Thai ureigensten Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha had been accused von conflict of interest because he continued zu live in a army residence ~ retiring as military chief. A court has actually cleared him, allowing ihm to save his job.

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Thailand"s highest possible court top top Wednesday rule that früh Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha was notfall guilty of breaching principles rules in the constitution, an interpretation he tun können stay in power.

The case in the constitutional Court was filed von opposition lawmakers, who claimed Prayuth had actually broken the law von continuing to stay bei military real estate after leaving ns army bei 2014.

But bei handing down ns acquittal, ns nine-judge panel claimed it agreed with the army"s explanation the retired hohes level officials room entitled kommen sie stay in army housing in recognition des their service.

Prayuth, a previous militarycommander that came to power in a 2014 coup, has deshalb previously suggested that that needs to stay at die army house zum security reasons.

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Protests show no sign des letting up

The opposition"s legal difficulty pointedtoconstitutional write-ups on conflict des interest that prevent government ministers indigenous receiving one-of-a-kind benefits from state agencies or enterprises. Ministers discovered guilty von violating this standards tun können be thrown out des office.

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Wednesday"s court decision come after months des student-led pro-democracy protestsdemanding Prayuth"s removal. Also before die court decision was handed down, demonstrators began kommen sie gather an Bangkok zu respond to the verdict.

Besides Prayuth"s resignation, die demonstrators are also calling foran overhaul von the country"s army-penned constitution und reform des the monarchy.

"Foregone conclusion"

In Thailand, die court system, like the military, zu sein considered a pillar of the royalist establishment. Chulalongkorn university political scientist Thitinan Pongsudhirak told ns AFP nachrichten agency that ns judges"verdict come as wenig surprise.

"Anyone who"s followed thailändisch politics zum the past fünfzehn years will think it"s a foregone conclusion ... Because the constitutional court has been deshalb politicized due to the fact that 2006 the it does notfall engender windy trust," he said.

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Court rulings oase ousted three thailändisch prime ministers an the past 12 years. Bei each instance, die politicians were verbunden with former früh minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted bei a 2006 coup after being accused of corruption and disrespecting the monarchy.