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On iphone phone 7, sich entschuldigen integrated a new Home button, notfall using die physical Home button anymore. Sie may not notice and not realize this since the new stress-sensitive house button so "imitates" the feeling favor a physical home button.

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On iphone phone 7, sich entschuldigen integrated a new Home button, notfall using the physical Home button anymore. Sie may not notice und not establish this due to the fact that the neu stress-sensitive residence button also "imitates" die feeling like a physical residence button.

Although in the process des turning off iPhone 7, freundin will lakers the home button, but bei fact, sie do notfall need kommen sie click this residence button. But when you click on die Home button, there will be a light vibrate indigenous Apple"s vibrator, dubbed "Taptic Engine", a unique vibrator built on iphone phone 7.

Because ns Home button has been changed, sie might be wonder how to take photos von the iphone phone 7 und iPhone 7 to add screens. To take screenshots von iPhone 7 und iPhone 7 Plus, please refer to die steps bei the following article des Network Administrator.

1. How zu take display shots des iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

In fact, basically ns screen capture shortcut on iphone 7 and iPhone 7 plus devices is exactly die same. You can take screenshot on iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus über pressing und holding the stärke button (located on die right side) und the Home taste at the same time .


One thing to remember ist that it zu sein necessary kommen sie apply enough force on die Home taste because the Home button on ns iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is not a physical home button, however a force-sensing. Drücken sie hard enough on die Home taste to be able zu take a screenshot of iPhone 7.

Now you will hear ns familiar sound, and the screenshot wollen be saved bei the camera roll, you can open the camera roll to view ns image.

2. Take photos des iPhone 7 screen using Assistive Touch (Virtual home key)

If you don"t desire to, or if you feel like catching a screen shot von pressing und holding the Home button und the energie button, it"s auch difficult, then you kann use Assistive Touch (Virtual home key) to take a screenshot with one hand.

Step 1:

The zuerst step you need kommen sie take ist to permit Assistive Touch (virtual residence button). To do this, offen the Settings apps (settings), then access General (general settings) => Accessibility (= accessibility) => Assistive Touch (virtual home key).

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Step 2:

Switch die Assistive Touch option state zu ON .


Step 3:

On die same screen, you will see bei option referred to as Customize oberteil Level Menu , click on that option to offen it.

Step 4:

Click die Custom taste (marked through a stern icon), then choose Screenshot (screenshot) from die list.


Step 5:

And screen capture option will be added to Assistive Touch menu. You kann take screenshots von iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus devices at any time v one touch von Assistive Touch button und then click the Screen record button .

3. How to view and share saved screenshots?

Step 1:

Open ns Photos app (Photos).

Step 2:

Access Albums tab and open album Screenshots (screenshot).

Step 3:

Scroll down below die photo album und find ns screenshot you took. Click on the image to open it.

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Step 4:

Click ns Share button icon in the bottom left corner kommen sie share screenshots zum 3rd splitter linterparty applications.

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Good luck!