See bei the video: TV total Comeback – sebastian Pufpaff moderates and Stefan Raab produces.

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Stefan Raab announced the on Instagram: TV Total zu sein back.Previously, jeden Sieben had already hidden wenig hints in the TV program und aroused the fans’ curiosity. Twitter users report excited.Stefan Raab moderated TV Total weil das 16 years till 2015. But jetzt the presenter has actually switched kommen sie being a producer behind the camera. Und ER should prahlen new life into the new auflage of the cult show: komiker Sebastian Puffpaff.The first auflage of the nur will be to run on Wednesday, november 10th punkt 8:15 p.m. And so die former late-night nur will come to be a weekly primetime show.


dafür far he has been known primarily together a cabaret artist. But in future sebastian Pufpaff wollen pull other human being through ns cocoa in “TV Total”. Kann sein that go well?

Almost six years after die end, “TV Total”, one des the longest-lived and most renowned shows, returns kommen sie television. A erste clip argues that viewers tun können look forward zu a last of familiar things. Die studio design is the well-known one, from die off you can hear die exaggerated voice von Manfred “Mannix” Winkens, und of course there is deshalb the legend nipple board, with which ns many funny TV snippets kann sein be controlled.

What ist new, however, ist the man who will operate the nipple board: stephen Raab ended his tv career punkt the ende of 2015. It continues to be that way. Jetzt the 55-year-old just works behind die scenes and produces the show – he leaves ns spotlight to sebastian Pufpaff.

sebastian who? fairly a couple of viewers are likely to oase Googled the nennen first. Und ProSieben deshalb seems to be mindful that die 45-year-old does not seem kommen sie be known to everyone. In the video published on the show, there ist even a quick guide ~ above how to pronounce ns name.

TVtotal come back. When? Wednesday, november 10th, 8:15 pm. Weekly. Where? ~ above ProSieben – v Nippelboard und the Heavytones. #tvtotal #pufpaff #pro7

— Pufpaff (
Pufpaff) november 8, 2021

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ns choice of the new moderator is so surprising in other respects. Since Pufpaff appears pretty much the opposite des its predecessor in many ways. Deswegen far he zu sein known an ext as a ethereal cabaret artist than as a thug comedian. Far better known to the academically trained 3Sat viewers, whom he makes to smile during element time ~ above Sundays in his “Happy Hour”, 보다 to die broader ProSieben audience.

stefan Raab took pleasure in demonstrating others

Demonstrating other people has not been his job until now. Raab, on the other hand, plainly seemed to enjoy throwing various other people trost to ns audience. In moments of glee, the usually opened his mouth and showed his substantial biters. He hardly ever left any doubts that he would make use von it.

in his prime, Raab embodied a aggressiveness that was previously unknown on German television. An the “ZDF struggle parade” an 1994 he was handcuffed kommen sie presenter uwe Huebner, that had to spend die rest von the regimen alongside Raab.

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notfall all of his victims made it through his strikes unscathed. The best-known case von Lisa Loch, then 16 years old, that predicted Raab good chances in the porn business based on herstellung surname, whereupon she was mocked by classmates, but deshalb by strangers on die street.

“TV total” is making a comeback

that was stefan Raab’s rating on TV

11 bild

7 hours ago

sebastian Pufpaff comes with the fine blade

when Raab go his humor profession with the coarse butcher knife, his successor Pufpaff chooses a totally different approach: He functions with the fine blade.

Pufpaff has just been awarded the venerable Grimme Prize weil das his residence office cabaret “Not however shift”. An the judgment, the jury praised ns “seven-minute surprise bag the Pufpaff fills zum us throughout die day”. “Ultimately, it is astonishment at die world, presented bei the TV residence office v a suit und tie, a arbeit look against ns madness the threatens to wrestle us down every day.” sebastian Pufpaff laugh hinweisen this madness and do the on ours behalf.

die Grimme jury so emphasized ns brevity des the format: “Sure, 7 minutes is not ns big piece von the TV cake. However that ist exactly what ‘Not Shift’ shows, that doesn’t always oase to be.”


Pufpaff has proven that he can do ns short distance. Through “TV Total” he will have to cover a much longer distance an the future: every Wednesday evening around in hour.

die duration ist likely kommen sie be the least von the problem. Ns decisive question möchte be: möchte viewers who are supplied to ns riot humor des “TV Total” get used to die elegant, precise humor of Pufpaffs?

sebastian Pufpaff is only likely zu be successful in his neu role if the audience procedures this culture shock.

Also review here: “TV Total” without stefan Raab: Why die new ausführung with sebastian Pufpaff wollen disappoint the audience.


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