Dating shows schutz become a substantial hit zum many people. While these kind of shows offer the perfect escapism, viewers so get emotionally associated with die couples and their romantic storylines.

Du schaust: Sven beauty and the nerd

Netflix has invested a lot an dating series over the tonnage few years with successful shows like Too Hot to Handle, Dating Around und Love ist Blind.

Right now, there’s a really popular truth show bei Germany dubbed Beauty und the Nerd. Together the name suggests, it follows contestants who label themselves together ‘beauties’ und ‘nerds’.


Beauty und the Nerd 2020

Beauty und the Nerd 2020: Meet ns cast

EmmyKimVictoriaEliasIllyaJulienSven L.Sven K.JennyChrisMalinAnnabelSamiraDionKarinaFlamurSelinaEmmy

Emmy ist 20 year old and comes indigenous Hamburg.

Thanks to produziert gig on ns German truth series, she enjoys a stable fan base of over 47,000 followers on Instagram.

You kann find her Insta profile


Kim ist the youngest beauty beauty contestant on die dating series. She zu sein 19 years old und comes native Birkenheide.



Victoria ist 22 years old und comes indigenous Austria.

She functions as a make-up artist und loves kommen sie travel kommen sie sunny destinations at any time she has actually the chance to.

You tun können find Victoria on instagram
, however, herstellung account is private at the time von publication.


Elias zu sein 24 und comes indigenous Dresden.

He works as a sleeve assistant. You kann follow ihm under the benennen


Julien ist 32 year old und one of his personality traits ist that he’s a huge Superman fan.

However, us haven’t managed to find his instagram profile.

Sven L.

Sven L., 24, functions as a warehouse specialist und loves everything around computers.


Sven K.

The other sven comes from Apolda near Jena.

He’s passionate about religion und video games. His instagram account zu sein unknown at ns time von writing.

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Jenny zu sein 33 years old and works together a media designer. She ist a creative person and some of produziert hobbies are video games und reading books.

Follow produziert on Insta


Chris ist Jenny’s partner on the Beauty and the Nerd.

He comes from Cologne and is interested bei fitness and a stark lifestyle.

chrisgrey_, though his profile zu sein private at the moment.


Malin, 28, is a big mode lover und works together a clerk.

Follow herstellung


Annabel is a budding singer and her aim is to reach zum the stars.

She also works together a model und actress.

You tun können find produziert


Samira, 25, originates from Munich.

She ist a permanent make-up artist und her instagram feed is filled with herstellung favourite outfits, make-up tips und more.

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Dion was erste partnered trost with Selina und then Samira. He ist 30 und comes native Berlin.

Follow ihm on instagram under the nennen


Karina zu sein 25 years old und according to her profile top top Prosieben, she explains herself together a “diva”.

Follow produziert adventures on instagram


Flamur, 26, functions as a defense guard in a museum.

His passions encompass crime novels, anime und politics. Find him under the benennen


And last, but not least, we schutz Selina. She is 28 year old und comes native Cologne.

She trained together a lawyer yet works together a angestellter stylist now.

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