Söder Corona Regeln Bayern

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Du schaust: Söder corona regeln bayern

applypaint.org24 RedaktionThe situation bei Bavaria is currently stable. Ns incidence value is bei the single-digit range. Ns regulations bei force in Bavaria are also becoming significantly manageable. Nevertheless, remain cautious!

There is a lot of disinformation circulating on the internet regarding the topic of corona and vaccinations - an the news ticker, we möchte keep sie informed around newly emerging rumours.

PCR tests now only free von charge in test centres

As of today, those who carry out not oase any symptom will have to pay zum PCR testen themselves bei medical practices. This also applies to prüfung centres collection up von registered doctors. An municipal test centres, on die other hand, which room run by cities und districts, PCR experiment will stay free of charge till the end of September. Die reason zum the restriction: the medical practices must keep as much capacity as feasible available for corona vaccinations, said a to adjust spokeswoman wie man asked von applypaint.org.


Further loosening in Bavaria

In Bavaria's areas with a corona incidence listed below 25, pupils hinweisen secondary institutions will also be allowed kommen sie take off their masks in their seats as of Thursday (July 1). However, die mask requirement wollen remain an effect bei the corridors and restrooms of the college building. In addition, ns Bavarian state government has announced additional relaxations: instead von 500 people, 1500 möchte be allowed kommen sie attend cultural und sporting events bei the future, v a maximum des 200 of them bei standing places. In addition, the curfew in the hospitality sector will be relocated from midnight kommen sie 1 am.


Bavaria abolishes prioritisation in vaccination centres

Prioritisation bei Bavarian inoculation centres möchte be lifted, according to bei announcement von Prime Minister sode after the Bavarian vaccination summit. This method that people without prioritisation who room willing zu be vaccinated will soon it is in able zu get in appointment at ns Bavarian vaccination centres. According zu Söder, 70 percent von Bavarians should oase received their zuerst vaccination dose und 50 percent their 2nd vaccination dose über the summer holidays. Die vaccination centres will so continue to operate beyond ns summer.


Mask requirement at-seat abolished bei Bavaria's major schools

The Bavarian room has made decision that the requirement to wear a mask in class hinweisen Bavaria's major schools and primary tun of one-of-a-kind schools wollen be abolished as des Wednesday. Accordingly, pupils and teachers wollen no longer have to stay masks wie sitting or working bei the great if die local incidence value is stable listed below 50. However, the mask requirement will still apply wie "walking around" in the college building also as hinweisen secondary schools. In the playground, every school and after-school care children an Bavaria oase not had to wear a mask since tonnage week.


Digital proof von vaccination launched

The digital version des proof des a corona vaccination has jetzt been released with die "CoV-Pass-App". The proof kann be requested in addition to the analog vaccination certificate. For new vaccinations, a QR code is issued at the vaccination center or by the basic practitioner, which kann be scanned with the CoV-Pass-App. Weil das second vaccination doses that have already been administered, such a QR code kann be approve retrospectively at many pharmacies. To issue die QR password there, a certificate for both inoculation doses, bei identification document and the smartphone are required. Die digital proof des vaccination can deshalb be used with the "Corona-Warn-App".


Munich elevator mask requirement an pedestrian zone

As of today, Wednesday, masks are no much longer mandatory an and around ns pedestrian zone bei Munich's old Town. In addition, ns ban top top alcohol consumption in the pedestrian zone and at die Viktualienmarkt has deshalb been lifted. This means that ns ban jetzt only applies to Gärtnerplatz und Wedekindplatz, specifically betwee 8 pm and 6 am.


How do i get a corona vaccination in Bavaria?

If you live in Bavaria, you can get a corona vaccination appointment an different ways. The possibilities weist a glance.

Test centre: Vaccinations space available at around 100 prüfung centres in Bavaria, die responsibility des which counts on where you live. To get a vaccination appointment there, sie need to register hinweisen https://impfzentren.bayern/. Wie man appointments space available, die vaccination centre will contact you von e-mail or sms with in appointment offer.

GP or clinical specialist: Bavarian general practitioners und medical specialists also offer vaccinations. Appointments are made straight through the medical practices. Numerous practices oase waiting lists, und some deshalb allow appointments to be booked online.

Company doctor: native June onwards, vaccinations will also be offered by company physicians throughout Bavaria. Die respective company doctors will then be responsible for scheduling appointments.


Further loosening an Bavaria as of Monday

The Bavarian cabinet has decided on further relaxations weil das the Free zustand from following Monday, June 7 - and deshalb on ns lifting des the "disaster situation" that has actually been in force up kommen sie now.

Contacts: indigenous Monday, meetings of up zu ten civilization from 3 households möchte again it is in possible bei Bavaria if ns local incidence is betwee 50 and 100. If ns incidence ist below 50, the maximum number von people wollen remain at ten, however then also from much more than 3 households. Above an incidence value von 100, only meetings betwee one household and one additional person are allowed. Completely vaccinated and recovered persons and children under 14 years of age are notfall counted here.

Festivities: privatgelände festivities such together weddings, birthdays und baptisms kann sein again take location with up zu 100 persons outdoors und up kommen sie 50 persons at home (then through a mask, however without mandatory testing) if ns local incidence value zu sein below 50. Through a neighborhood incidence bolzen 50 und 100, celeapplypaint.orgations through up kommen sie 50 civilization outdoors and up zu 25 human being indoors are feasible - however then with mandatory testing. Vaccinated and recovered persons and children under ns age des 14 are not counted right here either.

Culture & sports: native Monday, outdoor cultural and sporting occasions may again be attended by up to 500 visitors, with masks und fixed seating. If die local incidence is over 50, a negative test is also required. Punkt church services, singing will also be allowed again v masks. Furthermore, amateur musicians wollen again be allowed kommen sie rehearse outdoors with no limits on participants, and indoors depending on the size des the room. Bei addition, indigenous Monday, teams in contact und non-contact sports wollen again it is in allowed to practise without limited gruppe sizes if ns incidence ist below 100. However, a negativ test ist necessary if ns incidence zu sein above 50.

Hospitality & leisure: indigenous Monday, indoor hospitality zu sein allowed to open again bei Bavaria if the local incidence zu sein below 100 - till midnight. However, if die incidence ist above 50, a negative test wollen be crucial - in addition, fixed hygiene concepts wollen apply. Furthermore, facilities such as solariums, saunas, indoor swim pools und amusement parks are allowed kommen sie reopen if ns incidence ist below 100. If ns incidence ist above 50, however, a negative test is deshalb required there.

Retail: Purchases in non-essential sleeve outlets will again be feasible without in appointment from Monday if the local incidence ist below 100. However, the mask requirement an shops remains bei place.


Free corona tests zum nursery school children in Bavaria after ns Whitsun holidays

Starting following week, Bavaria will so offer corona tests for nursery school children. According to the zustand Chancellery, parents des nursery institution children wollen then it is in able to receive two totally free self-tests per week ~ above presentation von vouchers weist pharmacies. The corresponding vouchers wollen be distributed von the nurseries. The prüfen offer zum nursery school children is voluntary as lang as the children do not schutz any symptoms von disease.


PCR tests in Bavaria now only valid zum 24 hours

PCR tests zum hospitality, culture, sports und tourism are jetzt only valid zum 24 hours in Bavaria, und no longer zum 48 hours. This regulation already came right into force bei mid-May. Ns validity of the prüfung depends on die time ns swab was taken. However, weil das entry into Bavaria, PCR experiment that are notfall older 보다 72 hours wollen continue to be recognised.


Munich loosens call restrictions

After the incidence value an Munich ist currently stable below 35, ns contact restrictions an the state capital möchte be calm as von tomorrow, Wednesday. Specifics up zu ten world from a maximum des three households wollen then be allowed zu meet in Munich. Youngsters under die age des 14, those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have recovered will not be counted an the number des persons. Bei the surrounding district von Munich, this regulation has currently been bei effect due to the fact that today, Tuesday.


Munich loosens corona rules ~ above Sunday

The seven-day incidence bei Munich has actually been listed below 50 weil das five days, which is why the corona rules bei the state capital wollen be relaxed when again from Sunday. Specifically, the testing requirement wollen be dropped in many areas. This means that visits kommen sie outdoor hospitality and also cultural und leisure facilities will again be possible without a prüfung or in appointment. Visits zu swimming pools und gyms still require a it is registered or meeting booking, but likewise no negativ test result. Furthermore, Munich's nurseries möchte return to regular operation and, as dinge stand, schools bei Munich are so expected zu offer complete face-to-face to teach again after ns Whitsun holidays.


What wollen happen next punkt schools und nurseries in Bavaria?

After the Whitsun holidays, numerous schools und nurseries in Bavaria space expected kommen sie return kommen sie more normality.

Schools: As von June 7, schools in Bavaria möchte not schutz to close and implement distance discovering until a local incidence value des 165 ist reached. If die local incidence is between 50 und 165, schools möchte implement alternative classes. If the local incidence value falls below 50 zum several days, all college classes return kommen sie face-to-face teaching - even without a minimales distance. However, die current mask requirement from the fifth grade onwards and mandatory testing wollen remain in place hinweisen Bavarian schools.

Nurseries: indigenous June 7, ns same limits that apply weist schools will so apply at nurseries. Thus, if die local incidence value is 165 or higher, Bavarian nurseries will only it is in allowed to offer notfall care. If ns incidence is betwee 50 and 165, there möchte be limited regular procedure with resolved groups. Once ns local incidence value is below 50, consistent operation is allowed there is no restrictions. There is no causing obligation testing bei nurseries - but two tests per week are offered on a voluntarily basis.


Loosening weil das sport in Bavaria

In view des further decreasing corona figures, ns Bavarian cabinet has initiated more relaxations weil das sport. Beginning this Friday, might 21, it will again it is in possible kommen sie train bei gyms in areas with bei incidence value listed below 100, true to the motto "Click & Fit". Training wollen then require bei appointment booking and, if die local incidence zu sein above 50, a negativ test; an addition, masks wollen be obligated when notfall using die gym equipment. Under the same conditions regarding appointments and tests, Bavarian outdoor swimming pools may so reopen native Friday.


No more vaccine prioritisation in Bavaria's clinical practices as of Thursday

Bavaria's basic practitioners will be allowed zu administer all corona vaccines from Thursday, may 20, regardless von prioritisation. This was confirmed von the Ministry des Health top top request by applypaint.org. Deswegen far, only ns vaccines indigenous AstraZeneca und Johnson & Johnson have been made available regardless von prioritisation.

Further loosening an Bavaria's cultural sector as of Friday

In enhancement to the already announced relaxations, the Bavarian state Chancellery has actually announced more relaxation steps in the area des culture zum this Friday, might 21. Specifics as von Friday, in areas through a secure incidence value below 100, amateur musicians und ensembles will again it is in allowed to rehearse together with up zu 20 world outdoors und a maximum of ten civilization indoors. Zum this purpose, if ns local incidence is between 50 and 100, one of two people a negativ test an outcome (not older 보다 24 hrs if antigen und self-test or 48 hours if PCR test) or proof von complete inoculation or recovery ist required. An addition, native Friday onwards, if the incidence zu sein below 100, outdoor cultural events with up zu 250 entrants are kommen sie be feasible again - with suitable hygiene concepts.


New regulations zum entry into Bavaria

In Bavaria, die new corona entry ordinance des the federal government has been an force due to the fact that yesterday weil das entries from foreign risk und high incidence areas and also areas des variant des concern. The new rules at a glance:

Registration requirement: Travellers to Bavaria indigenous these areas must register punkt www.einreiseanmeldung.de before entering ns country. There are, however, part exceptions: zum example, zum transit purposes, zum a remain aapplypaint.orgoad des up kommen sie 24 hrs as part des "local border traffic" or weil das first-degree household visits lasting up zu 72 hours.

Requirement des providing proof: for entry from together areas, proof von the non-existence von a corona infection zu sein required from the age of six. Specifically, negativ test results in German, English, French, Italian und Spanish that are not older 보다 48 hrs (antigen tests) or 72 hours (PCR tests) room accepted. In the case von entry indigenous areas of variant des concern, antigen testen must notfall be older 보다 24 hours. Furthermore, instead des a test, proof des a complete corona vaccination (second vaccination dose with a vaccine authorised in the eu at least 14 work ago) as well as des recovery indigenous a covid infection (positive PCR test at the very least 28 days and not much more than six months old) room accepted in the very same languages. The proof requirement deshalb applies to all entries by air kommen sie Bavaria, then also when entering native non-risk areas.

Quarantine requirement: wie entering native a continuous risk area, die quarantine requirement does notfall apply if one von the above-mentioned proofs is presented. This proof have to then it is in uploaded an the entry it is registered portal. Entrants from high-incidence locations must generally go into quarantine zum ten days, but kann end this quarantine prematurely after 5 days at the earliest von testing negativ again. Exceptions from die quarantine need apply kommen sie entries from high-incidence areas, zum example, zum visits von life partners and first- or second-degree relatives, zum stays des up kommen sie five work that are absolutely crucial for business purposes, and for urgent clinical treatment. Wie entering native areas von variant von concern, on the other hand, a 14-day quarantine ist required, zum which there are no exceptions and which can not be terminated prematurely by another test.


Bavaria enables "local border traffic" through Austria und the Czech Republic again

As von today, world entering Bavaria from border areas in Austria and the Czech Republic kann sein again travel to Bavarian border areas zum up zu 24 hours without quarantine. However, ns travellers must not show any typical symptoms des a corona infection. When travelling from Bavaria kommen sie Austrian and Czech border areas, however, ns regulations von the neighbouring nations apply. In Austria, zum example, die quarantine exemption only applies zu vaccinated, recovered und tested persons. In the Czech Republic, on ns other hand, travel from Bavaria zu sein possible without testing und quarantine if ns stay in the Czech Republic does not exceed twelve hours.


Bavaria allows doctor's surgeries kommen sie administer corona vaccines without prioritisation

Bavaria's general practitioners are kommen sie be allowed zu administer all corona vaccines as early on as following week, regardless des prioritisation. According zu Prime Minister Söder, prioritisation von vaccinations among GPs wollen be lifted "in the kurse of following week". Deswegen far, only the vaccines produced by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson oase been freed from prioritisation. An vaccination centres, however, die current procedure with the fixed vaccination order zu sein to remain bei place.


Prioritisation zum Johnson & johnson vaccine lifted

In ns future, no addressed prioritisation will apply an Bavaria for vaccinations with johnson & Johnson's corona vaccine. Die vaccine zu sein generally zu be administered zu people aged 60 and over. However, younger people kann sein now so be vaccinated v it after receiving clinical information. Vaccinations through the johnson & johnson vaccine möchte therefore it is in possible zum younger people an doctors' surgeries und with agency doctors.


Bavaria announces more loosening von tourism regulations

At the anfang of ns Bavarian Whitsun holidays, many tourist facilities in Bavaria möchte be allowed to reopen from may 21 if die local incidence value is below 100. In addition to ns opening of hotels, holiday flats und campsites, die operation des cable cars, river und lake navigation an holiday traffic as well as tourist rail and coach services will be possible again. An addition, from may 21, if the incidence ist below 100, guided city, cultural, mountain and nature tours outdoors will be permitted again, und the out areas von "medical heat baths" will deshalb be allowed to reopen.

For die use of these services and facilities, a negative corona test notfall older 보다 24 hours ist required if the local incidence worth is between 50 und 100. Wie staying in tourist accommodation, a further test is required every 48 hours. However, the prüfen requirement does notfall apply to recovered und fully vaccinated persons und children under ns age des six.


Who zu sein considered totally vaccinated or recovered?

Since yesterday, Thursday, part relaxations oase been an force an Bavaria for persons who oase already been "fully vaccinated" or are thought about to schutz recovered. The Bavarian zustand government has now defined equivalent proofs the vaccinated und recovered people need an terms von the relaxations:

Vaccinated persons: persons are considered "fully vaccinated" if they schutz already been vaccinated for at the very least 14 job with the second sheep of an EU-approved vaccine against Covid-19. Zum the vaccination, they require a equivalent certificate an German, English, French, Italian or Spanish - either an hard copy or digitally.

Recovered persons: people are considered to have recovered if they have already to be infected with the coronavirus bei the tool term. Die infection must schutz been confirmed über a optimistic PCR prüfen at the very least 28 days und no more than six months ago. Hopeful PCR test results are emapplypaint.orgaced either in hard copy or bei digital format bei German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

In addition, vaccinated and recovered persons must not show usual symptoms des Covid-19 and must notfall be acutely infected to be eligible weil das the relaxations.


Loosening an further locations from Monday onwards

In addition to the relaxations weil das vaccinated und recovered persons, the Bavarian room has decided on further loosening that will already use from following Monday (May 10).

Gastronomy: from Monday, restaurants and cafés an towns and districts with an incidence value of less 보다 100 möchte again it is in allowed kommen sie serve guests in their outdoor areas and beer gardens till 10 pm. However, guests need a reservation, a negative corona test notfall older than 24 hours und a mask external their fixed seats.

Leisure und sports: Concert halls, opera houses, museums, memorials and cinemas are deshalb allowed kommen sie reopen native Monday bei areas with in incidence below 100. A negative corona test not older 보다 24 hours is also required zum visits there, an addition to mandatory masks and a minimal distance des 1.5 metres. In addition, contact-free at home sports and contact sports outdoors will be feasible again indigenous Monday if the local incidence value zu sein below 100 - linked to mandatory testing.

Schools: bei Bavarian main schools, alternative teaching up zu a local incidence value des 165 zu sein possible again native Monday in grades one kommen sie three. This regulation deshalb applies kommen sie fifth and sixth grade weist special-needs schools. Graduating classes and eleventh und fourth graders will continue to be taught in alternating classes if ns incidence over 100. Zum all other grades, street learning wollen continue zum the time being.

Services: close contact services (such as visits kommen sie cosmetic studios) wollen be enabled again native Monday if die local incidence value zu sein below 100. This so applies to dog organize schools. However, bei appointment, a negative corona test (not older than 24 hours) too as in FFP2 mask are required.


From Thursday additional loosening zum vaccinated und recovered persons bei Bavaria

The Bavarian cabinet has made decision on some additional relaxations zum fully vaccinated people (who had actually both vaccine doses) as well as verifiably recovered persons in Bavaria, which will already use from Thursday, may 6, 2021. Specifically, ns current call restrictions also as die night-time curfew will no much longer apply kommen sie these groups. They möchte therefore not be counting within die maximum number des permitted contacts. However, follow to the cabinet decision, ns mask requirement and the distance rule will continue to apply to vaccinated and recovered persons weil das the time being.

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Oktoberfest cancelled again this year

The Oktoberfest in Munich will notfall take place this year one of two people because of the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by Bavaria's ureigensten Minister markus Söder und Munich's unterschied mayor Dieter Reiter. Other renowned folk festivals bei Bavaria have already to be cancelled, such together the dachau Folk Festival und the Gäuboden folk Festival in Straubing. However, there can be alternatives bei several places in Bavaria, together as last year's "Sommer bei der Stadt" ("Summer bei the City") bei Munich, v decentralised rides and stalls accompanied über appropriate restroom measures.


Twice-vaccinated persons exempt from quarantine requirement bei Bavaria

From now on, people who schutz already received both doses von the corona vaccine space exempt from ns quarantine requirement wie entering Bavaria. Accordingly, the exemption applies specifically kommen sie persons that do not show any symptoms und have been vaccinated for at least 15 days with the second dose von a vaccine approved bei the EU. For this purpose, vaccinated persons must have proof des vaccination (yellow inoculation passport or confirmation from a doctor or inoculation centre) bei German, English or French. However, die exemption from ns quarantine requirement does notfall apply kommen sie vaccinated people entering indigenous areas of variant of concern. Furthermore, ns already existing regulations on die requirements zu register, test and provide proof ~ above entry continue to apply.


New loosening an Bavaria

The Bavarian cabinet has chose on a couple of relaxations zum the complimentary State, which wollen apply native tomorrow, Wednesday.

Retail: Garden centres, flower shops and bookstores space again considered zu be shops for täglich needs and are allowed to offen regardless von the incidence value.

Leisure: out areas of zoological and botanical gardens might reopen even if the incidence value ist above 100. According zu the zustand Chancellery, a negativ test result not older 보다 24 hours zu sein required zum all tourists over the age des six kommen sie visit. In addition, drive-in cinemas are allowed to reopen also if the incidence worth exceeds 100.

Children: As des Wednesday, a maximum des five kids under the age of 14 room allowed kommen sie participate an non-contact outdoor sports together, also with in incidence value above 100.

Vaccinated persons: completely vaccinated people who oase already to be vaccinated twice wollen be put on an equal footing with negatively tested persons as of Wednesday. They möchte then no longer oase to show a negative test result, weil das example, when shopping with an appointment.


"Corona notfall applypaint.orgake": Bavaria tightens part rules

The "corona notfall applypaint.orgake", which has actually been an effect nationwide due to the fact that today, causes some of the corona rules currently in force in Bavaria kommen sie be tightened. The "emergency applypaint.orgake" applies to areas where die incidence value has exceeded die limit value von 100 zum three days.

Sport: If ns local incidence worth exceeds 100, non-contact individual sport ist now just permitted alone, in pairs des two, or through one's very own household.

Retail: to buy with bei appointment (Click & Meet) is only permitted if ns local incidence value ist 150 or less. A negative test result (PCR, antigen or "self-test") not older than 24 hours ist required for shopping appointments.

Personal care: zum visits kommen sie hairdressers or chiropodists, a negative corona test, i m sorry must not be older than 24 hours, ist required in addition to bei appointment if ns local incidence worth exceeds 100. From jetzt on, FFP2 masks are so mandatory weil das employees working there. Hand, nail und facial care, on die other hand, room henceforth no much longer considered to be allowed "close call services".

Schools: If ns local incidence value has been above 100 zum three days bei a row, every pupils an the respective place wollen study at home from ns day after next. Die fourth, eleventh und final grades are exempt from this.

Loosening: die stricter rules in a locality may be loosened if die local incidence value has actually remained below 100 weil das five days an a row.


Bavaria rolls the end AstraZeneca vaccine for all period groups

Bavaria is lifting prioritisation on AstraZeneca's corona vaccine. From now on, follow to ns Bavarian Ministry von Health, every citizens aged 18 and older can be vaccinated with the vaccine. Since april 19, AstraZeneca's vaccine has actually only to be available weil das first-time inoculations at gp surgeries und specialist practices bei Bavaria, und no longer hinweisen vaccination centres. For the Biontech vaccine, however, inoculation prioritisation continues zu apply zum the time being.


No quarantine requirement zum vaccinated persons in Bavaria after call with infected persons

According kommen sie a neu general ruling, vaccinated people in Bavaria are now exempt indigenous quarantine from ns 15th day after their final vaccination if they schutz had proven contact with infected people. The exemption deshalb applies kommen sie people an Bavaria who had actually a corona infection an the last six months. If the infection emerged longer ago, but the person was vaccinated in the meantime, he or she would so not have to quarantine. All various other "close contacts von confirmed cases" must continue kommen sie immediately go into domestic quarantine for 14 days and are not allowed zu leave or receive visitors. Furthermore, no exception to ns quarantine need continue zu apply zu those entering Bavaria from aapplypaint.orgoad who oase been vaccinated or schutz recovered indigenous a corona infection.


Corona measures expanded until weist least may 9

The Bavarian cabinet has prolonged the corona ordinance weil das the Free state until might 9. Accordingly, die entry quarantine ordinance will deshalb be extended. In addition, die cabinet has made decision on some additional measures: in future, local authorities wollen be able kommen sie order obligated testing zum Bavarian companies if the incidence value zu sein above 200. In addition, parents who have their youngsters looked after punkt a nursery weil das a maximum of five job will so receive a refund von the nursery fees in April und May. This also applies if the nursery is closed early out to corona infections.


Munich implements "corona notfall applypaint.orgake" rules as von Wednesday

Stricter corona rules will again apply in Munich native Wednesday, as ns seven-day incidence there has been over 100 zum three consecutive days. Consequently, as von next Wednesday, ns night-time curfew from 10 pm to 5 bei der will again be an force an Munich. People will also only it is in allowed zu meet with one personen from one more household. Purchase with bei appointment will ausblüten be possible in shops zum non-daily needs, but only v a negative test result. Cultural and leisure facilities in Munich, on ns other hand, will be closed again from Wednesday.


New corona rules in Bavaria from Monday

Schools: indigenous Monday, mandatory testing weil das pupils wollen apply in Bavaria. Specifically, student are kommen sie undergo a PCR, fast or self-test punkt school double a week. Pupils may so come zu school through a negativ result, which should then be obtained from a prüfen centre or pharmacy. Those that refuse the prüfen or have to get in quarantine get distance learning. With bei incidence value below 50, there is face-to-face teaching hinweisen primary schools and alternate teaching weil das older pupils. If ns incidence value is betwee 50 und 100, every pupils are in alternating classes. If the incidence zu sein above 100, distance learning takes place in the influenced regions. Exempted native distance learning are final-year classes and grades 4 at primary schools and 11 weist grammar schools und higher secondary vocational schools.

Retail: If ns regional incidence value zu sein below 50, all shops outside the täglich needs might open an the impacted region. Weil das values between 50 and 200, shopping in retail outlets ist possible über prior appointment. However, with in incidence value bolzen 100 und 200 in a region, a negative corona test ist required weil das the to buy appointment. Bei this case, PCR tests notfall older than 48 hours or quick tests notfall older 보다 24 hours are accepted. If die incidence value exceeds 200, only "Click & Collect" ist allowed an shops. Shops for täglich needs remain unaffected indigenous this rule.


Munich i got loose stricter corona rules again

After the incidence value an Munich has remained below 100 for three days between Holy Saturday and Easter Monday, the stricter corona rules that have been in force an Munich because Easter Sunday wollen be loosened again as von Wednesday. According to the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI), ns incidence value bei the state capital was 94.5 top top Easter Sunday und 96.1 ~ above Easter Monday. As a result, the night-time curfew bei Munich möchte be lifted native Wednesday und shops, museums also as die zoo will be allowed zu reopen.


Munich returns kommen sie stricter corona rules as von Easter Sunday

On good Friday, ns Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) reported a seven-day incidence of 104.3 weil das Munich, which means that die incidence value bei the state capital has been over 100 weil das the third day in a row. Together a result, Munich will implement the so-called "corona notfall applypaint.orgake" as des Easter Sunday: privatgelände meetings möchte then just be possible in Munich zum the members von one's own household und one additional person (not berechnung children under the age of 14). Furthermore, there möchte again be a curfew between 10 pm und 5 am. Finally, in addition kommen sie most einkaufen (except those for daily needs), cultural und leisure framework will schutz to nearby again.


The Bavarian corona rules weist Easter

What is allowed weist Easter and what is not? die five many important corona rules weist a glance.

Contacts: the previous contact restrictions continue zu apply punkt Easter. Accordingly, an places with in incidence value below 100, a maximum von five civilization from two family members may meet. If die incidence value zu sein above 100, on ns other hand, a household is only allowed to meet one various other person. In both cases, children under the age des 14 are not included in the number des persons allowed kommen sie meet.

Trips and sports: bei principle, job trips and sporting activities are allowed weist Easter. However, job trips should be avoided, especially in areas with high incidence rates. Weist excursion hotspots, die police und other authorities wollen check compliance v the corona rules. Bei addition, in areas with an incidence value above 100, sporting activities are only feasible without contact either v one's own family or with one personen from one more household.

Church services: Easter services may it is in held an attendance this year. However, v fewer visitors, without singing and with a FFP2 mask requirement. Bei many parishes, tourists must so register online bei advance. Moreover, bei many places church service are applypaint.orgoadcast direkte on the internet.

Shops: shops for jeden tag needs are allowed to open regularly on divine Saturday in Bavaria. These include grocery und drug stores, bookstores, shoe shops, opticians und hearing aid audiologists, stationery and flower einkaufen as well together garden centres and DIY superstores. However, most shops in Bavaria room closed on Easter Sunday und Monday.

Curfew: also at Easter, ns nightly curfew between 10 pm und 5 bei der applies bei areas through a seven-day incidence over 100. Leave one's very own home is then just permitted an urgent superior cases, for example in case des medical need or for professional activities.


Shoe shops an Bavaria room allowed to reopen

Bavaria's shoe geschäft may reopen with prompt effect, according zu a decision of the Bavarian administrative Court. The court justifies ns decision by stating that fitting shoes room a grundlegend need des the population and so a requirement zum practising plenty of professions also as zum sporting activities. Therefore, shoe shops in Bavaria are allowed to reopen also if ns seven-day incidence is over 100 in respective areas.


Border controls: ending zum Tyrol, extension weil das the Czech Republic

Germany extends the stationary border controls with ns Czech Republic, introduced throughout the corona crisis, for another 14 days und ends the controls v the österreichisch state von Tyrol. Both locations were classified together areas of variant des concern until tonnage Sunday. Since Sunday, Tyrol has been classified together a continuous risk area and the Czech Republic together a high incidence area. This way that die previously existing ban on transportation as well as ns bans on entry from these locations no longer apply. However, the general testing requirement and the 14-day quarantine requirement weil das people start Germany from the Czech Republic und Tyrol wollen remain in place till after Easter in order to prevent the virus variants native spreading much more widely an Germany.


General trial and error requirement weil das travellers arriving by plane as of Tuesday

From Tuesday, in march 30, all persons entering Germany by plane will be subject kommen sie mandatory testing. The negative test results have to be presented prior to departure bei the international country, may not be older 보다 48 hours at that time und have zu be payment for über the visitors themselves. Without a negativ test an outcome before departure, passenger may not be flown to Germany über the airlines. Trip crews room exempt from ns requirement. The general testing requirement for air travel kommen sie Germany ist initially bei effect trost to und including might 12, 2021.


Tighter lockdown end Easter overturned

Chancellor angela Merkel has cancelled die planned tightening of the lockdown in Germany for the Easter weekend. Accordingly, die tightening planned for the Easter weekend will not be implemented in the commonwealth states. According to Merkel, die background zum the withdrawal of the tightening was a complicated implementation at short notice. However, the extension des the lockdown until april 18 will continue kommen sie apply there is no change.


Lockdown bei Bavaria extended until mid-April

The Bavarian zustand government ist implementing die decisions des the corona summit von the federal und state governments: the lockdown möchte be extended until april 18 und will also be tightened during the Easter week. According zu Minister-President Söder, the first loosening des the lockdown might take place from april 12 at die earliest.

Easter: From april 1 to april 5, i.e. Native Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, public life wollen be nah dran down. This method that businesses and shops an Bavaria will deshalb be closeup of the door on Maundy Thursday. On divine Saturday, just grocery einkaufen may it is in open. Supermarkets might only sell groceries on this day. However, restaurants and cafés would still be allowed to offer takeaway food. Publicly gatherings will be banned end Easter. An private spaces, however, gatherings are feasible according to die previously applicable rules and the regional incidence value.


More than hilfreich of Bavaria ist now a corona hotspot

56 des the 96 districts und cities in Bavaria jetzt have in incidence value of over 100, according to ns Robert-Koch-Institute, und are thus taken into consideration a corona hotspot. If ns incidence value bei the impacted cities and municipalities ist above 100 for three continuous days, all corona loosening will be reversed there. An addition, follow to ns RKI, die incidence value weil das Bavaria together a whole ist currently 110.7 - thus also in die hotspot range. How die Bavarian corona measures möchte proceed is to it is in announced tomorrow, Tuesday.


Lockdown prolonged until march 28

The federal und state governments oase extended the current lockdown until March 28. However, part loosening will apply bei Bavaria native tomorrow, Monday march 8 - escape on the local incidence value:

Contacts: from Monday onwards, in towns and districts with an incidence value listed below 100, up to five world from two families are allowed zu meet again. If the incidence value is below 35, also meetings of a maximum von ten world from three households are possible. If die incidence value is more than 100 on 3 consecutive days, a family may only fulfill with one various other person.

Retail: As von tomorrow, bookstores room allowed kommen sie receive customers again. An areas with in incidence listed below 50, various other retail shops may offen again v hygiene concepts. If die incidence value is between 50 und 100, shopping an non-essential sleeve outlets is only possible über appointment. If ns incidence zu sein above 100, just essential shops may open, yet then shopping in the various other outlets ist possible follow to die "click & collect" principle.

Leisure: As des tomorrow, contact-free the end sports will once again be possible bei small groups von up kommen sie ten world if the incidence value ist below 50. Museums, zoos, galleries and memorials are so allowed to receive visitors again. However, if ns incidence is bolzen 50 und 100, prior it is registered with the respective recreational facilities ist necessary. Where die incidence over 100 for three days in a row, corresponding relaxations an the recreation sector no much longer apply.


Loosening for schools und nurseries bei Bavaria as of next Monday

The Bavarian cabinet has decided to implement additional loosening in schools und nurseries from following Monday, march 8.

Schools: indigenous Monday, bei areas with bei incidence value below 50, all primary school pupils are to be allowed rückseitig into schools zum face-to-face lessons. Pupils at secondary schools wollen then it is in allowed zu attend alternative classes. If die incidence worth is betwee 50 und 100, every pupils möchte be taught in alternating classes. If ns incidence value in bei area zu sein above 100, all pupils over there (except those bei final-year classes) are kommen sie be taught in distance learning. The respective form of teaching is to it is in determined von the schools prior to each week und will then apply zum one woche at a time.

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Nurseries: Nurseries und crèches bei Bavaria are to return zu regular procedure if ns incidence value is below 50. If the incidence worth is between 50 and 100, on die other hand, "limited constant operation" is to it is in offered. Where die incidence value ist above 100, nurseries und crèches möchte only provide notfall care.