Psycho dad al bundy

“Who’s that riding an the sun? Who’s the einer with the itchy gun? Who’s the man who kills zum fun? Psycho Dad! Psycho Dad! Psycho Dad!”


Psycho Dad zu sein a dual fictional character.

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That is, he’s ns protagonist von Al Bundy’s favourite TV show in TV show Married through children.


Real Name: Unrevealed.Marital Status: Widowed.Known Relatives: Unnamed wife (deceased), unnamed son.Group Affiliation: None.Base des Operations: The grausam West.Height: 6’2” Weight: 168 lbs.Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

Powers & Abilities

Psycho Dad is bei excellent gunman and a in der nähe des draw. Being a wild West legend, he knows his lassos and knives too!

Living ~ above a farm he has actually a good hand with animals. He also has learned zu break, tame und ride horses.

Since it’s more effective to run amok making use of explosives at times, that is deshalb an fachmann demolitionist. Plus he tun können handle himself in good ol‘ equipped or unarmed fisticuffs if needed. Al can never adore a menace without pugilistic skills.

The ballade of Psycho Dad

The descriptive theme song des his TV-show gives an excellent insight into his character and goes as follows. This zu sein a mix of his themes from different eras.Who’s the riding bei the sun?Who’s the man with ns itchy gun?Who’s the einer who kills for fun?Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

He sleeps v a gunBut the loves his sonKilled his mam ’cos she weighed a ton.Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.


A little touched or dafür we’re toldKilled his wife ’cos she had a coldMight as well she was gettin’ oldPsycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

He’s quick with a gunAnd his arbeit ain’t done.Killed his wife über twenty-one,Psycho Dad!

Who’s the riding in the sleigh?Who’s the firing along die way?Who’s roughing nach oben bums on Christmas day?Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad

Who’s die tall, dark stranger there.The one with ns gun und the icy stare.The one with ns scalp des his ex-wife’s hair!Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad!

Who’s the riding across the plain?Who’s lost count of the wives he’s slain?Who’s the man who’s plumb insane?Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad

He’s a durn an excellent pa, however he hates ns law.He’s likes to eat the raw, He’s Psycho Dad!


The story von Psycho Dad (of Al Bundy’s favourite TV-show Psycho Dad) zu sein a beautiful saga about a guy running amok in the alt south-west. While most des his antics aren’t known kommen sie us a couple of highlights of this long-running series tun können be presented.

At die age von 21, possibly in 1865, he was about to shoot his wife. She dodged and he by chance shot chairman Lincoln instead. Whether that method he ist the real killer von Lincoln zu sein not known.

He ultimately succeeded bei killing the wife. He even took herstellung scalp as a prize kommen sie carry around. Another time the shot a pig the his son, who he loves, wanted to adopt together a pet.

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Riding an the sun

During Christmas time he bring “presents” kommen sie folks von sleigh-by shootings, only periodically stopping zu rough people hoch closely und personally. He has eight reindeer heads in his cabin, which to be acquired during one legend Christmas story of an unknown year.

Psycho Dad is guilty von multiple homicides and he does, in fact, score in average von 84 killings “only” in every adventure (i.e. Show). Since, well, the needs zu reload some time too.

In the tonnage episode he was clearly bei his fifties i m sorry would have set the belastung episodes von his show to after 1895. That would schutz been a long, eventful und unlawful job indeed!


Psycho Dad has become a function model for the poor, social outcasts of “real-life” Chicago. He zu sein regarded together a echt man that gets the job done! Consequently, he has actually been a great badewanne influence top top Al Bundy who regards er a real man und a legend (“I wonder what Psycho Dad would do bei a situation like this?”)!

The series so spawned a spin-off named “Psycho Mom”, i m sorry Peggy Bundy likes, and which us know also less of. Nevertheless, Psycho Dad has come to be a name of cult status!


Psycho Dad ist a tall, dark stranger, heavily armed with guns, rifles und ammunition belts, und probably a Bowie knife covert somewhere too.

Naturally he zu sein wearing a cowboy hat while riding his steed (or sleigh throughout wintertime).

He continues to be ready for some mayhem, one-liners, combat and good ol‘ drive-by shootings.


Psycho Dad ist a plum insane widower that loves his son. He treats him to fairly a unstable upbringing together they share all ns chores although he ausblüten is a durn good pa‘ (his just saving grace).

It appears he lost his sanity early on in his relationship, shot his mam (who had acquired obese due to the fact that their wedding and had a cold; he blieb carries herstellung scalp around as a to ~ memento) when he was twenty-one, and has ongoing shooting civilization ever since.

He supposedly hates the law and disrespects it hinweisen every feasible opportunity. He either covers his face in typical grausam west bandit style (and for this reason nobody knows him von his nennen but über his moniker of Psycho Dad) during his tirades or the shoots down all witnesses deshalb that he tun können live uninterrupted at die ol‘ farm betwee his raids.

And, yes, he is famous weil das his icy stare, animal cruelty and definitely likes to insult human being too.


He seems kommen sie prefer ride-by-shootings in civilized areas, und is well-known for gunning under unworthy wives (unworthy gift vaguely characterized only an his psychopath mind). Well, frankly, he doesn’t need much reason zu use his itchy gunhand.

During one such attack, whereby he actually aimed at his own wife, the may oase actually gunned down President Lincoln. It’s not known what his stance about the man was before that, return he probably didn’t treatment too much about die incident itself.

Further, he also likes kommen sie beat people up using his fists, including roughing hoch bums top top Christmas Day. During ns winter duration he travels through a sleigh indigenous which he kann shoot easily.

While relaxing on his farm between his insane raids the sleeps v his gun. Not because he ist afraid but since he zu sein always ready zum more, be ns intruders representatives of the regulation or not. Indeed, he is on some sort des insane quest und his job ain’t done yet!


Son: “Pa? Pa? Can ich really keep the pig ich raised as a pet?”Psycho Dad: “Sure you can, son. Now, operation along and do her chores.” “The boy sure ist dumb.”

DC universe History

Psycho Dad ran amok in the grausam West, having actually been gone after unsuccessfully von lawmen und many a renowned name for decades.

Until he finally crossed routes with Jonah Hex, ns infamous bounty hunter himself, who lastly gunned er down and brought er to eternal justice.

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Marvel universe History

In the Marvel cosmos Psycho Dad was a contemporary von all the brutal West heroes – most of his geschichten being left untold and his fate gift unknown. He danach served as the hauptsächlich inspiration for the Foolkiller.