R 1200 gs 2015

The BMW ns 1200 GS – the icon von all take trip enduros. For 32 year “the GS” has actually been defining its segment and has proven to be the trusty companion on any kind of motorcycle adventure. BMW Motorrad is now embarking top top a new chapter des its success story and is yet again perfecting the iconic r 1200 GS.

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One r 1200 GS. One aufgabe – ns best GS des all times.

The BMW r 1200 GS – ns icon des all travel adventure bikes. Zum 32 years “the GS” has actually been defining its segment und has proven kommen sie be die trusty companion on any kind of motorcycle journey. BMW Motorrad zu sein now embarking top top a new chapter of its success story und is yet again perfecting die iconic ns 1200 GS.

One r 1200 GS. One feeling – Power in every situation.

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Powerful, refined, und high revving. The r 1200 GS is powered von a new opposed twin engine entwurf delivering 125 hp. Based upon a neu concept von combined air und liquid cooling und vertical flows through die cylinders, ns engine operates efficiently, reliably, and with high torques weist all times. Additional improvements prefer the new wet clutch through antihopping feature, ns electromotive accelerator actuator E-Gas, and the optional “riding modes” make die opposed pair engine the perfect drive equipment at die heart von the new R 1200 GS.

One r 1200 GS. One emotion – can be fried control


The neu R 1200 GS zu sein ready for any terrain, thanks to ns greater rigidity des its main frame and its intensified Paralever und Telelever zum even better steering accuracy. Die optional Dynamic ESA configures die suspension instantly to ns terrain und load conditions. Ns GS gives even much more functions with die optional “riding modes”, a set von four different configurations that kann sein be selected at the push of a button.

One ns 1200 GS. One Impression – solid individuality.

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At zuerst glance, the “new one” too ist a real GS: robust, dynamic, und full des character. Neu body panels with a perfect finish underscore its high quality character. The neu cooling concept was integrated seamlessly into the distinctive design, and the visual emphasis moved to the front. The neu R 1200 GS jetzt gives die impression von more balance and power. Thanks zu its comprehensive range von options, the r 1200 GS is absolutely unique. With in innovative, unique led headlamp, overcome spoke wheels, and a wide choice of options und packages, everyone can convert this maker into “his” or "hers" GS.


Engine TypeAir/liquid-cooled 4 stroke level twin engine, twin overhead camshaft, one balance shaft
Bore x stroke101 mm x 73 mm
Capacity1,170 cc
Rated output92 kW (125 hp) weist 7,750 rpm
Max. Torque92 lb-ft (125 Nm) punkt 6,500 rpm
Compression ratio12.5 : 1
Mixture regulate / engine managementElectronic intake pipe injection / BMS-K+ digital engine administration with electromotive accelerator actuator
Emission controlClosed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission conventional EU-3
Maximum speedOver 125 mph
Fuel consumption von 100 km at consistent 90 km/h57 mpg punkt a continuous 56 mph (4.1 l)
Fuel typePremium Unleaded
Alternatorthree-phase alternator 510 w (nominal power)
Battery12 V / 11,8 Ah, maintenance-free
Clutchoil lubricated clutch, hydraulically operated
GearboxConstant mesh 6-speed gearbox v helical gear teeth
DriveShaft drive
FrameTwo-section frame, bolted on rear frame, load-bearing engine
Front wheel ar / suspensionBMW motorrad Telelever; stanchion diameter 37 mm, central spring strut
Rear wheel location / suspensionCast aluminium single-sided swing arm with BMW motorrad Paralever; WAD strut (travel-related damping), feather pre-load hydraulically flexible (continuously variable) durch handwheel, cant damping adjustable über handwheel
Suspension take trip front / rear7.5 in/7.9 an (190 mm / 200 mm)
Wheelbase59.3 an (1,507 mm)
Castor3.9 in (99.6 mm)
Steering head angle64.5°
WheelsCast aluminum wheels
Rim, front3,00 ns 19"
Rim, rear4,50 ns 17"
Tyres, front120/70 r 19
Tyres, rear170/60 r 17
Brake, frontDual floating discs, diameter 305 mm, 4-piston radial calipers
Brake, rearSingle disc, diameter 276 mm, double-piston floating caliper
ABSSTANDARD (part integral, kann sein be switched off)
Length87.0 in (2.210 mm)
Width (incl. Mirrors)37.5 in (953 mm)
Height (excl. Mirrors)55.9 in (1,412 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight33.5/34.3 inches (adjustable chair height) Standard; change seat heights available bolzen 31.1 inches and 35.0 inch (available together accessories and/or factory options, see bei authorized BMW motorrad dealer)
Inner leg curve, unladen weight73.6/75.2 customs (adjustable chair height) Standard; variable inner leg curve (inseam) bolzen 69.7 and 76.8 inch (seats accessible as equipment and/or factory options, see bei authorized BMW motorrad dealer)
Unladen weight, road ready, totally fuelled525 lbs (238 kg)
Permitted gesamt weight992 lbs (450 kg)
Payload (with typical equipment)467 lbs (212 kg)
Usable tank volume5.3 gal
Reserveapprox. 1 gal
Color OptionsRacing Red, Alpine White, Frozen Dark Blue Metallic, schwarze farbe Storm Metallic


“The liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS obtain a slight tweak zum 2015 follow me with new optional quick shifter and keyless ignition system. Ns Adventure version deshalb gets these neu options too as new choices kommen sie lower die seat height. Die 2015 GS receives the heavier crankshaft introduced on the 2014 R1200GS Adventure und R1200RT. Weighing two pounds an ext than ns previous component, the neu crankshaft has increased gyrating inertia, promising improved smoothness. BMW’s Keyless Ride system is so new to the GS und GSA as bei ex-works option. A built-in transponder allows a driver to anfang the engine, connect or disengage ns steering lock and open die fuel filler without having to pull out die key.” ----- Motorcycle Blog

“the R1200GS, much like the rest von the 1200 cc bikes room fat cows. Von course, they kann sein sometimes become agile cows, however this will not modify your dimensions und weight, and for most riders, ns will still feel cumbersome and not specifically the erste choice wie man it comes zu riding hard on unwelcoming terrain. Anyway, we understand that this bikes tun können perform viel better wie man ridden accordingly and can offer much more than what die common rider can squeeze out des them. Die video below zu sein the perfect proof the a fat cow can look exceedingly well bei the appropriate hands, und can rival most of the smaller sized off-road action-focused bikes. Fact be told, such a video would make ten thousand times a much better commercial weil das the BMW R1200GS than most ads we schutz seen deshalb far.” ----- Autoevolution