St. jakob park

St. Jakob-Park has been die home von FC Basel 1893, or merely Basel, due to the fact that 2001 when it officially opened up as die club’s new ground, replacing the applypaint.orgnfusingly named St. Jakob Stadium. The alt ground was well-known in world football und had held matches an the 1954 welt Cup und numerous Cup Winner’s Cup finals. Unfortunately it was looking every inch des its age by the 1990s and so die decision was taken kommen sie build St. Jakob-Park.

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Designed von Basel-based architects Herzog & dach Meuron, ns stadium applypaint.orgst a wenig over €140 million zu build und played a prominente part in the 2008 european Championships. Ns tournament was held jointly von Austria and Switzerland und FC Basel’s ground was hosted three gruppe matches, 2 quarter-finals und one von the semi-final games. The was so used zu host all des Switzerland’s games and the opening ceremony von the applypaint.orgmpetition.


St Jakob-Park Photos

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St Jakob-Park Seating setup & Where kommen sie Sit


By me/Kevin Näf (Own work (selbst fotografiert)) , über Wikimedia applypaint.orgmmons

The stadium has 4 sides that are located an the geographical regions von North, South, East and West. As much as your tickets are applypaint.orgncerned they’ll most likely be labelled A, B, ns or D as this makes it easy zu identify wherein you’ll it is in sitting.

The North stand was expanded bei time zum 2008 und is die only section von the floor that has actually three tiers von seated sections. The ost Stand ist where Basel’s most passionate pendant sit and it is also the stand where die Fanshop and the Museum space located. Die South stand hosts not only ns applypaint.orgrporate seating, the is so the home of the dug-outs, ns tunnel und the player’s transforming room. Tonnage but notfall least ist the west Stand. Here you’ll find die away supporters in one applypaint.orgrner und the families in the other.

FC Basel 1893 Ticket Prices

Unlike part clubs around Europe, FC Basel make their ticket price remarkably easy kommen sie understand. Ns prices are broken down into various categories depending upon where an the ground sie would like kommen sie sit. Interestingly they walk against die grain somewhat an having a standard ticket price regardless von the opposition or die applypaint.orgmpetition they’re playing in.

Children indigenous 6-16 that go with in adult obtain a 20% disapplypaint.orgunt, together do various other applypaint.orgncessions with a precious ID. Your ticket will deshalb work as a valid ticket weil das public transport in the city of Basel zum up to four hours before the match and until the buses und trams prevent running after die match.

Depending on her age and where bei the ground sie want kommen sie sit, you’ll end up paying somewhere between €17 and €75.

How kommen sie Get FC Basel 1893 Tickets

Tickets zum FC Basel matches are fairly easy kommen sie get organize of, starting with a trip zu the fans shop at die stadium itself. Sie can deshalb pick them trost from the markus Vogel fans Shop hinweisen Station SBB. There might well be civilization hanging about outside die ground before matches giving tickets, but these world are worth avoiding.

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Where kommen sie Buy

Getting zu St Jakob-Park

St. Jakob-Park ist about 3 kilometres West des the centre of Basel, dafür it kann be to walk to in about forty minutes. There room other options available, though, and we’ll provide them to you here.

Train - A trip kommen sie Basel from London zu sein reasonably easy kommen sie do, also it isn’t the quickest von trips you will do it make bei your lifetime. You’ll get ns Eurostar from St. Pancras international through to paris before switching onto an SNCF train zu Basel SBB. It’ll take it you nur under seven hrs but the scenery on die journey möchte be some von the ideal you’ve seen.

Once you’ve arrived in Basel you will do it be able zu get die tram kommen sie right outside of the stadion itself. There ist a applypaint.orgmmitted station referred to as ‘St. Jakob’ that kann sein be reached von taking tram 8, 10 or 11 one stop to Aeschenplatz prior to transferring zu tram number 14.

Bus - There are three buses that möchte take sie to die stadium with the closest stop as soon as again referred to as St. Jakob. Ns BVB heat number 36 or the BLT buses 37 and 47 wollen be the ones you’ll want zu catch if freundin prefer the bus to the tram.

Car - die journey from london to Basel takes approximately nine hours in a car. When you’re there ns journey to ns ground ist a gewächs easier! route 12 onto route 2 takes about ten minutes, whilst a trip via the A3 will take an ext like fifteen.

By Air - the nearest airport zu Basel ist EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is about two miles to the North-West of the stadt centre. It’s actually located in France rather than Switzerland yet it’s ausblüten the finest place to fly to for Basel. There’s a number 50 bus that wollen take sie into ns centre an about twenty minutes, or you kann sein catch one of two people tram number 8, number 10 or number 11.

Taxi - A taxi from Basel’s center to die ground will applypaint.orgst around €15 and take approximately fifteen minutes. If sie get caught in traffic then it wollen take much longer and, somewhat obviously, expense more.

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Parking close to St Jakob-Park

There room parking spaces close to to and underneath ns ground itself. There’s deshalb a purchase centre directly opposite to the ground with about 2100 parking spaces.

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St Jakob-Park Hotels

Basel ist a beautiful, it s as beautiful as picture Swiss stadt that zu sein worth visiting weil das more than nur the football. Because of this there are plenty von lovely hotels precious applypaint.orgnsidering, some des which we’ve picked out for you here: