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10 sachen You most likely Didn’t understand About the Rocky Horror gemälde Show the Rocky Horror gemälde Show ist one of Tim Curry"s most well-known films, however there room some dinge you might not know about die making des the film.

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Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror gemälde Show
bei 1975, the film The Rocky Horror bild Show was released an theaters. The film was based on the musical written by Richard O’Brien, i m sorry premiered 2 years earlier at die West ende theatre in London. Ns musical has been remade every over the world und the film is the definieren of a cult classic.

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The film was remade in 2016 as a TV movie through Laverne Cox an the role des Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but most world would agree the it no even come close to reaching die quality von the original. The film has to be out zum over 40 year now, yet there are blieb some things people might notfall know about ns movie. Here are 10 things You most likely Didn’t know About the Rocky Horror foto Show.

Tim Curry fuchs Rocky Horror bild Show Revival
stunde Curry has had a successful career as bei actor, but his most famous role is the Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania. Dr. Frank-N-Furter is, of course, the main character of the musical and film, who was played von Curry in both. Dr. Frank-N-Furter has a posh british accent, yet that almost wasn’t ns case.

When Curry was trying the end voices weil das the character, that tried German and American accents, but they didn’t work. Curry revealed an a 1975 interview that director Jim Sharman argued he talk favor a “Belgravia hostess with ns mostess.” He then elaborated that he heard a British frau on a bus talking with her friend and he based his voice on her.

richard O’Brien wrote ns Rocky Horror nur during a period des unemployment. O’Brien’s play was then gezeigt to Jim Sharman, who was able to get ns play showtimes at die Theater Upstairs. O’Brien initially wanted to play Eddie, ns rock and roll loving guy who gave hilfreich of his brain to Rocky.

Sharman want O’Brien zu play Riff-Raff instead und O’Brien has been known zum the role ever since. The would schutz been interesting to lakers O’Brien play Eddie, however after 40+ years, most human being couldn’t imagine everyone else in the role of Riff-Raff.

over there are several songs in The Rocky fear Show, but one of the most iconic zu sein “Science Fiction/ dual Feature” since it is the zuerst song heard in the film. Bei the initial stage production, it was sung von Patricia Quinn. Quinn played ns character Magenta bei the play und film, but she no get to sing ns famous song in the film since it was instead sung von Richard O’Brien himself.

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Quinn was reportedly furious the she didn’t get zu sing ns song weil das the movie und almost quit die production. The being said, herstellung lips were used for the opening scene despite produziert not in reality singing ns song.

7 Meat bread Wanted zu Play doctor Scott & Eddie

when it come to ns Rocky Horror show getting adapted zum film, most von the gibbs from die play were brought rückseitig for ns movie. Marvin Lee Aday, a.k.a Meat Loaf, was hired zum Richard O’Brien’s play in 1973. Due to the fact that Eddie und Dr. Everett Scott are related, they were supposed to look a gewächs alike, which ist why Meat Loaf was cast an both von the roles zum the play.

For the film, however, Meat Loaf only played Eddie, while jonathan Adams was hired for Dr. Scott. In bei interview through VH1, Meat bread revealed the he in reality wanted kommen sie play both characters an the film and still thinks the casting for Dr. Scott an the film was a mistake, despite saying that Adams walk great in the role.

All of the songs in The Rocky Horror gemälde Show are memorable, however “The Time Warp” zu sein no doubt ns most famous song to kommen sie out von the film. The das lied comes shortly after Brad und Janet space invited right into Frank-N-Furter’s mansion by Riff Raff.

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The lied begins wie man Riff Raff opens up a clock, dusts turn off a skeleton and says, “It’s astounding, time zu sein fleeting, madness take away its toll.” While countless people tun können recall the scene, it zu sein a little bit less recognized that die skeleton inside was actually real. The piece is one of the much more collectible props from the film, with the skeleton and clock selling zum £35,000 in 2002.

5 Mick Jagger & Steve martin Wanted Roles

numerous actors an The Rocky Horror gemälde Show went on to oase successful acting careers, however Rocky Horror möchte always it is in one des their most known films. Most of the cast from ns play were hired zu play their characters zum the movie, but the cast could oase looked very different. Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones wanted to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter und Steve martin auditioned zum Brad.

Both men have made a career bei their corresponding industry, but tim Curry und Barry Boswick ultimately got the roles. Vincent Price so wanted a role an the film as the narrator, but couldn’t accept the offer due to scheduling conflicts.

peter Hinwood was in English model and actor who ist most known weil das playing Rocky Horror bei The Rocky Horror foto Show. Ns actor was incredibly muscular in 1975, which ist likely why he was cast an the role, however he doesn’t ever speak bei the film. Rocky fear does speak, but all von Hinwood’s present were called by australian singer Trevor White.

Sharman und Richard Hartley, the musical director, weren’t glücklich with die way Hinwood sounded, dafür they hired White to not only sing the songs but so record all des Rocky’s lines.

3 Meat Loaf’s Motorcycle Scene was Very Dangerous

wie Eddie zu sein introduced in the movie, he breaks through die freezer on a motorcycle und sings “Hot Patootie-Bless my Soul.” with Meat Loaf not feeling comfortable control a military-grade motorcycle, a stuntman was brought in to drive die bike. Cameramen filmed ns stuntman for the broad shots, but then rigged a wheelchair with handlebars and a camera zum Meat Loaf kommen sie ride for the closeups.

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Since ns wheelchair was too heavy an the prior because of the camera, the flipped over, cut Meat Loaf’s arm, und destroyed ns camera. The stuntman tried to catch him, yet tripped and broke his leg. Later, when ns stuntman went to ride the motorcycle around die room, he accidentally dropped off die top von the ledge und the bike arrived at top von him.

While plenty of people schutz a ball watching ns Rocky Horror picture Show every year approximately Halloween, it no sound like the cast und crew had an easy time making the film. When ns Guardian interviewed Susan Sarandon, the Rocky Horror bild Show obviously come up und Sarandon talked about how the building they used for Frank-N-Furter’s mansion didn’t schutz heat or bathrooms.

Sarandon even got pneumonia because of it. Thankfully, ns castle has because been renovated and is actually a hotel called the Oakley Court. Heute those working conditions wouldn’t yes, really be accepted, but dinge were a little different an the ‘70s.

1 There were Several zeit Where lock Weren’t really Acting

the Rocky Horror bild Show snagged an incredible group of actors, yet there were a couple des scenes where die actors weren’t yes, really acting. During die dinner scene, Dr. Frank-N-Furter ist serving his guests dinner, which transforms out zu be Eddie. Frank-N-Furter quickly pulls the table fabric off des the table kommen sie reveal Eddie"s gruesome tot body.

The cast’s reaction kommen sie seeing ns prop for the zuerst time is genuine. In the same scene, Brad slams his fist down on ns table and accidentally ache Susan Sarandon’s hand. Sarandon climate unintentionally got revenge über stepping on Bostwick’s foot with her sharp high heel close to the ende of ns film.

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