St Petersburg Russland Kommende Veranstaltungen

Free admission kommen sie the state Hermitage MuseumFirst Thursday von each month (Currently unavailable)The state Hermitage Museum

On the first Thursday des each month ns Hermitage grants cost-free entrance weil das all individual visitors.

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First Thursday of each month:19 March16 April21 May18 June16 July

The Hermitage is one von the world’s largest and most prestigious museums. Ns museum dwellings over 3 million items including die largest collection des paintings in the world. The collections occupy a big complex des six historic buildings along palace Embankment.Once sie are an the museum ~ above the zuerst Thursday des the month, take your cost-free ticket at the boxen office und enjoy trying out world’s richest art collection.It is worth noting the preschool children, schoolchildren, und students irrespective of citizenship visit ns Hermitage free of charge at any time.Remember, die “free” action is not extended kommen sie guided tours.

Summer navigation SeasonApril – november 2021Neva River

April zu November, drawbridges room opened zum a few hours during die night kommen sie let ships happen through. This ist one of the best stadt show.


As ns Neva river is covered through ice between mid-December and early April, ships space unable to navigate ns river.With die spring arrival, the river turns into a busy “highway” with a large range von different vessels from passenger reisen boats kommen sie cargo ships.Over a dozen city bridges space drawbridges, which have to be increased every night during the navigation season according to a stable schedule. Once freundin are in Saint Petersburg, follow die schedule kommen sie avoid gift stuck bei one part of the city.The bridge raising is one des the best city show. A walk along the embankments hinweisen this time or a drive on a cruise boat wollen leave bei unforgettable impression around St. Petersburg weist night.

Venue: Neva RiverEvent cost: Free

Ceremony of changing of the guard the end of may – October 2021Naryshkin Bastion at die Peter und Paul Fortress

The modern-day ceremony von the guard mounting, developed by the army headquarters von St Petersburg, is a tribute to in old tradition.


The safety duty in Peter and Paul Fortress has actually existed since the first months des its foundation. It was only in October of 1926, when die commandant’s supervision von the fortress was abolished. Initially die ceremony was performed über the soldiers and officers from die regiments, dislocated bei St Petersburg, then über the soldiers from die permanent stadt garrison und by the guard regiments since 1720s.The focal distance points von this performance room parade und trooping von the flags von the Russian Federation und St Petersburg.The guard ist mounted on the territory von Naryshkin Bastion after ns traditional 12 o’clock cannon shot.

Time: every Saturday weist 11:55Venue: Naryshkin Bastion von the Peter and Paul Fortress

closing Ceremony des Peterhof’s FountainsSeptember 2021Peterhof

Due zu the corona situation, die closing awareness won’t be held this year

Festival “Palaces of St. Petersburg”23 september – 31 november 2021Mikhailovsky Castle

In die XXIX loss season, die Festival guests wollen enjoy musical premieres an the neu palace halls.

The loss season von the Festival starts through a concert devoted to ns great tenor Sergei Lemeshev an the bronze Hall von the Polovtsov Mansion. Opera arias, sincere Russian songs, lyrical romances möchte be performed über magnificent tenors, soloists des leading opera theaters, laureates of international competitions. Ns rich palette von Sergei Lemeshev’s repertoire möchte be gift by boris Stepanov, soloist von the Mikhailovsky Theater, guest soloist von the Bolshoi Theater, St. Petersburg and Riga Philharmonic Societies; boris Arndt, soloist of the Mariinsky Theater, guest soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater; Tigran Ohanyan is one von the many promising young opera performers von our time. Maria Safaryants, artistic Director des the Palaces of St. Petersburg Festival, möchte tell about die creative biography of the legend tenor.

In October, the first concert will take place in the restored zustand Resurrection hall of the Mikhailovsky castle with die participation of cultural numbers from Italy, a solemn ceremony will also take location with ns participation des the Consul General of Italy; the music von the many romantic composers von the twentieth century will be performed zum the zuerst time in the nicholas Palace; in the Presidential Library (the building von the divine Synod), soloists von leading opera theaters will perform ns most well known opera arias, fascinating comment about ns heroes of the works wollen be heard from die actor boris Smolkin, beloved über many;

In November, die festival guests möchte enjoy a massive concert bei honor von the celebration von the 300th anniversary von the Russian Empire; in evening des old Italian arias with the participation des stars von the opera scene von Russia and Italy will be held in the good Italian Lumen des the state Hermitage Museum.

XXIII international Theater Festival “Baltic House”6 October – 10 October 2021Theater Festival “Baltic House”

Today, the international Theater Festival “Baltic House” is in integral part von the social life von St. Petersburg.

One von the most authoritative theatre forums in Europe and the basic festival des the International association of theatre Critics. Every year, die festival gift domestic and foreign performances, an innovative meetings, ring tables, scientific conferences dedicated to die problems und development of modern theatrical nett are hosted within die framework von the festival.Venue: – All die stages of the Baltic house Theater-Festival, too as die stages des St. Petersburg theaters.Schedule:

Night of Art4 november 2021Different locations around St Petersburg

Different social institutions will open their doors to visitors weist 6 bei the evening and remain open until midnight.

Museums, theaters, libraries und concert halls möchte prepare a one-of-a-kind program und hold one-day exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, and creative meetings through writers, musicians, artists und actors.

Venue: Museums, theaters, libraries, concert halls of Saint PetersburgTime: 18:00-00:00Admission: Free

Day of national Unity4 november 2021Throughout Saint Petersburg

Annually, the Russian Federation celebrates die liberation native Polish-Lithuanian invaders bei 1612.

It is bei official holiday and a day off. Various events are planned kommen sie be hosted throughout die city. Russian march, a traditional yearly rally, möchte be carried out in the center des the city.

Remember, that 4th des November ist a publicly holiday. On today most von public offices are closed und some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

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Venue: Throughout die cityEvent cost: Free

XXIV international Festival “Earlymusic”6 October – 4 november 2021Different venues bei Saint Petersburg

EARLYMUSIC presents the music des the Baroque, Renaissance, middle Ages and Classicism in its really performance.


1. October 6, 19.00. Opening des the Festival. “Baroque through the darkness”2. October 12, 19.00. Ensemble “Masques” (France)3. October 14, 19.00. “Musical treasury von the alt capital”4. October 16, 19.00. J.S.Bach5. October 18th. “Music by J.S.Bach in the past, present und future”6. November 4th. “Empire”

Venue: – small Hall called after M.I. Glinka des the Shostakovich Philharmonic, Nevsky prospect, 30– zustand ACADEMIC CHAPEL. Emb. Moika river, 20-State Hermitage, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya (Embankment), 34Event cost: : from 900 rubSchedule:

Wonder des the welt 5 – 28 november 2021Palace Square

The light nur will it is in dedicated zu St. Alexander Nevsky.
An exceptional magical garden complete of echt miracles comes kommen sie life on royal residence Square. Large dyzhital flowers, miracle creatures native myths und legends, tree woven from irradiate … Passing with a wonder forest, every adult möchte again plunge into the atmosphere des childhood und remember the most cherished dreams and fantasies.

IX international Cultural forum 11 – 13 november 2021Different locations about St Petersburg

For die eighth time, Petersburg will host a unique social event von a welt level.

The mission of ns St. Petersburg international Cultural Forum is to form the crucial vectors of the development of culture as a progressive pressure that brings ns constructive origin into life von our country and of the world community as a whole.

In ns local context, the St. Petersburg international Cultural gericht presents itself ns principal event des the social life von the great country in the days wie man the national consciousness ist experiencing that is rebirth and Russia ist reconsidering its global roles and meanings. Culture is a soul von a nation and that ist why die St. Petersburg international Cultural forum is one of the fundamental points des these historical processes.

In the global aspect, die St. Petersburg international Cultural forum is considered the one des the vital elements von domestic and foreign policy. Russia in the contemporary welt appears notfall only a country von great culture, but so state, that successively defends ns constructive values: ns preservation des the social heritage und diversity, shared respect und equal dialogue. That is why, in the eyes des world community Russia aims zu represent the positive und originative tendencies in politics, culture und social development as a counter to the aspiration in the direction of destruction und chaos.

The Hermitage Day7 December 2021The state Hermitage Museum

The zustand Hermitage has asserted 7 December – Hermitage day – bei additional day with totally free entry for all categories of individual visitors.

On December 7, admission to ns museum ist always free, unless the date wenn on a Monday. Ns year von the Hermitage’s foundation ist taken kommen sie be 1764, wie man Catherine the Great obtained a collection von paintings indigenous the berlin merchant Gotzkowsky. Zum the anniversary, each year die museum prepares a unique programme that has become known together “The Hermitage Days” und includes miscellaneous events und a number von exhibitions.In 2017, December 7 wenn on a Thursday.Once freundin are in the museum, take your complimentary ticket at the box office und enjoy exploring world’s richest art collection.It zu sein worth noting the preschool children, schoolchildren, und students irrespective of citizenship visit the Hermitage free of charge hinweisen any time.Remember, ns “free” action is not extended zu guided tours.

The neu Year Fair an Gatchina30 December 2021 – 9 januar 2022Gatchina Palace

Plunge into the atmosphere von a winter fairy tale und take a expedition through Russia there is no leaving St. Petersburg!

Gatchina Palace will offer neu Year and Christmas entertainments zum its guest throughout die winter holidays. You möchte enjoy concerts von folk groups, excursions, traditional winter entertainments, horse riding, blacksmiths master classes, classic Russian round dances with Ded Moroz. The fair möchte be open from die noon kommen sie 7 p.m.

New Year31 December 2021 – 9 january 2022Throughout Saint Petersburg

“New year” is a public holiday and the most commemorated day in Russia.

Traditionally, neu Year celebrations take location on Nevsky Prospekt and Palace Square, und include straße entertainments and live music. Traffic on Nevsky Avenue möchte be closed indigenous 21:00.

In addition zu Palace Square, Gostiny Dvor and Malaya Konyushennaya Street also will host new Year celebrations.

The festivities wollen starts punkt 23.00 und last until 4.00. At 3:00, the fireworks möchte be introduced over die Neva River.

Remember, that the neu Year’s celebrating lasts native December 31 to january 9. Every these work are official days-off. On these days most of public workplaces are closed and some public transport routes might be adjusted due to street events.

The metro will operate throughout the new Year’s night on December 31 – january 1.

Venue: various locations around ns cityEvent cost: Free

ns Volleyball world Championship 26 ehrenvoll – 11 september 202210 Russian cities

The Volleyball world Championship, which Russia wollen host for the zuerst time, is bound zu become one von the main sporting events an the country in 2022.

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24 teams secured your participation in the taste tournament des the FIVB four years, which will be held in ten Russian urban from ehrenvoll 26 to september 11, 2022. Matches möchte be hosted von 10 Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk. 24 national teams möchte take part in the championship. The format von the competition provides weil das two gruppe stages und the last Six an Moscow, adhering to which a neu world champion möchte be determined.

group A: Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Puerto Rico (Moscow) group B: Brazil, Japan, Cuba, Qatar (Kemerovo) group C: Poland, USA, Mexico, Bulgaria (Novosibirsk) kopieren, gruppe D: France, Slovenia, Germany, Cameroon (Ufa) gruppe E: Italy, Canada, Turkey, china (Yekaterinburg) gruppe F: Argentina, Iran, Netherlands, Egypt (Krasnoyarsk)