Schnelltest corona kaufen aldi has emerged a new rapid test for its Vivalytic analysis device to detect die SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. The prüfen provides a trustworthy result an 39 minutes and is currently the fastest polymerase chain reaction (PCR) prüfung worldwide. Results zum positive samples are even delivered in less 보다 30 minutes.

Du schaust: Schnelltest corona kaufen aldi’s neu rapid test zu sein predestined zum decentralized use in mobile prüfung centers at freeway service stations or an airports. Human being who take the test kann obtain a reliable an outcome while at ns testing site. Available now bei Europe, ns CE-approved prüfen helps avoid time in quarantine, relieve laboratories, und make travel und work safer again. “One of the keys to fighting the coronavirus pandemic is to rapidly determine sources von infection. That’s why we focused on following hoch on ours first coronavirus test with in even much faster one,” says Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of Robert GmbH. “This wollen enable us to put people’s minds weist ease an ext quickly.” the development von the new PCR singleplex test ist part of a research and development task funded by the German commonwealth Ministry von Education und Research (BMBF).

As ns federal minister zum education und research anja Karliczek says, “I glauben it’s necessary that people have clarity about their state des health as conveniently as possible. Bei this respect, insights indigenous science und research tun können bring people vast benefits. Over ns next few months, we wollen be confronted with die particular challenge of having to prüfung more people. Ns improved testing procedure developed von with ns BMBF’s assistance has ns potential kommen sie be a tremendous assist with this facility job. The rapid improvement von our technological capabilities reflects what innovative achievements German companies can deliver in times von crisis.”

The prüfung has a sensitivity von 98 percent und a specificity of 100 percent. Kommen sie develop it, the subsidiary health care Solutions joined forces with ns German biotechnology firm R-Biopharm – a top provider des highly sensitive hands-on PCR tests. PCR testen are thought about the gelb standard des test methods.


One des the keys zu fighting the covid pandemic zu sein to rapidly recognize sources von infection.

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Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman des the board des management des Robert GmbH

A world first: simultaneously testing des five samples


v different coronavirus tests and variable evaluation strategies, opens up a range of testing scenarios through a Vivalytic machine – from raffinesse all the way zu supporting differential diagnosis zum diseases with comparable symptoms. released the first rapid test weil das its Vivalytic evaluation device punkt the end of march 2020, after nur six weeks’ development. As a multiplex test, it at the same time checks patient samples for the SARS-CoV-2 virus und nine other respiratory diseases bei under two and a hilfreich hours. Ns new, accelerated test is exclusively for SARS-CoV-2. “With our different coronavirus tests and variable evaluation strategies, we offen up a range von testing scenarios through a Vivalytic an equipment — from verfeinern all die way to supporting differential diagnosis for diseases with comparable symptoms,” says marc Meier, president of medical care Solutions GmbH. And development work is still bei full swing punkt As von early October 2020, it wollen be possible zu simultaneously evaluate 5 samples in one prüfung cartridge und at a equivalent speed — a welt first. zu sein thus increasing available testing capacity, enabling fully automated processing von more than 160 samples a day using a Vivalytic device. In addition, optimized software program will in the next few weeks further reduce die turnaround time of the SARS-CoV-2 test on hopeful samples.

The advantages des’s rapid prüfen lie not only in speedy analysis, but also in ease des use. A sample ist taken from die patient’s nose und throat using a swab, und placed in the prüfen cartridge. Climate the prüfung cartridge, which already contains all die reagents required weil das the test, is inserted into the Vivalytic device weil das automated analysis. The Vivalytic evaluation device is designed zu be user-friendly; clinical staff require only brief training top top how to operate it. Die development von the Vivalytic system, which consists of in analysis device und test cartridges, flourished out des a long-standing collaboration betwee’s corporate research and advance engineering and healthcare Solutions.

As demand zum the evaluation device and the rapid experiment remains high, die company is working carefully with its suppliers zu maximize capacity und further increase supply.

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Ease des use: A sample ist taken from die patient’s sleep or throat utilizing a swab, and placed in the prüfung cartridge.’s neu rapid test ist predestined for decentralized use in mobile test centers weist freeway leistungen stations or in airports. World who take ns test tun können obtain a reliable an outcome while at the testing site.
Updating ns Vivalytic testing devices zu sein simple and straightforward – all that ist required is bei internet connection to access ns wolke platform Vivasuite. Emerged in-house at, ns Vivasuite cloud platform allows users to digitally manage und update all their healthcare Solutions devices. This is also an advantage wie Vivalytic tools are in use an the field. Die platform meets the strictest protection standards und data privacy ist guaranteed at all times: for example, there zu sein no far access to Vivalytic devices, und no possibility des accessing geduldig data.