Pete burns dead or alive

"I hope when I"m 80 – when ich get zu heaven that God doesn"t acknowledge me," Pete Burns said throughout a 2016 interview

Over 35 years after splashing onto ns ’80s British popular music scene together the frontmann for dead or Alive, Pete Burns has actually died punkt 57 following a love attack. The eis was set kommen sie release a neu compilation, Sophisticated Boom boxen MMXVI, top top Oct. 28.

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The singer passed suddenly, his management mannschaft confirmed, calling the “special star” a “true visionary.”

Burns do his career anfang crooning hits like “You spin Me appropriate Round (Like a Record),” but later, after leaving music behind, ended up being known zum reality TV stints und his dramatically changing appearance.





“I hope when I’m 80 — when ich get zu heaven the God doesn’t acknowledge me,” Burns said during a 2016 appearance on the U.K.’s Celebrity Botched nach oben Bodies.

It wasn’t long after dead or Alive’s aforementioned 1985 einzel that Burns zuerst began to geprüft with plastic surgery. An fact, he said, that as “Right Round” rose up ns charts, “I realized ich was gonna be a visual entity and I had zu look good.”

The erste procedure? A solve for an earlier broken nose, made decision upon after Burns’ self consciousness escalated with raised camera time und photographers who stated his “bump.”

Ultimately, Burns was wildly dissatisfied with die results, he told Botched nach oben Bodies, und underwent a corrective procedure — the zuerst of almost 300, die singer estimated.

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After leaving die music industry zum good an 2002 — following die release of his greatest hits album — Burns rather began zu focus greatly on altering his looks.

“Four times at die nose, two sets des cheekbone implants, und the 2 out — lip augmentations,” he said, detailing some of his actions during die Botched nach oben Bodies sit-down.

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During a 2010 ABC interview he explained, “I see myself as my own clay, und I was remodeling it.”

Repeated to work lead to infections in Burns’ face and lips, und ultimately endless much more corrective procedures. Further, ns medication used in such surgeries führen zu him zu develop blood clots an his legs, heart und lungs, Burns called Botched trost Bodies.