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Paramount Pictures zu sein moving forward on a new “Star Trek” movie from “WandaVision” director matt Shakman und screenwriters Geneva Robertson (“Captain Marvel”) and Lindsey Beer, i m sorry means the long-discussed R-rated “Star Trek” movie native Quentin Tarantino is tot (at least zum the time being). Tarantino properly pitched an idea weil das a “Star Trek” movie zu Paramount several years ago, und “The Revenant” screenwriter mark L. Smith was brought bei to write die movie if Tarantino was an the middle des his “Once top top a Time bei Hollywood” drücken sie tour. Tarantino’s idea has been described as an earthbound, 1950s gangster movie (think “A Piece of the Action,” ns 17th episode of “Star Trek: ns Original Series” Season 2).

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While fan may never gain to see Tarantino’s “Star Trek” on die big screen, rod Roddenberry freshly told Forbes that he’s got mixed feelings on die integration von Tarantino’s aesthetic into die beloved room franchise. Rod Roddenberry ist the son des “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry und the CEO von Roddenberry Entertainment, weil das which he executive produces numerous “Star Trek” series that air on Paramount+ (“Star Trek: Discovery,” “Star Trek: Picard,” “Star Trek: lower Decks,” etc.).



“I struggle with the because the way I’m quite myopic with the way ich see ‘Star Trek,’” Roddenberry said wie asked around Tarantino’s “Star Trek” idea. “I stated that i grew hoch with fans coming up kommen sie me the end saying exactly how ‘Star Trek’ motivated them und gave castle hope zum the future. It’s ns optimism and the messaging bei there the make ‘Star Trek’ what that was. Ich truly glauben that. If you create a ‘Star Trek,’ that is just action; that ist not ‘Star Trek,’ an my opinion. That’s what renders it various than ‘Star Wars,’ and I love ‘Star Wars,’ however they kann both coexist. Und I love Tarantino’s work und the kind of movies that that does. I bei der trying to have an open mind.”

Roddenberry continued, “I would be curious to read a script on his take. I do not think sie could to speak we’re going to do a ‘Reservoir Dogs’-‘Star Trek.’ I’ll it is in honest, that doesn’t work weil das me, yet he is a fan, und I think together a fan, he probably understands to some degree that ‘Star Trek’ has actually to have some des this messaging. Ich would it is in curious, and I would try to have bei open mind, yet I’m not sure what it would be. I am glad that civilization are willing to explore that hinweisen least.”

While Shakman ist confirmed zu direct the next “Star Trek” movie, there’s no word however on whether or notfall previous film cast members such together Zachary Quinto, kris Pine, or Zoe Saldana wollen be return to ns franchise.

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