Samsung Galaxy J2 Saturn

The Internet apps is a simple, fast and reliable web browser zum your phone and tablet. Proven to be die best performing web browser on Galaxy devices, internet comes with a range von features und security alternatives that give freundin greater control over the content you see. From downloading ad blockers, searching privately und having your einzelheiten complete instantly on sites, internet makes looking better.

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When you open the Internet anwendung you will be taken kommen sie the last page that sie were viewing. Die toolbars at die top und bottom of the app give sie various alternatives such as including a bookmark, opening a neu tab and returning to your homepage.


Please note: If freundin can"t seen the toolbar at die bottom des the screen, tap an empty an are or scroll upwards kommen sie bring it up

2Address bar: this shows freundin what web buchseite you room on. Insanity here kommen sie enter or search for a different website

Your homepage is the webseite that loads wie you erste open internet or open a neu tab. über default this möchte be google but it kann be set zu any website that sie like.

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You kann save a web seite to your bookmarks deshalb that you tun können easily come back to it later. If sie use bookmarks regularly, it can be a great idea kommen sie create part folders kommen sie organise your conserved sites.

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Creating a bookmark

Tabs room a convenient way to have multiple internet pages open at die same time. You can have end 50 offen tabs at die same time, making it easy to keep track des the websites you love.

Creating and switching tabs

Please note: in some older versions, the Internet app supports a maximum des 50 tabs. If freundin already oase 50 tabs und open another, it will close your earliest tab automatically

By browsing ns internet in secret setting you can view websites and enter searches there is no any des the säule being saved.