Rx100 Vii High Resolution Compact Camera

The sensor in the RX100 is the same 1" format that Nikon uses in its 1-System. It is considerably smaller than those used in most interchangeable lens cameras but it significantly larger than those used in most enthusiast compacts.

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A large sensor is one of the most significant factors in terms of providing good image quality. The larger area simply means that, compared lớn a smaller sensor camera, it will be exposed lớn more light during any exposure with the same settings (ISO, shutter speed & F-number). Và more light means a better signal-to-noise ratio.

To vày this, the table below shows it against its peers, showing the area of the sensor, the kích cỡ of the camera và the effective aperture of the camera. This last figure gives an idea of how much control over depth-of-field the camera will offer, by relating the aperture ranges back khổng lồ the 135 film standard.

Price (MSRP)Sensor area, mm2 (dimensions)Focal length rangeFocal length range (equiv.)Aperture rangeAperture range (equiv.)*Dimensions, mm(bounding box**)Sony DSC-RX100Canon G1 XOlympus XZ-1Fuji X10Canon S100Nikon1 J1Olympus E-PM1Nikon D3200
$649116 (13.2x8.8)10-37mm28-100mmF1.8-4.9F4.9-13.4101x58x36 (210cm3)
$799262 (18.7x14)15-60mm28-112mmF2.8-5.8F5.2-10.7117x78x65 (593cm3)
$49941*** (7.4x5.5)6.0-24mm28-112mmF1.8-2.5F8.5-11.8111x65x42 (303cm3)
$59958 (8.8x6.6)7.1-28mm28-112mmF2.0-2.8F7.9-11117x70x57 (467cm3)
$42942 (7.4x5.6)5.2-26mm24-120mmF2.0-5.9F9.3-27.499x60x27 (160cm3)
$649116 (13.2x8.8)10-30mm27-82mmF3.5-5.6F9.5-15.3106x61x72 (464cm3)
$499225 (17.3x13)14-42mm28-84mmF3.5-5.6F7-11.2110x68x84 (628cm3)
$699358 (23x15.4)18- 55mm27-83mmF3.5-5.6F5.4-8.7125x96x149 (1788cm3)

* Effective aperture, in 135 film terms - this gives an idea of the depth of field control offered by the lenses when the sensor form size is taken into account. ** The sum of each camera"s longest dimensions (the volume of the smallest box that could contain the camera, with the lens retracted) *** Figure takes into tài khoản that the XZ-1 uses a crop from a 1/1.63" sensor.

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Size & design compared...

Olympus XZ-1 and Canon PowerShot S100

From the vị trí cao nhất it is clear that the RX100 is a good deal less bulky than the Olympus XZ-1 & not too much thicker than the Canon PowerShot S100, easily fitting inside a shirt pocket. Impressive given that it features a much larger sensor than either of these cameras.

Fujifilm X10 and Canon PowerShot G1 X

As you can see from the top view, the Sony has achieved such a small body toàn thân in part by omitting both a hotshoe và optical viewfinder. The RX100"s fixed LCD screen & lack of a hand grip has also kept keep the body nice and slim.