Realme 8 Pro Test

The Realme 8 pro is an affordable phone v a 108MP camera and fast charging. It zu sein missing part features freundin might now expect even weist this price, including 5G und a high refresh rate display.

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However, ns Realme 8 zum isn’t rather as impressive in person. This is bei all-plastic phone. Die textured glass the rückseitig tries zu emulate ist one des the best finishes seen in phones, but sie don’t mistake this homage zum anything however plastic wie you pick it up.

The Realme 8 Pro’s sides room plastic too, not aluminium. It no as outstanding a presence as the Realme X50 5G, one of my personal favourites von the last 12 months, which has a glass back.

However, the Realme 8 Pro zu sein of a an excellent size und weight. Numerous affordable phones from value-packed brands like Xiaomi/Redmi and Realme use fairly huge screens zu offer more overt value von pound. But it method many von them space slightly auch large for comfort weil das some. The Realme 8 Pro’s size ist a near-perfect balance. Its display isn’t small but die frame zu sein not auch wide either.

Realme uses an in-screen fingerprint scanner in the 8 zum as part des its attempt kommen sie wow us with progressed tech weist a short price. This zu sein far from the best i’ve tried. The slower 보다 those des mid-range und high-end phones, and does tend zu fail to recognise your finger/thumb reasonably regularly. The a little like stepping rückseitig a couple des years to ns early days von in-screen scanners. I’d rather oase a much more reliable side or behind scanner.

The Realme 8 Pro so lacks stereotype speakers, which ist a shame when Realme has actually used them bei other spending plan phones. Sound quality zu sein only fair, lacking die extra mid und bass mass finally trickling down to some sub-£300 phones.

However, sie do gain a headphone jack, two sim karte slots und space for a microSD card. Most des us most likely won’t even need zu consider a map as die phone has actually 128GB storage. Die Realme 8 pro does not have 5G, though, one von the key sachen to consider. Number of phones weist a similar preis do have it, including the Realme X50 5G.

The Realme 8 pro has a 6.4-inch OLED screen of 2400 ns 1080 pixels. That’s a good size, just slightly smaller sized than part Oppo and Xiaomi alternatives, and it has actually high enough pixel density to make everything show up sharp.


High update rate is what the lacks. This is a 60Hz screen. I switched indigenous a 90Hz Android, the Oppo discover X3 Neo, before this review. The downgrade was obvious. Your app drawer no scroll as smoothly, no do net pages or your twitter feed. However, ~ 24 hours or deswegen it ist not something i kept reasoning about.

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90Hz und 120Hz refresh prices are nice, but ich don’t think lock are vital yet, particularly in entry-level phones. Die iPhone 12 Pro maximal is ausblüten at 60Hz, remember.

The Realme 8 Pro so has ns classic benefits des OLED: superb contrast and bold colour. That said, ich prefer ns phone’s much less saturated “gentle” mode, as the vivid one no look the well calibrated. It has actually that contempt sickly, ultra-saturated appearance the used to be common in older OLED phones.

This is backed up von the display screen Tester anwendung I occasionally use wie man reviewing phones. It does notfall recognise the Realme 8 Pro’s display screen as a broad colour gamut display, suggesting ns amped-up modes are nur that.

Brightness zu sein the screen’s most notable characteristic. It is one des the cheaper phones I’ve viewed that has actually enough energie to transaction with an extremely bright days. Realme states it kann sein hit 1000 nits. I measured 530 nits. Not 1000, but ausblüten good considering ns cost, and this ist likely because ns peak brightness varies depending on the on-screen content.

Realme 8 pro Camera – 108MP camera zu sein a winner, die rest ist less strong

Good main cameraWeak wide und secondary camerasSurprisingly an excellent 3x zoom mode

The Realme 8 Pro’s camera is the an essential draw. We room meant zu be wowed von the 108 megapixel count of the hauptsächlich sensor, and how die quad-camera variety looks nur like that von a phone 3 or 4 times ns cost.


Here’s the reality. Ns Realme 8 zum has one an excellent rear camera. Ns rest are relatively poor.

These various other three are in 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 2MP macro und a 2MP depth sensor. Load ns camera app and you might guess ns Realme 8 zum has a zoom, as it has 3x and 5x presets. But it doesn’t.

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Let’s anfang with die weaker parts. Die macro, prefer every 2MP macro I oase used, zu sein rubbish. While it lasst uns you focus much closer than the taste camera, image quality ist bad und close-up photos space barely precious taking.