Peek A Boo Boxen

The boxing style of one des the most destructive boxers in the history von world boxing, iron Mike Tyson!

Mike Tyson went back to the ring for a performance enhance with die super Roy jones Jr. And it was great to seen one von the heavyweights, not nur as a weight, pro users des the peek-a-boo style.

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Mike Tyson ist certainly a boxer who has left notfall a unterschrift but a huge groove an the history von boxing und is one von the best kampfflugzeug who has ever worn boxing gloves.

Cus D’Amato (Cus was die son von Italian immigrants) zu sein his first and historic trainer has constructed on his physical qualities and so his limits in that weight classification a strategy und technical adaptation kommen sie make er one des the most damaging boxers bei the history of boxing.

Cus D’Amato is so known zum developing the boxing technique called Peek-a-Boo, die offensive format we space talking around and in which the boxer keeps his hand high bei front des his face and moves quickly.

The kid called Mike Tyson und impressed the alt coach to make him exclaim:

“This guy wollen one work become welt heavyweight champion if the maintains interest und desire zum boxing.”

Cus never ever came to seen Mike with the world champion belt.

He died on november 4, 1985 from pneumonia.

About a year later, Tyson lifted his belt to die sky.

In act so, the erste thought was weil das the einer who had adopted him, who had taught him everything he knew about noble art, and to who he had actually promised that one day he would become welt champion.



Although someone can say something around Mike Tyson external the runde but inside he was bei athlete v incredible power, speed, explosiveness, a high-level technological defense, unique skill und a dedication und ethics to training together a an excellent champion.

We’re talking around a real talent!

When Cus D’Amato saw die boy he immediately understood ns potential und for a trainer to have this talent is bei incredible opportunity and Cus D’Amato could see why he formed 3 world champions, it was no accident.

Mike’s boxing technique ist top notch though clearly particular but ich recommend all kämpfer to execute tests und train bei this style to try this strategy even though his Peek-a-Boo Boxing layout (like numerous other boxing styles) has benefits and so limitations.

Like everything kommen sie make it arbeit you have to train und you have to oase characteristics und qualities kommen sie make that effective since it requires like any kind of style des specific an abilities that a little must it is in trained but a wenig you have to own them as a person because the training does deshalb much but up kommen sie a point.

What you tun können do ist try to take ns best von this style and adapt it zu your characteristics, you kann sein do this job with your trainer if this layout brings bei you you oase to strengths an combat or through some types von opponents.

I’m not against any kind of style because zum me there zu sein no much better or worse relies on whether that style makes her way von fighting effective und for Mike Tyson zum example the Peek-a-Boo Boxing Style was perfect clearly it was not only mike’s boxing, but his combinations, footwork, precision, power, defensive skills, etc. Clearly inserted right into this style zu make that devastating weil das opponents.

All boxing layouts are usually a combat position, which permits you kommen sie more easily generate particular attack and defense movements und specific strategies but must always be other that renders your way von fighting reliable that space enhanced von your physics characteristics.

Let’s lakers the advantages and disadvantages von Mike Tyson’s Peek-a-Book boxing style.

Mike Tyson’s Peek-a-Book boxing format but so applies kommen sie many various other boxing styles, it ist a series von positions, distance, footwork, combinations and strategies that with each other determine just how a fighter attacks, defends himself, supplies footwork bei the ring.

It can deshalb be a good strategy to use with specific opponents or zu use it punkt certain times and junctures yet like everything you schutz to feeling comfortable, it have to be something natural and that need to be trained, at die focus, on die sack and an sparring.

Tyson’s peek-a-boo style kann sein be a last of fun zu use an training or trying it out by sparring with friends but zu use it an combat it yes, really has zu be her or one of your styles deshalb because it needs physical qualities and so an power expenditure that you need to know, find out how to manage and train.

Now before freundin make it her fighting style that von Mike Tyson, let’s go see the strengths und “weaknesses” of his style!

There are numerous reasons kommen sie use Tyson’s peek-a-boo style and I’m a personen who likes to experiment und so i never oase any prejudice v styles yet as lang as it’s something the brings bei advantage kommen sie effectiveness und the way ich fight, to put it another way, sie don’t oase to imitate Tyson’s peek-a-boo style since you’re a fan of him.


The benefits des Mike Tyson’s Peek-a-Boo Boxing Style

Mainly you oase three advantages in this style which are ns way to close the distance, ns pace des attack in “against time” und the defense that ist always active.

All this creates a really aggressive but so energy-consuming combat technique but let’s go und see in detail the hauptsächlich advantages.

Close die distance

The peek-a-boo style is in aggressive, effective style kommen sie chase opponents and close die gap.

Peek-a-Boo’s guard position zu sein squared and both hands room on die same heat with an effective punches beginning from both hands.

The an extremely aggressive footwork practically on even fuß helps sie press and cut the runden in in aggressive way and this way von moving terrifies opponents wie approaching distances bei this method because it zu sein a very aggressive method because you lakers both loaded hands coming wie you usually seen the opponent arrive with a more conservative approach with studio or opening shots before heavy blows when instead in the Peek-a-Boo you lakers that castle both technique hands loaded as if kommen sie finish the match immediately with a search for the KO at all costs.

If you’re not very tall ns Peek-a-Boo style is weil das you

For those who aren’t the tall und often oase to close die gap due to the fact that opponents space usually taller, die Peek-a-Boo style ist one von the finest ways to put her opponent bei trouble.

Although mike tyson is not low, about 1.83 cm but in heavyweights he was one von the smallest und Cus D’Amato was very clear how zu use that physique linked with that format with the opponents of that time.

Mike didn’t betray his trainer’s expectations über becoming a predator an the ring and wiping out super-rated boxers und becoming the youngest preferably weight bei history at nur 18 year old.

The Peek-a-Boo style has countless quick movements, fast-paced power like a predator hunting, an extremely evasive as it advances, elusive und super explosive!

Now how can you know this format requires a last of energy und so if you are fine conditioned and stay active it really is an aggressive way an the ring that kann lead you kommen sie pull crucial shots and win matches through decisive shots however requires vital athletic physical features if freundin do not want to find you yourself without energy in the middle von the round and with your foe charging you.

Advancing through this style to close the distance ist not easy indeed, that does not mind the movement of the head becomes basic to avoid the blows des your opponent however this is a very aggressive way zu advance as if kommen sie look weil das the KO or virtually the straße fight und no foe feels comfortable wie man you oase this approach.


Counter-tempo strike (out des rhythm)

The peek-a-boo boxing style and cutting the ring über taking hoch your opponent’s space zu enter a range where throwing powerful shots and combinations really prepares you for a large knockout attack.

Playing versus time or an discontinuous form actually walk against die rhythm von boxing whereby in an on-time rhythm you are both like an a sprung while in an off rate everyone is following his own rhythm und occupying die space in different ways making the fight much more variable and unpredictable.

It is always valuable even in a traditional style kommen sie use in on rate and an off rhythm by skilfully mixing them

What’s ns difference betwee staying in rhythm und staying out of rhythm?

Attention does not mean gift out von time, because freundin are always in timing!

Most kämpfer are at in active tempo where kampfflugzeug punch und defend themselves von matching every other’s rhythm, producing a flow.

This makes ns match much more predictable und if you want more “relaxed” as much as a fight tun können be since both kämpfer strike at the same speed, it ist easier zum them zu decide when kommen sie attack und when zu defend, and deshalb when to trade.

But if sie stagger die pace and cut time together if one runs und the various other walks, sie cut the road, etc. So when sie fight out des rhythm, die timing no much longer matches smoothly und anything kann sein happen hinweisen any time.

You are producing discontinuities des movement and space no much longer respecting circulation rules but setting your own way that no much longer respects the speed and distances von your opponent, enter, speed, reduced space.

In attack being a fighter against time or “out of rhythm” enables you kommen sie place shots wie man opponents least expect it

In defense gift a fighter versus time or “out von rhythm” allows you zu stop ns opponent’s attacks.

This zu sein a helpful time to land place surprised shots and knockout punches since consider that it ist precisely die fist that freundin do not see coming the does die most damages or wie man you are in a certain bühne of der atem aspiration as wie man you space expressing ns blow.

Attacking out von rhythm adapts really well zu restless and high-energy kämpfer or you seen it do wie a fighter loses his temper by aggressively searching for decisive shots.

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Mike Tyson zu sein a fighter who has a continuous movement in matches , he is stationary only wie he is away native his opponent und it is there the he recovers energy.

It’s favor a predator searching prey.

On ns other hand, there are different cases von dating drivers like floyd Mayweather waiting weil das the adversary but deshalb here they are hunters waiting zum prey however are constantly hunters, a various way des being predatory.

Other fighters who like to stay in a perpetual activity (FIDGETY/OFF-RHYTHM motion) are kämpfer such together Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, etc. Who always seen them moving und against the time des the opponent always keeping the opponent under pressure.

Both Pacquiao und Hatton room constantly moving, as nervous and very out von rhythm and so love to move the bust favor Tyson an ext if choose Paquiao sie are v a southpaw guard und so ns game still makes it.

Defense zu sein always on

Defense zu sein a basic element in combat und peek-a-boo style is bei always-on defense, all die time, because it’s in aggressive style and there’s never a break during rounds both wie man you attack und when sie defend.

You schutz to give pressure and to fight you oase to enter the correct variety that zu sein inside her opponent’s guard which an theory if you use this style is higher or you are bei a really aggressive phase of the complement if freundin use ns peek-a-boo boxing style und for this factor it ist high energy und is tiring together a style because there zu sein never a passive moment and there zu sein some phase von “relaxation”.

And because of its counterattack natur that happens an counter-time or if freundin want “out von rhythm”, adversaries need zu be cautious even wie man you’re just defending.

It’s a good quality to have to location shots in the middle von your opponent’s attack and for high-volume fighters who favor to press all die time.

Precisely because of its offensive und aggressive natur the peek-a-boo style deshalb uses a defense versus time or if you want “out des rhythm” the generates a chaos that you can not detect und this generates panic, it is like a crazy ball that bounces irregularly.

To better understand exactly how to defensive yourself 보다 a traditional boxing strategy where instead des parrying or doddling the opponent’s fist und returning a counterattack, this style easily slips off ns side (with a frantic torso movement) und counterattacks with a tough knockout blow.

It might seem to an in-expert eye always similar but instead ns pressure it setzt on the opponent zu sein not the same, on the contrary.

Placing shots an the middle of those des the enemy with fluidity give the idea the your way des attacking takes place from a perfect yet relaxed timing yet it ist not really so, zu understand it is not choose seeing Gervonta Davis wie man she places produziert left hand doding die shot und returning or how she walk Vasyl Lomachenko,or a floyd Mayweather Jr..

Out-of-rhythm assaults make sie feel and appear kommen sie your opponent as if you’re trying to close die match through a rush of powerful shots and placing shots if defending freundin makes the pressure of bei active defense feel.

Rolling und Slipping

Performing fluid defense approaches like shoulder role (rolling) doesn’t interrupt your opponents’ rhythm so much since your fists fall on her shoulders and don’t shed balance.

Out-of-rhythm slipping defense methods (such as slipping) disrupt her opponents’ pace, as they shed their balance wie you’re fully missing them und their arms swing bei the air instead of pulling ns next punch.

If you add footwork zu that zu get yourself into a much better shooting lage like Mike did, it it s okay devastating.


The disadvantages von Mike Tyson’s Peek-a-Boo Boxing Style

High power expenditure

The Peek-a-boo boxing style zu sein fast, explosive and smart but it is not simple and above every it ist not hinweisen all what sie call a soft style or a boxing layout with excellent power expenditure management und you need to know this since it is not “efficient” and requires deshalb much energy and high-level strong preparation.

If sie are that in energetic fighter through high volume von movement and blows with in endless und tireless power reserve it ist a an excellent fighting style but if sie are more von a an ext conservative type des counter-puncher, who pulls shots und goes away und lets ns shots come to counterattack then ns style des the peek-a-boo ist not dafür easy weil das you without doubt it wollen leave freundin without energy bei a brief time.

Now attention ist combat there zu sein no format that does notfall require energy yet what ich want it kommen sie understand and that really needs an ext energy than usual, try kommen sie make a vacuum in the various styles kommen sie immediately establish what I am telling you.

It kann sein be a great exercise and deshalb useful zum exploring approaches and styles that you kann put into some stages von sparring or match.

Peek-a-boo boxing style requires a gewächs of movement without hitting shots.

Fast leg work to get freundin within range,rapid head movements zu avoid just arrived blows,and then bursts von energy with powerful shots and combinations that you’ve trained hard zu set up die match.

Peek-a-boo boxing format requires a last of motion without throwing shots, deswegen there’s a lot of energy-efficient work besides throw punches, it’s a format that needs a lot of energy kommen sie spend on punchless movements.

Those who don’t like the peek-a-boo layout often case that it wastes energy but this ist something weil das granted und they are often lazy or very heavy (overweight) and prefer zu spend your energies only in to hit or counterattacks when remaining an extremely static.

However, in general a boxer that has good footwork still has a great energy expenditure compared zu “fighting indigenous a firm”.

Fit und energetic guys constantly use energetic footwork über moving und taking up all the space in the ring, relocate their heads when advancing or advancing ns opponent (even wie they are notfall punched), do fakes, throw preparation punches, litter combinations, use discontinuous motions accelerating und slowing down, etc.

Energetic kämpfer like kommen sie press and push the tempo to hit while much less energetic und “heavy” fighters prefer kommen sie wait weil das the perfect time zu strike but it way leaving a gewächs of initiative to your enemy unless it’s nur a combat strategy.

Now you oase to look weist yourself and ask you yourself some concerns as if:Do you oase the ideal physique zum this style?Are sie tall or are you low?Do you always feel full of energy?Do you really like zu use an ext energy than your opponents?Do freundin really schutz more energy than her opponents?Do you like zu spend a last of initiative getting into position?Do sie like to stay active with footwork und head activity all the time?Do sie like zu stay active with head motion all die time?

Or are you more of a boxer than a tranquil one who likes to think und prefers kommen sie move only when movement is needed kommen sie evade blows or to strike?

Even if you are a fighter who prefers the safety und simplicity des simple ich move, hit or block und dodge when needed?

From my point of view a modern boxer kann sein be different styles escape on die time von the match or die type des opponent the important thing is never kommen sie use something that does not feel natural because it means that it is something that is not bei your means or that you have not yet made her own.

Fighting out des rhythm ist risky

This game ist risky but with die concept von maximum threat maximum effectiveness, like whatever there are pros and cons however fighting die against the rhythm ist like going against a tide or talk it und it’s a really scary place kommen sie stay because you’re going against die punches.

If her shots room scored at that time they carry out a gewächs of damage but so those von your enemy if his shots room scored freundin take some good shots und therefore a gewächs of damage.

This is the preis you pay zu always go against shots kommen sie cut her opponent’s pace.

It’s choose going against die current instead von following the current, like going against a wave instead of riding it.

But it’s about combat there’s always a risk and as Mike Tyson said:

The ring is the many beautiful place an the world, sie know what can happen to you

Watch peek-a-boo fighter matches bei different weights prefer Mike Tyson or also other kämpfer fighting outside die flow like Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, etc. Und you’ll lakers that many mal they took huge risks und even significant shots even wie man they didn’t go ko take it some difficult shots.

A decrease an performance, distraction or miscalculation can be fatal zum a fighter who goes against time or “out of rhythm”.

You remember die KO taken über these fighters, castle were constantly devastating.

But if sie look at fighters who are bei the constant rhythm like floyd Mayweather they tun können fight well bei their older years like floyd years, or Roy jones never take it a difficult hit except rare cases like floyd with Maidana who with that well known bout blew ihm a tooth.

With the tooth i flew to Mayweather ich made myself a pendant” (Meidana)

Of prozess they are boxers deshalb who so have a top-notch defensive ability, but it is deshalb the result of their style und their layout does not put them bei a place or range to shoot tough shots.

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They are fighters who have a layout that allows them to show up weil das a enhance without perfect form und still go the end without suffering much damage however you kann sein not perform it if you oase a Peek-a-Boo Boxing style style since it method getting hurt.