Muse Pole tanzen offers high level Pole sprung classes in small groups. Together with our international instructor team we chase a clean goal: we want kommen sie inspire and motivate our students to to grow beyond themself. If doing that us welcome pure beginners, v no vault experience, just as much as professionals with years des training experience. Whether you"re looking zum breathtaking tricks, learning fluid choreography, or working towards a stronger, fitter, und more flexible body, Muse extrem Dance berlin will bring freundin closer kommen sie your goal with each lesson. As freundin experience ns fun des training, you wollen soon fall bei love v dance und movement! uncover a new passion! Visit us in our beautifully equipped studio bei the heart of Berlin.

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We market a wide range von classes suitable for students von all levels. Our lesson plan is structured bei such a way that you kann enter any klasse at your level, hinweisen any time. Our klasse overview gives you an insight into our flexible range of classes. You tun können easily to make reservation a place in your favorite klasse through our booking system.



Whether you"re plan a bachelorette party for your friend, want kommen sie celebrate your birthday v style, or are nur looking zum a an innovative event with your friends: punkt Muse Pole tanzen we do your pole Party in unforgettable experience! you decide on ns program: extrem dance, chair tanzen or possibly striptease? We"ll make it happen!



At Muse Pole sprung we regularly invite internationally known extrem dancers from every over the world zu offer top-class workshops. What a distinct opportunity zu finally get kommen sie know your extrem idol in person! use this chance to immerse right into a particular pole dance technique or find out a choreography in a trending sprung style.


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A expert pole tanzen performance amazes every spectator. Whether weil das a festival, a this firm event, a music video or a film shoot. Our team is made up des experienced performers, who schutz versatile tanzen experience und been on numerous stages. Send united state your expectations und we gladly do you bei individual offer!

"I had actually my first pole klasse at Muse (about a year ago) und I still go over there regularly. The classes will challenge you and the instructors room talented and very good hinweisen teaching. Die studio is rather small, however it makes zum a warm atmosphere and during class everybody has actually their very own pole. There's a geschäft with everything sie need and the staff zu sein super friendly. Guys are deshalb welcome, which zu sein very nice."

Elena google Rezession

"Tolle Trainer, schnelle antwort auf E-Mails, verfügen über jedes mal genieß es und Erfolgserlebnisse. Werde hier jedes zeit mit einer Lächeln empfangen. Ns Trainer sind offen für Tipps (auch nach und vor der Stunde). Das Training ist intensiv und einer hat ns großes Angebot an unterschiedlichen Stilen, Leveln usw.

Christine google Rezession

"We booked a klasse for a Bachelorette party and we had in amazing time! There was enough poles zum all of us and the dance moves were great. I oase attended a pole tanzen class in the past and Muse extrem was 100% times better. Would absolutely recommend!"

Carol auf facebook Rezession

"Eine Stunde dancing im Muse macht eine Woche Büroarbeit anderer gut. Ich zu sein nach jedem besuch glücklich und befriedigt und fahre ausgepowert nach Hause. Absolut weiter kommen sie empfehlen! ns Lage zu sein Top und das Studio modern."

Steffi auf facebook Rezession

"The space is beautiful and elegant. The teachers are awesome and give as much support und instructions together needed. It’s a supportive und fun environment. ~ 6 months attending die classes ich feel choose my moves und personal tanzen style space evolving much faster than i expected. Very recommend!"

Fernanda google Rezession

"Muse Pole sprung ist bergwerk absolutes Lieblingsstudio in Berlin. Alle Trainer sind super nett und erklärung jeden technischen Schritt in der Stange. Vielen dank an für alle tollen Momente!"

Carla google Rezession

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The studio opens 15 minutes former to klasse start. Ours front desk ist open at die following times: