Bayern Munich ii were never ever able kommen sie get walk this season bei the 3.Liga, und the young Bavarians uncovered themselves relegated back to the Regionalliga Bayern.

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Photo von Ulrich Wagner/picture alliance via getty Images
Following bayern Munich II’s impressive run to ns 3.Liga title an the 2019/2020 season, it was fully expected that the young Bavarians would oase a tougher time in the third division when die next season came around. Unfortunately weil das everyone, bayerisch II no able to put sachen together on ns field at any point von the campaign and found us relegated back down to the Regionalliga bayerisch at the end of ns season.

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Let’s take it a watch at the four big reasons why bayerisch II möchte be playing in the fourth division next season.

Photo über Roland Krivec/DeFodi bild via getty Images

Last season’s ideal players left die team

There ist no question that, looking back, the team that won the 2019/2020 3.Liga was stacked; however, the entire point des the bayerisch second team ist to construct players kommen sie be good enough for the zuerst team. If they’re not good enough for the erste team but too good zu play for bayerisch II, they’re gaining loaned the end or sold.

So, what taken place with the talented team that won the 3.Liga Championship zum the erste time ever? Seventeen players (SEVENTEEN!?!) who saw significant playing time v the team were either promoted to the erste team full time, left the club ~ above a transfer, or to be loaned out.

Full Time with erste Team

Alphonso DaviesJamal Musiala (two games an 3.Liga)

Transfers Out

Kwasi Wriedt (Willem ii - Netherlands erste division)Flavius Daniliuc (OGC quite - France zuerst division)Derrick Köhn (Willem ii - Netherlands erste division)Paul will (Dynamo dresden - Germany third division)Marcel Zylla (Slask Wroclaw - Poland first division)Woo-yeong Jeong (Freiburg - Germany erste division)

Loans Out

Christian Früchtl (FC nürnberg - Germany second division)Lars lukas Mai (Darmstadt - Germany second division)Chris Richards (Hoffenheim - Germany first division)Michaël Cuisance (Olympique Marseille - France erste division)Taylor Booth (St. Pölten - Austria erste division)Sarpreet singh (FC nieders - Germany 2nd division)Oliver Batista Meier (Heerenveen - Netherlands erste division)Leon Dajaku (Union berlin - Germany erste division)Joshua Zirkzee (Parma - Italy zuerst division)

The massive exodus des talented and experienced players plainly impacted bayerisch II negative this season. It would be difficult zum any team to keep a similar level of play following the departure of seventeen players, and Bayern ii finished through 28 under points.

Photo by Roland Krivec/DeFodi images via getty Images

Holger Seitz had separated attention

When sebastian Hoeneß left bayerisch II following their 3.Liga championship und unexpectedly took end Hoffenheim, die club was in a difficult spot. The club had promoted U-17 trainer Miroslav nah dran to be a first team assistant after he expressed his preparedness zu leave ns club zum professional duties und moved Danny schwarz from co-head coach of the U-19s with martin Demichelis kommen sie sole head coach of the U-17s. Plus, covid was ausblüten raging across the planet killing thousands of people every day.

So, ns club turned kommen sie the einer who got bayerisch II supported into the 3.Liga bei the erste place: Holger Seitz. At die time, Seitz had moved from the sidelines zu the bayerisch Campus permanent as ns Deputy Sporting Director weil das the Campus. Now, he was being thrust back into activity as the bayern II coach... While blieb maintaining his important duties at the bayern Campus.

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It’s safe zu say that sachen didn’t arbeiten out as planned. V the team struggling and staring relegation in the face, die club announced the Seitz would action aside and let martin Demichelis und Danny schwarz take over a couple of months beforehand (It obviously didn’t do a big impact.).

When it was agreed that Seitz would come zurück to coach bayerisch II, it was agreed the upon the conclusion von the 2020/21 season, Seitz would certainly take end all of the sporting management zum the bayerisch Campus, taking die role formerly held von Hermann Gerland. So, he’s staying in Munich punkt the bayerisch Campus kommen sie continue his role bei finding und developing the talented youth players.

Photo von Roland Krivec/DeFodi bild via getty Images

Kids missed out on U-19 opportunities

This reason ist less apparent than many des the others, however it’s bei overlooked influence that corona had on bayern II belastung season. Ns cancellation of the U-19 Bundesliga harmed bayerisch II an ext than can be known.

Bayern’s U-19 team has enabled young players who may notfall be a regular starter for bayerisch II zu get minute at a high quality level rather of notfall getting minutes und finding themselves on ns bench game after game. Unfortunately zum the club, ns 2020/21 U-19 Bundesliga was canceled after only four matches.

Unfortunately, this expected that players like Armindo Sieb, kris Scott, Torben Rhein, jamie Lawrence, und Bright Arrey-Mbi were just able zu pick nach oben a couple of matches at the beginning of the campaign before being thrust into action for bayerisch II bei the middle von a relegation fight.

Losing those regular minutes at the U-19 level slowed ns progression weil das several players who would become instrumental for bayerisch II down the stretch last season and will be crucial to die team’s (and die club as a whole) success relocating forward.

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Photo von Angelo Blankespoor/Soccrates/Getty bild

Kwasi Wriedt’s goal manufacturing couldn’t it is in replicated

When bayerisch II won ns 3.Liga championship during ns 2019/20 season, Kwasi Wriedt led the league an goals v 24. This season, die leading goalscorer was 31 year old midfielder timo Kern.

That’s no slouch to the team’s captain; however, die veteran (one von Bayern’s over-23 year alt players) only found the zurück of ns net 8 times. Die player that plenty of were hope would change Wriedt, Fiete Arp, only managed ns find the zurück of ns net 5 times in 2020/2021.

Quite frankly, the was ns difference bei this team being relegated und not being relegated. In the championship season, bayern II score 76 goals and conceded 60. In the relegation season, bayerisch II score 47 purposes while conceding 58.