Outdoor Smartphone 2018 Test






The best rugged smartphones on the market offer too much durability, enormous batteries and a wealth von features specific kommen sie outdoor usage cases. We"ve experiment all die top handsets designed zum intensive use und picked out die absolute best options.

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The adhering to rugged smartphones are dust und water resistant, und sometimes are entirely waterproof, with situations or shells the are difficult enough deshalb you kann sein drop them on hard surfaces without them breaking. Some von these devices möchte survive any impact, bump or drop there is no bearing a scratch, making castle ideal zum use if outdoors or in dangerous environments.

Some von the phones top top this list oase even gone through stringent experiment to certain they fulfill military standards and can therefore withstand too much temperatures, shocks und more.

Software on ns best rough smartphone is no slouch either, as many offer extra functions that space vital bei certain lines des work: part might schutz infrared cameras, sound level meters, and sometimes also VOC (volatile essential compound) detectors.

So whether it"s your hobby or your profession that is leading you zu to brutal or danger places, has you needing a an equipment that"ll last a long time v plenty of features, or just makes freundin prefer durable phones over fashionable yet breakable standard smartphones, the best rough smartphone zu sein what you need.

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Finally, just bear an mind the while every ruggedized smartphone will it is in waterproof and dustproof (and thus meet the IP68 specification), notfall all waterproof phones möchte be ruggedized. Deshalb think carefully while shopping for the finest rugged smartphone zum your needs, und make sure sie look into all die features that these handsets boast.

So, check out on kommen sie find the end our oberteil picks for the finest rugged phones on ns market right now.

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The Nokia XR20 ist the erste rugged smartphone to start under die Nokia banner with the help des HMD globalen which jetzt owns ns brand. Unlike other rugged smartphones that stand out due zu their designs, die Nokia XR20 is meant zu blend bei with the slim profile und sleek look.

In terms des durability, the XR20 ist IP68 certified, MIL-STD-810 rated and is the erste rugged smartphone to attribute Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. The device so features a red emergency taste along v a dedicated, non-customizable google Assistant button.

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However, what yes, really sets ns XR20 personally from ns pack ist the fact that HMD global has guaranteed that ns device wollen receive 4 years des security update with three years des OS updates. Die company is deshalb including free one-year display replacement.