Seat arona xcellence test

The Arona is ausblüten fresh, although notfall the least des all competitors in its class. But still: in the comparative test, we discovered that in the challenging competition, seven much more participants securely won. Okay, notfall among lock was ns Hyundai Kone, which was in the process von entering die market at the time, but die win was ausblüten well deserved.

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In this to compare test, ns Arona was equipped with the same engine together this prüfen (which ist great because this time us were able to drive a lot more kilometers v such a motor Arona than in the comparison test), however this time with the Xcellence Label. Which method a reasonably rich traditional equipment. Number of extras raised the price des the prüfen Arona from ns base (for Xcellence) 19 kommen sie 23 thousand. Und for this money, we suppose a lot from ns car. Is that what Arona deshalb offers?

Yes. Ns infotainment system zu sein perfect, ns seats are top notch, ns ergonomics are an excellent too. Ns trunk zu sein enough, the visibility behind the wheel ist very good, ns seats are excellent. And taking right into account the external dimensions of the inner space, over there is also enough. Bei addition to the aforementioned surcharges, over there are so assistance systems (safety and comfort).

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A good choice is the three-cylinder liter engine. It"s lively enough yet pleasantly fuel efficient, ns six-speed manual ist pleasant kommen sie use (but you"d favor a dual-clutch DSG), but sie want a shorter clutch travel. Die steering ist accurate enough, but the chassis ist rigid sufficient that it is possible (due zu a pleasant lage on the road) kommen sie crash into die passenger compartment wie pushing turn off a bad road.

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Enough about the price? If you"re looking for bei interestingly designed, otherwise correct, driver-friendly und roomy little crossover on ns outside without expecting any kind of overkill on ns inside, climate yes.