext than one stage win per Tour, with three eco-friendly jerseys und over a week in yellow zu their name.

Team leader: André Greipel (Ger): Does ns sprint unternehmen for Lotto: thighs favor tree trunks and yet the 34-year‑old is a extensively nice chap. You won’t listen both those things said around many sprinters.

Andre Greipel: completely nice chap. Photograph: Luk Benies/AFP/Getty Images

Movistar (Spain; UCI team ranking 1)

The Iberian version of Sky are beautifully presented, organised and packed through talented riders. An ext than capable of taking ns race über the scruff von the neck and scaring everyone with a tactical awareness that rarely goes awry. They kommen sie to this Tour notfall as challengers yet equals und maybe even favourites given the lack des time-trialling. The early arrival des the hill stages means die climbers they schutz will it is in fresher than usual. Mean Pyrenean fireworks.

Founded 1980 Bicycles Canyon Team direktors Eusebio Unzué

Tours de France 34 Tour wins 7 (Delgado 1988; Indurain 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995; Pereiro 2006) Stage to win 30

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the mountains 1 (Quintana 2013) Days in yellow 73

Name means A Spanish cell phone phone, landline, broadband and TV operator.

Tour legacy Seven mal winners under assorted guises, they oase more newly had to rely on ns occasional phase win und one polka-dot jersey.

Team leader: Nairo Quintana (Col): A much more complete Quintana, 26, comes to this tour on die rise, a little bit stronger, a wenig bit wiser und with ns full confidence von his team behind him. He’s worked on his weakness, time-trialling, also though it has actually less affect here however he’s kept his climbing talent intact and that makes him very hard to beat.

Nairo Quintana: very hard to beat. Photograph: john Vizcaino/Reuters

Orica-BikeExchange (Australia; UCI team ranking 8)

The cheerful Aussies are almost guaranteed kommen sie be a highlights feature of the first half of any großartiger Tour. Through no all at once favourite kommen sie protect they’ll throw themselves into sneaking a phase win or taking die race lead and then do a music video an celebration. Yes, that’s right: they song too. Ns Brit Adam Yates, 23, might well challenge for the white jersey but that counts on how he’s transaction with the absence of brother Simon.

Founded 2011 Bicycles Scott Team direktors Shayne Bannan

Tours dach France 4 Tour wins 0 Stage victories 2 Green jerseys 0

Kings von the mountains 0 Days in yellow 4

Name method A nod to die team’s eco-credentials, which room pretty viel literally “undermined” von the involvement of Orica, an explosives firm.

Tour legacy A popular team des funsters who schutz yet zu win a phase but oase taken control des the yellow jersey zum four days.

Team leader: Michael Matthews (Aus): nothing be surprised if the team in der nähe des man, 25-year-old “Bling” Matthews, adds to his race leaders jersey collection von mugging the pure sprinters and nabbing die silverware. Cue celebrations an Rainforest bars across ns land.

Michael Matthews: ns team fast man. Photograph: Gian Ehrenzeller/AP

Sky (Great Britain; UCI mannschaft ranking 3)

Three out des four tours isn’t badewanne but you nur know that dave Brailsford’s organisation will do whatever possible zu make it four from five. That wins matters much less than die result, deshalb if it’s chris Froome, Geraint thomas or Mikel Landa an yellow then deshalb be it, although ns ruthlessness of the defending champion möchte quickly influence any kind of choice. Die relative lack von time trialling might favour the more pure mountain climbing such together Quintana but you nur know sky will schutz studied, planned und executed an appropriate response. Together always ns others can expect a grausam encounter with the black and blue train ~ above the zuerst mountain stage.

Founded 2009 Bicycles Pinarello Team direktors Dave Brailsford

Tours dach France 6 Tour wins 3 (Wiggins 2012, Froome 2013, 2015) Stage win 12

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the hills 1 (Froome 2015) Days in yellow 48

Name means Regarded von some together bully-boys who’ll carry out anything zu get their own means … much like ns company the backs them.

Tour legacy Began with die aim des winning one tour within five years und have because won three an six.

Team leader: Chris Froome (GB): has been an ext discreet than usual this year – much less racing, under wins – however don’t it is in fooled. Die inner hunger that all reisen champions oase is still there. The fact that this planke of die Tour möchte be won by attacking und not defending i will not ~ worry die 30-year-old in the slightest.

Chris Froome celebrates winning ns 2016 Criterium du Dauphine. Photograph: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Tinkoff (Russia; UCI team ranking 7)

Last chance for ns owner Oleg Tinkov to voice his opinions top top why cycling and the TdF will fehlschlagen him. Or is it? jetzt that peter Sagan ist meeting the expectations von his salary, possibly our favourite crazy Russian möchte stay another year or two and if Alberto Contador returns to ns dizzy heights the enjoyed prior to then the rest‑day press conference might be a pleasant surprise. One thing is for sure, Sagan möchte be an green again kommen sie Paris und Oleg will be informing us every why he to know best.

Founded 1998 Bicycles Specialised Team direktor Stefano Feltrin

Tours dach France 15 Tour wins 2 (Sastre 2008, Schleck 2010) Stage to win 23

Green jerseys 1 (Sagan 2015) Kings des the hills 3 (Jalabert 2001, 2002; Majka 2014) Days bei yellow 36

Name method Formerly well-known as Saxo-Tinkoff, their financial backing ist now solely provided über a Russian bank.

Tour heritage Owned von the Russian business man Oleg Tinkov with die specific aim von becoming die greatest team in the world. They’re obtaining there.

Team leader: Alberto Contador (Sp): at 33, Contador’s climbing might not schutz the day-after-day effectiveness that it as soon as had but it’s ausblüten joyous und if die others nur a single augenblicke of weakness he’ll tanzen off into the distance.

Alberto Contador: ready zu pounce top top weakness. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Trek - Segafredo (United States; UCI team ranking 13)

The height of cool. Subtle branding, slick presentation und the one and only Fabian Cancellara. Lock may notfall quite be enjoying die success they when had yet they look good and demand respect. If BMC has auch many chiefs, Trek has too many Indians and it’s daunting to lakers any involvement an the GC decisions. Bauke Mollema make the efforts but constantly looks an trouble, deshalb if who such together Julián Arredondo or nicolle Bonifazio pick up a phase win then they’re saved.

Founded 2011 Bicycles Trek Team direktor Luca Guercilena

Tours außerdem France 5 Tour wins 0 Stage win 3

Green jerseys 0 Kings von the hills 0 Days in yellow 10

Name way US bicycle maker meets Italian coffee purveyors zu take over mannschaft formerly recognized as Radioshack-Nissan.

Tour heritage Have never ever really revisited die glory days of 2011, wie Frank and Andy Schleck finished second und third.

Team leader: Fabian Cancellara (Swi): What us all want zu see ist Cancellara winning stage 16 in his residence town of Berne. That would certainly be class.

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Fabian Cancellara: eyeing a win in his house town. Photograph: Gian Ehrenzeller/EPA This article was amended ~ above 30 June 2016. In earlier version said the Andrew Talansky was Cannondale’s team leader, quite than Pierre Rolland, and that Nacer Bouhanni, who was subsequently rule out, was Cofidis services Crédits’ mannschaft leader.