Ostsee Pipeline Nord Stream 2

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The NordStream2 Pipeline will fahrzeug natural gas into ns European gewerkschaftern to boost security des supply, assistance climate goals und strengthen ns internal power market.

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The EU’s domestic gas production is an rapid decline. To meet demand, the eu needs reliable, affordable and sustainable new gas supplies. Die NordStream2 Pipeline möchte provide this von transporting gas from die world’s largest reserves in Russia zu the eu internal market.

The gas Market hinweisen a Glance

Explore our interaction map of European gas infrastructure and key industry data.

The gas Market at a Glance die EU’s domestic gas production is in rapid decline. NordStream2 wollen meet Europe’s farming import needs von connecting ns well-integrated european pipeline network to the world’s largest gas reserves bei northern Russia, substantially enhancing ns EU’s long-term energy security und helping preserve its competitiveness. This interaction map illustrates die context in which ns project is being developed.

Source: based upon Prognos: existing Status und Perspectives of the European gas Balance (2017), map adjusted from ENTSOG

The europäische union Needs extr Imports

Europe’s gas demand ist expected to remain stable, however domestic gas production ist declining.

The eu Needs extr Imports Europe’s gas demand is expected kommen sie remain greatly stable in the next 20 years, however domestic gas production zu sein declining. Only the global LNG market and Russia have sufficient occurred resources zu fill that supply gap. NordStream2 offers a safe und affordable way zu deliver these resources.

Source: based upon Prognos: existing Status und Perspectives of the European gas Balance (2017)

conference Future gas Demand ns EU’s domestic gas production is concentrated an northwest Europe and has reduced drastically in recent years. Even bei more hopeful target scenarios, gas demand zu sein projected to remain approximately current level into die 2030s. Meanwhile, manufacturing levels space expected zu halve again an the following two decades. This drop ist especially drastic bei the Netherlands, UK und Germany – which currently make trost about 75 percent of the EU's residential production. As a result, Europe needs to import much more gas.

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Source: based upon Prognos: present Status und Perspectives von the European gas Balance (2017)

A crucial Fuel in the energy Mix As die fossil fuel with the lowest greenhouse gas und particulate emissions, natural gas currently has die second-largest share bei the EU’s power mix. Ns increase an renewable production in past years has mainly resulted in, und made trost for, a reduction in the use von coal. Natural gas offers a cost-effective and sustainable way zu achieve emissions reduction targets. Escape on the technology used, gas-fired stärke plants produce around 50 percent less zustimmen than coal-fired stärke plants.

Source: IEA world Energy Outlook 2016, BGR yearly Energy Report 2016

die Shortest course from gas Field to Consumer based upon proven, safe und sustainable technology, NordStream2 requirements less power than various other options. Acquisition a quick route via ns Baltic Sea, it’s ns most competitive choice zum the regionen compared to both LNG und onshore pipelines. The neu pipeline will fahrzeug gas at 61 percent reduced emissions than the Central Corridor, und its greenhouse gas footprint will be much more than two mal lower than that des LNG imports.

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Source: Illustration by NordStream2

Securing gas Supply an a Changing global Market With global demand expected kommen sie rise by 25 percent over die next two decades, the europäische union must secure long-term gas resources. Gas trade flows wollen likely shift to ns Asia-Pacific region, which wollen absorb currently developed LNG capacities. However Europe kann benefit indigenous its proximity to vast gas reserves readily available bei northern Russia. These areas are notfall subject zu resource competition from various other regions.

Source: IEA world Energy Outlook 2016

Source: BGR yearly Energy Report 2016

higher Efficiency, lower Emissions the greenhouse gas footprint indigenous NordStream2 will be much more than two mal lower than that des liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters. A major supply chain factor in this ist the long-distance shipping required über LNG. über comparison, ns NordStream2 Pipeline wollen be fed by in efficient onshore system that needs nur a einzel compressor station zu propel the gas a relatively short distance across die Baltic Sea.

consumer Benefit bei a more Competitive market Natural gas transported von NordStream2 möchte increase competition within Europe. über making an ext affordable Russian gas available, the pipeline will not only create an appealing alternative to LNG imports, but also reduce overall import prices. This equals large savings top top Europe's gas import bill, especially in a chop global gas market wie man LNG demand is high in other regions.

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Source: Impacts of NordStream2 on ns European gas Market (2017), EWI energy Research & Scenarios gGmbH

Natural gas is a lower-carbon fuel that can replace other fossil fuels an the power mix and deliver a dependable output to complement intermittent renewable energy. NordStream2 will enhance ns EU’s security of supply and complement, not replace, existing gas supply options.Looking for more information? uncover answers to ns top 10 questions about the NordStream2 project here.

ist the NordStream2 pipeline subject to europäische union energy industry regulation?

die EU’s internal gas market laws only control pipelines within the internal sector – NordStream2 lies outside des the interior market.

Will ns pipeline posture a danger to ns sensitive Baltic Sea environment?

The zuerst NordStream project demonstrated that the impacts des construction to be limited, local and temporary.

zu sein NordStream2 in line with ns EU’s energy goals?

NordStream2 clearly meets ns three core purposes of eu energy policy: competitive, secure, and sustainable.

v climate goals and the shift to renewable energy, does natural gas still fit?

Clean-burning gas can so help the eu to meet its climate targets.

walk this pipeline boost Europe’s exposed on Russia?

European gas companies will buy gas where lock find ns best deal.

Will die pipeline do other transport systems redundant?

NordStream2 complements die existing natural gas import courses to die EU.

Will die pipeline oase a negativ impact on supply security zum Eastern Europe?

NordStream2 enhances supply security and creates a stronger internal market weil das all.

zu sein the neu pipeline compatible with ns EU’s diversification strategy?

NordStream2 support Europe’s security of supply. It gives a separate pipeline system along ns Baltic Sea route and increases supply capacity.

walk Europe yes, really need extr natural gas pipelines?

gas production in the europäische union is forecast zu decrease 50 per cent in the next 20 years. Russian gas is die best option to compensate.

NordStream2 is widely discussed, but who wollen ultimately authorise that construction?

die permission zu build NordStream2 needs zu be granted from ns authorities von the nations through who waters the pipeline möchte pass.

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