Samsung Curved Uhd Tv 55 Hu8590

Prices zum Samsung 2014 extremist HD lineup has been leaked on die internet. The die info was given zu The „cheapest“ 50 customs UHD-TV von the HU8550 series wollen be available zum $ 2,499. Ns HU9000 series with bending (curved) display möchte set you back $ 3999 ~ above your bank account. 

The prices weil das Sony’s 4K lineup have so been released recently. Comparing the price recommendations von Sony and Samsung you kann see the Sony ist slightly cheaper at die smaller diagonal. If we move beyond die 55 inches (139 cm) we kann sein experience a satisfied surprise. When Sony’S 65-inch flat UHD-TV prices $ 4499, respectively $ 5,499, the samsung UN65H8550 UHD TV goes weil das $ 3999. Thats 500 bucks saved.

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75 inch extremist HD TV for $ 5,999

But die killer zu sein Samsung’s best model. Die 75 -inch modell of ns HU8550 collection costs „only“ $ 5,999 . For a flat ultra HD TV, through full devices , HDMI 2.0 und HEVC assistance this model could it is in the neu dream TV zum home theater fans.

Samsung forces preis stability through UPP

The pricing is UPP prices. This means Unilateral Pricing Policy und is a typical means von TV manufacturers zu counteract die drop bei prices for their products. If a TV is offered below the specified price, so it might be that die dealer ist simply no longer supplied .

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Thus, the preis remains stable, which is good zum the manufacturer, but bad for ns customer. Die UPP zu sein the minimum price. Die television devices may of kurse be advertised more expensive. That möchte happen an most cases. In America this zu sein quite legal. Bei Germany together a preis target against free trade would violate .

European prices are notfall yet known

The prices zum the European industry are notfall yet recognized . However, we can assume that after added charges zum customs und tax the price will be converted one-to-one from Dollars kommen sie Euros. Thus die cheapest model would be die 50 customs UN50H8550 zum 2,499 euros

Prices curved UHD-TV HU9000 Series

(Deutschland: U9000)


UN50H8550 – 50 Zoll $2499.99 (ca. 1800 Euro)UN55H8550 – 55 Zoll $2999.99 (ca. 2190 Euro)UN60H8550 – 60 Zoll $3499.99 (ca. 2550 Euro)UN65H8550 – 65 Zoll $3999.99 (ca. 2900 Euro)UN75H8550 – 75 Zoll $5999.99 (ca. 4350 Euro)

Features HU8550 Series

Flat führen zu LCD display screen witch 3.840 x 2.160 Pixel120Hz update RateActive 3DMicro DimmingColor Enhancer PlusDTS Premium SoundQuad-Core ProzessorSmart HubWiFiOne affix Box, HEVC, HDMI 2.0Voice Recoginition, skype Ready, AllShare, 3D Sound Plus, Eco Sensor, Connectshare Movie