Samsung z flip 2

Depending ~ above how sie count, it’s either the second, third, or even fourth iteration des Samsung’s folding phone design. The erste was pulled from ns market days before release due to the fact that it was auch fragile. Ns second was die official release, however it was blieb surrounded über a fog des uncertainty. Die third was a different kind of phone, the Z Flip, where Samsung erste tested some new screen und hinge technologies. Und finally, we’re here, with the Z wrinkles 2.

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Through that persistent iteration, samsung has achieved two things. First, though ich can’t yes, really say it wollen be as sturdy as a normal phone, i do oase a fair amount of faith the this wrinkles 2 won’t damage itself through normal use. Second, that established the category itself, meaning I kann sein spend a wenig less time meditating on die meaning und import von folding phones together a concept.

Instead, I kann just talk about it as a device and tell freundin whether i think the any great instead des spending all of my time top top questions des durability or whether the thing even deserves zu exist bei the erste place. And then, I kann sein just administer a referral on whether kommen sie consider purchase it.

Spoiler alert: no. The $1,999, which ist way too much to invest on something favor this call unless sie truly love extravagance. It’s not worth the money, yet it’s worth looking weist as the new foundation zum a category des device ich expect kommen sie stick around weil das a lang time.

our review of samsung Z fold 2

Verge Score 7.5 out of 10

Z fold 2 hardware

Samsung didn’t radically change die formula for the Z wrinkles 2. It’s blieb a phone-shaped point that unfolds vertically right into a tablet-shaped thing. There’s blieb a small gap bolzen the 2 sides wie it’s closed, which to add to ns overall thickness des the device. That way it’s ausblüten a strange thing compared zu most phones.

When closed, that a tall, narrow, und thick maker — contempt thicker than two regular smartphone stacked and the same elevation as other oversized phones. This oblong object is deshalb very heavy, end 280 grams.


Put those two sachen together, and you’ll absolutely feel this thing in your pocket, assuming you kann fit it bei there. Most of your time interacting with die Z fold 2 wollen be v it open, though, where it’s a much more reasonable object. It has actually a 7.6-inch screen with minimal bezels and no notches.

As a little tablet, die Z wrinkles 2 feels rather natural zu use, despite it’s deswegen dense the it kann be tiring zu hold after a while. Ich found myself contempt bending ns screen and holding it favor a book sometimes.

There is, des course, an entirely various way zu talk about die Z fold 2’s hardware: von discussing what samsung has done kommen sie try zu make it more rugged than the original.

Most des that arbeiten has gone into die hinge. It now uses eight cams kommen sie add more friction and stability when opening it, i beg your pardon allows ns device zu hold itself nach oben at different angles. Samsung has also added tiny little elastic pen on the inside to keep die interior mechanism clear. There are deshalb slightly different bits des plastic around ns screen zu minimize die size of the gap wie man closed — plus wenig nubbins kommen sie keep the two political parties from clacking together too hard.

I won’t speak to whether those transforms are enough, but a hauptsächlich in, I oase had no issue, und the machine certainly feels favor it wollen hold together better than the zuerst or second Fold. Overall, it just seems like samsung has enforced tighter tolerances ~ above all of the mechanically parts. Everything is just a little less loosey-goosey than before. Des course, because it has actually moving parts and gaps, water will surely damage the Z fold 2.

In terms des its shape, Z fold 2 may ausblüten be in unfamiliar und slightly azer object. However it absolutely feels well-made.


Z wrinkles 2 screens

The various other thing samsung has done kommen sie improve reliability zu sein use Samsung’s fairly new extremistin Thin Glass for the display instead von plastic. Again, ich won’t speak zu whether it’s really any an ext durable 보다 the first Fold’s plastic screen. What ich think it might do zu sein add a wenig bit of rigidity to ns feel des the display under her finger.

I think the feels slightly less spongy, but make no mistake: what you touching ist plastic. The glass an the Z fold 2’s screen zu sein just one layer amongst five others. There are plastic layers in ~ it and above the — and on die top ist a plastic “protective layer” und then a factory-installed screen protector on ns very top, whereby you wollen be doing her tapping and swiping.

It feels choose plastic, an other words, and the screen protector can pick nach oben dings, dents, und scratches as quickly as any kind of other screen protector. Samsung says that you should notfall try zu remove that yourself, yet instead, go kommen sie a Samsung-approved dealer to have a professional remove it.

If, after ~ all of that, you blieb somehow damage ns screen, samsung is still offering a one-time $149 display screen replacement. Samsung deshalb has its normal warning label about proper use and care on die wrapper und on one des the zuerst setup screens.


Another thing to talk around with ns inside display zu sein the crease betwee the 2 sizes. It is there, it ist visible, and it is not a big deal. You’ll see it when ns light hits at particular angles, but zum the many part, it’ll leicht from your aware view wie you’re nur using die Z wrinkles 2.

The larger upgrade is actually on ns Z fold 2’s other screen: the hülle display on ns outside. The stretches the full length of one side von the phone, making that officially a 6.2-inch display. But it’s important kommen sie remember the that’s a diagonal line measurement. It has a chuck 25:9 element ratio, definition it ist very, very narrow.

The hülle display’s narrowness way it’s uncomfortable for typing anything des significant length, though swipe typing works quite well. Yet its taller size method that the no longer proactively annoying to use the Z wrinkles 2 wie closed. Various other than that size, over there isn’t anything special about the hülle display.

But there zu sein one more special thing about die inner display: ns variable update rate. It can ratchet all ns way down kommen sie 11Hz kommen sie save battery life or all die way up to 120Hz to ensure scrolling und animations look smooth.

I am an avowed fans of high refresh rate screens, however I so have zu admit the on many phones, they’re a deluxe instead of a necessity. On the Z wrinkles 2, however, it’s vital. The all but eliminates ns dreaded “jelly scroll effect.”

The wrinkles series kann sein suffer from jelly scroll because its screen controllers room on the side instead des the bottom, which method one side of the screen kann change that pixels just barely much faster than die other side. All phones execute this, yet usually, that vertically so you nothing notice wie man you scroll. Die high refresh rate on ns Z fold 2 reduces this effect deswegen much that i never saw it unless ich was especially looking zum it.

Z wrinkles 2 software, specs, und performance

Samsung’s system zum making android work top top two screens — one von which ist more choose a tablet than a phone — ist both impressive und irritating. It’s impressive since once freundin understand Samsung’s concepts for multitasking, there’s virtually no limit to what you tun können do.

It’s irritating due to the fact that it’s Samsung’s system. Ich don’t mean zu denigrate die system samsung created, but instead to note that it feels like in entirely different operating system on top des Android. ~ above its own, android doesn’t oase the pieces necessary to make a an excellent tablet OS, deswegen Samsung had zu tack them on top.

Once freundin get past that annoyance, however, there zu sein some elegance zu what samsung did here. Ns core des Samsung’s system is opening hoch a tradition app dock on the side und then dragging apps icons zu various areas on the screen kommen sie enable split screen, a three-up layout, or also floating windows.

Compared to last year, every little thing feels a wenig smoother und faster. You kann adjust ns various sizes von your panels or traction apps betwee them von long-pressing in indicator at the top des each app.

My favorite feature ist saving anwendung pairs, which launches two (or three) apps automatically in a split-screen layout. Unfortunately, you tun können only save those anwendung pairs an Samsung’s dock, not the main home screen.

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As before, you can anfang one task on die outer screen and then open up die phone kommen sie continue it. Samsung deshalb lets you set a tablet layout weist the system level, which means a few apps that oase been specially coded to seen it will give freundin a layout optimized zum tablets with tabs or panes. Yet more apps wollen do deshalb when sie turn die Z wrinkles 2 sideways.

You can also use ns screen folded punkt 90 degrees zu enable something samsung calls “Flex mode.” It splits some apps in two with different features on every half. This zu sein most effective an the camera, i beg your pardon shows big previews of your photos as sie take them. Otherwise, that a pretty minor gimmick, given how couple of apps execute anything v it.

On die whole, ich constantly uncovered myself bouncing bolzen being absolutely smitten v using the Z fold 2 and being rather annoyed. Lots of apps look great on die big screen, including browsers, reading, video, games, maps, and so on. Wie I’m making use of those, that great. And similarly, having a separation screen provides a last of productivity tasks so much less complicated — ich kept going rückseitig to the Gmail + Calendar combo — however then my home window setup would disappear the next time ich opened up die phone or an app would look stunner on the big tablet computer display und crush that positive vibe.

The big screen is wonderful, the tablet experience demands work

If you’re nur looking weil das the biggest display you tun können reasonably fit in your pocket, ns Z fold 2 offers that. The great zum watching videos and especially gaming. Lots of the games i would stream indigenous Microsoft’s game Pass ultimate or google Stadia were designed to be played on laptop or TV screens, deshalb having the Z wrinkles 2’s tablet-sized display made lock a lot more usable 보다 a smaller phone.

The Z fold 2 has actually a lining 12GB of RAM, which is more 보다 enough zu run many apps at once there is no any des them closing. The plenty fast und has kind battery life. Perhaps because i found myself using it an ext or perhaps because Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 + X55 combo space battery hogs, i didn’t fairly reach 2 days von uptime. (I doubt it’s both.) storage is in unexpandable 256GB, which zu sein okay. But at two grand, i was disappointed that wasn’t weist least 512GB.

One notable feature zu sein the speak setup: ns Z wrinkles 2 has actually stereo speakers, and they get very loud and sound rather good. Samsung says you might it is in willing kommen sie leave her Bluetooth speak behind, und while freundin might come close zu a klein speaker’s volume, ns Z wrinkles 2 doesn’t offer that viel bass. Plus, wie man you’re holding it, you can easily cover them v your hand if you’re notfall paying attention.

Z fold 2 cameras

Even though the Galaxy Z wrinkles 2 prices two grand, it seems as despite Samsung still needed to make some trade-offs for cost. Die place whereby that’s most obvious is the cameras. Yes nothing particularly wrong with any of the Z fold 2’s five cameras — however there’s not a big standout, either.

Both selfie cameras space 10 megapixels and sit within small hole punches in their corresponding displays. The bild they develop are totally acceptable but notfall noticeably far better than you’d gain on any type of other flagship phone. Ich do gain using die Z wrinkles 2 as a videoconferencing phone von propping one side up — though occasionally I’d have to split-screen another app to get the video windows in the appropriate place.

As zum the behind camera array, it is composed of in ultrawide, a standard hauptsächlich lens, and a telephoto lens. Every three space 12 megapixels und are perfect competent, however a für hilfe step behind what ns latest flagship phones kann do in both features und quality.

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I in not knocking the Z fold 2’s cameras nur because Samsung’s other 2020 flagships have higher megapixel counts or even die periscope-style telephoto lenses, nor do i care the this call can’t carry out 8K video. It’s nur that when it come to basic image quality, samsung is still overzealous v brightening sachen up und with smoothing faces.

Samsung states it has actually a trick where ns camera kann zoom und pan on topics automatically, but ich never managed to get that zu work reliably. It has another tricks that ich did use und love: wie taking a selfie, you kann tap a taste to use the good camera instead of the wenig selfie camera. Freundin unfold die device, use the cover display zum framing, und get a viel better selfie.

Using die Z fold 2, i could see myself pairing die device with a little Bluetooth key-board out in the welt or on a plane, living the cliched “road warrior” lifestyle. (Heck, google Docs zu sein actually halfway decent on this screen when you put the device bei landscape mode.) But i don’t see myself heading out into die world the often for a while. Even if i could, it would certainly be hard zu justify die asking price.

Samsung is committed to this form factor. It has already hinted that in upcoming version des the Z wrinkles series möchte support bei S Pen stylus. The company seems so bullish that it seems most likely that at some point this kind of maker could even supplant the klasse line von phones.

Samsung has actually proven the concept, jetzt it needs zu work on ns price

That day ist likely a long way off, though. Together refined and impressive as the Z wrinkles 2 is, it’s blieb fundamentally dealing with three major problems. The erste is that ns materials weil das folding screens still make it too difficult zu get a closed an equipment that’s totally flat and thin. The second zu sein that android isn’t doing samsung any favors when it comes zu making everything arbeit on a tablet-sized screen.

Thirdly and most importantly: it’s two thousand bucks. Phones that expense a tenth as viel can blieb run ns same apps und do die same fundamental functions. Phones the cost für hilfe as much match or exceed the Z wrinkles 2’s function set in every way except display screen size. And depending top top its reception, Microsoft’s impending $1,400 surface ar Duo through its dual-screen setup could so drain away some interest from the Z fold 2.

And yet, with all des those things stacked versus it, I still think the Z fold 2 is pretty great. I’d never recommend the anybody buy one, given the price. But unlike the first Fold, when i say the Z wrinkles 2 is in extravagant deluxe most civilization shouldn’t even consider, I so have zu admit that large screen ist genuinely luxurious.

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Agree to continue: samsung Galaxy Z wrinkles 2

Every smart device jetzt requires you to agree kommen sie a series von terms and conditions before you tun können use it — contracts the no one actually reads. The impossible weil das us kommen sie read and analyze every single one von these agreements. Yet we started berechnung exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” to use devices when we review them because these room agreements most people don’t read und definitely can not negotiate.

To use the samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, freundin must agree to:

The ende User license AgreementSamsung’s Privacy PolicyGoogle state of dienstleistungen (including Privacy Policy)Google play Terms von Service

There are many optional agreements. If freundin use a carrier-specific version, there will be more of them. Below are nur a few:

Samsung “Information Linking” and sending diagnostic dataGoogle journey backup, place services, W-Fi Scanning, diagnostic dataAutomatic installs (including from Google, Samsung, and your carrier)Bixby privacy police (required zu use Bixby), to add optional zum Bixby options like personalized content, dünn access, and audio recording review

There may be others. For example, ich already had actually a samsung account, dafür I didn’t need to agree kommen sie more terms zum that. Samsung’s Weather app so has its very own privacy policy that may encompass sharing info with

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And though it may notfall be a TOS, you do deshalb need kommen sie click with Samsung’s warnings about damaging the screen, which note that sie shouldn’t press on it “with a hard or sharp object,” close it v anything inside the device, or reveal it to water. (No notes on feeding it after midnight, punkt least.)

Final tally: there are 4 mandatory agreements and about eight optional ones i expect most users möchte want zu agree to.