Do freundin seem to encounter internet issues ~ above your fenstern computer? is your VPN running? There is a opportunity that her VPN blocks your internet connection. A Virtual private Network (VPN) ist a network the extends a privatgelände network across a windy network. Therefore, the users tun können send und receive info as if their system are straight connected to the privatgelände network. Devices, such together laptop, smartphones, desktop, tablets, connected to a VPN, can enjoy that benefits. A VPN supplies several benefits; lock include:

Security – VPN prevents yourdevices indigenous hackers and snoopers indigenous viewing her data.ManagementFunctionality

However, fenstern 10 users schutz reportedthat their Internet gott disconnected ~ connecting zu a VPN.

Causesfor internet Disconnection wie VPN connects.

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There are number of reasons zum this Internetblockage, which could be:

Network connected issuesDNS cacheIncorrect VPN software program settingsFalse DNS configurationFaulty proxy server settingsWrong DHCP configuration

Howa VPN Works

Data ist transmitted from ns client kommen sie apoint an your VPN network. Die VPN point encrypts your information und sends itthrough ns Internet. Additionally, one more point bei your VPN decrypts theinformation and sends the to die correct internet resource. Furthermore,Internet resource, together as bei email server, or internet server sends data to a pointin her VPN network. The data is encrypted und transmitted through die Internetto an additional point bei your VPN where it ist decrypted. Therefore, your dünn issecure.

VPN provides some technologies:

Point-to-point TunnelingProtocol (PPTP): the tunnels säule packets. It is insecure.IPSec: it zu sein a far better choicethan PPTP. Might be used zum encryption.Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol(L2TP): it zu sein used zum tunneling zum added security.Secure shell (SSH): it kann sein beused weil das tunneling and encryption in a VPN network.

In this post, we oase discussed ns bestfixes zum this problem.

Method #1:Using Advanced system Repair

We very recommend that sie run a FREEscan v Advanced system Repair device – is in application that brings you allthe tools you require to clean, fix, optimize, protect und boost theperformance des your PC.

ASR has actually a multi-scan element whichintelligently scans and analyzes your maker within a few minutes und providea well-organized in-depth output or results zum you. Ns program gatherscrucial data about her PC, such as memory and CPU performance. An addition, itchecks zum junk files und continues scanning deeper into the system files. Youcan shot it now weil das FREE über simply clicking ns download taste below:

After scanning is done, sie are bezeichnen thecritical issues kommen sie fix, items zu clean, und the amount of disk space kommen sie freeup.


Click Fix, Clean & OptimizeNow kommen sie initiate the cleaning process. All die issues uncovered on your PC will beresolved. Therefore, fixing VPN blocks internet connection problem.

Method#2: Check zum Underlying Connection

First, you need kommen sie determine even if it is theproblem is the VPN connection or the internet connection. To do so:


If you kann sein access the Internet, proceed tothe following method. Otherwise, the belästigt is your internet connection. Contactyour internet Service Support.

Method#3: Install the Latest Update

In most cases, prior to a new version ofWindows is released, Microsoft provides bei upgrade through a pest fix kommen sie aid inresolving network issues. Therefore, make sure you schutz installed ns latestupdates zu fix VPN blocks internet connection problem.

Mostly, windows handles installing ofupdates automatically. However, you can check zum updates manually. Zu do so:


Press fenster key + ich at die same time tolaunch Settings.



In the fenster Settings window, pick “Update& Security”.



Under Update und Security, select “WindowsUpdate” climate click the “Check zum updates” button.



When her machine ist done check forupdates, restart it kommen sie allow fenster to install updates automatically.

Method #4: collection Your IP AddressManually

When freundin connect kommen sie a network, such asWi-Fi you are provided with a distinctive IP address von DHCP. However, if there isan concern with DHCP or with its settings, you möchte encounter VPN blocks Internetconnection problem.

You kann sein add in IP deal with manually zu yourmachine kommen sie resolve this issue. Kommen sie do so:


Press fenster Key + x at the same time onyour keyboard.



Select “Network Connections” from the list.



From die left pane, select “Status”. Then choose“Change adapter options” under “Change your network settings”, to seen networkadapters and change connection settings.



In ns Network relations window, pick thenetwork sie are using. Bei this instance, it ist “Wi-Fi”.

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Right-click on it then select “Properties”from the menu.



In die Properties window, click “InternetProtocol ausführung 4 (TCP/IPv4)” from the list. Then press the “Properties”button.


In the internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties, check ns radio button next kommen sie “Use die following DNSserver addresses”. Now, collection “Preferred DNS server” to and “AlternateDNS server” kommen sie


Click ns “OK” button.

Method #5: flush Your windows 10 DNSCache

DNS cache kann sein corrupt her files;therefore, causing issues such together VPN blocks internet connection. Zu clear DNScache follow die following steps:


On ns taskbar, drücken sie the search icon thentype command prompt an the search box. Right-click ~ above the zuerst match thenselect “Run together administrator”.

You will see a User Account control window.Click the “Yes” button to continue.


In ns command vorbestraft window, get in thefollowing then press the go into key:


The over command line removes DNS cache.


In die command erinnerung window, form thefollowing then drücken sie the get in key:


The above command line requests zum a newIP address.


When you complete entering ns commands,type leave then hit ns Enter key kommen sie close the command prompt.

If sie cannotconnect to the internet when VPN connects, proceed to die next method.

Method #6: correct Date and Time Settings

In part cases, incorrectdate and time setups might reason VPN zu block internet connection. Kommen sie checkfor untrue time und date configuration:

Step 2

In the Settingswindow, pick “Time & Language”.

Step 3

From ns leftpane, pick “Date & time”. Under change date and time, click ns “Change”button.

Step 4

In the dialogbox, upgrade your time und date to die current time und date.

Step 5

If your time zoneis incorrect, click ns dialog ar under Time zone.


Here you kann scroll down or up until youfind your time zone.

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Restart your VPN.

Method#7: Install the Latest Version of your VPN

Ensure sie are using ns latest ausführung ofVPN software program on your machine. You can try updating her VPN software.Otherwise, delete VPN software then install it again. This is in excellent fix.Here are the steps: