Mit Hund Nach England Fähre

No need zu leave her furry friends behind – they kann come ~ above holiday too when sie travel through P&O Ferries.

Du schaust: Mit hund nach england fähre

It prices £15 von pet each way to travel on ns Dover to Calais route, v registered Guide und Hearing dog travelling free of charge.

Below we’ve put together a couple of tips ~ above how to make die journey together hassle-free and comfortable as possible for you und your pet.

You can so download ns latest federal government advice leaflet here.


From 1 january 2021 sie will notfall be able zu use the existing haustier passport scheme wie travelling to Europe or north Ireland* through your pet. Rather you’ll need to follow a different process in advance des travel. Zum more info on the neu animal health certificate (AHC) process und guidance about haustier travel zu Europe und Northern Ireland* from 1st januar 2021, visit the site or our dedicated Brexit haustier page.

*Please klasse there will be no program checks lugged out ~ above those travelling v pets indigenous GB to NI until 1 July 2021, travellers wollen then it is in expected kommen sie be totally compliant from that date. Zum more die info visit die Northern ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural to work website.

We’ve also put together a list of handy travel tips von everything you’ll need kommen sie know, deshalb that you tun können be completely prepared for all her future journeys to Europe and back.

When travel to in EU country or north Ireland, owners have to visit your vet weist least one month prior to travel und make certain their haustier has:

A microchip zum identification.

An pet health certificate uneven you schutz a haustier passport approve in bei EU nation or north Ireland.

These requirements also apply to assistance und guide dogs.Check the rules von the country you’re travelling to zum any additional restrictions or needs before you travel.

More details tun können be discovered on our haustiere Brexitpage or visit ns government haustier travel advice page for more information.

Dogs, cats or ferrets are permitted on our ships, as lang as they accomplish all the europäische union entry requirements und have a precious AHC or europäische union Pet Passport. Zum more einzelheiten visit the site.

As every pets must stay inside ns vehicle during die trip, we’ve put together a few tips on how to make die journey as comfortable and hassle-free as possible for both you and your pet.

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Make sure kommen sie feed your pet at least a couple of hours prior to boarding the ship – if sie do it danach then lock may obtain travel sick.

You should so leave some water in the car an a non-spill bowl zum them, dafür that they kann sein stay hydrated.

Always permit time for your haustier to walk to the toilet before boarding.

Give your pet plenty von exercise before they travel – that way, they’re likely zu be less restless on the car journey.

It’s also a an excellent idea to give them some toys kommen sie amuse them during ns voyage.

Leave your pet’s bedding bei the vehicle with them deswegen they feeling cosy and at residence – we wouldn’t want them kommen sie get concerned or scared!

Make sure your car ist as cool as possible when you leaving them, particularly in the summer months, und always leaving a window or two cracked open zum them.

If your pet isn’t used to going on lang journeys, taking them in the vehicle a few zeit before die crossing ist a great way kommen sie get them comfortable with travelling. This wollen make die journey enjoyable zum all your passengers, not nur your pet!

We know how viel your furry friends matte to you, which zu sein why we"re pleased zu let sie know the both our Dover und Calais Ferry Terminals now have two dedicated haustiere areas zum your much-loved pets kommen sie stretch your paws und enjoy part playtime an the open-air!

Not only that, weil das the Crufts wannabes among your beloved companions, we so have a few obstacle tasks within die exercise areas to get castle energised and exercised, and also a seating area zum you to relax.

Our staff wollen be happy to straight you to these dedicated haustier areas once you"ve confirm in, nur ask them zum directions.

If her pet zu sein poorly on die way to die ferry, you’ll find die nearest vet information zum Dover und Calais port below.

As your haustiere stays in your automobile during ns voyage, it’s important zu make sure they’re completely fit and well before boarding the ship.

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